Happily Ever After: Engagement Session

  I was so thankful to get the opportunity to photograph this darling couple!  They are getting married this summer and are doing things Gods way.  I am so proud of them for standing by their beliefs in a world that doesn’t support that!  I wish them all God’s best as they move forward on one of the most amazing, hard journeys one can embark on…becoming one in marriage.  The very picture of Christ and His church. 

IMG_3917_yesIMG_3928IMG_3944IMG_3919_LOVEIMG_3955_cineramaIMG_3930_IntroducingIMG_3944_polaroidIMG_4033_familyIMG_3964IMG_3989IMG_3968IMG_3974IMG_4069_ringpopIMG_4092-colorpopIMG_4105_boostIMG_4103IMG_4105_boost_I DoIMG_4109-vintageIMG_4112-tight cropIMG_4116IMG_4144tight cropIMG_4166IMG_4181softIMG_4189IMG_4193IMG_4203IMG_4231_middleIMG_4286 (2)IMG_4308-borderlessIMG_4318_signatureIMG_4340IMG_4375IMG_4341-b&wIMG_4356b&wIMG_4403

Congrats, you two! 

Hugs, T

IMG_3956 (2)_square

19 thoughts on “Happily Ever After: Engagement Session

  1. Beautiful couple, beautiful pictures….I’ll bet their wedding is going to be a beautiful Christ-filled day. Doing it God’s way is worth it.

  2. AWWW that was SO sweet of you!!! Thank you SO much!! We are extremely happy and SO glad we were raised in wonderful Christian homes, our parents deserve A LOT of credit! Thanks for sharing in part of our lives… you did a fabulous job!

  3. What a beautiful couple and I love the way her jewelry matches his shirt !
    You came up with some very creative shots Tonya !
    The best to the Happy Couple!

  4. These photo’s brought tears of joy to my eyes. Praise the Lord and bless these young people. What an incredibly beautiful way to share an engagement.

  5. I love the creativity you used in the photographs. The one with their hands over the railroad tracks struck me, not only as beautiful, but also symbolic of the path their starting on together (the tracks). Love the “&” sign you used too-so cute! Love them all–Oh, esp the one where they’re holding the frame and the only part in color is the framed part! You really do wonderful photography! And I’m so encouraged and heartened to hear about this couple doing things God’s way, it really seems to be not the norm these days. How wonderful.

  6. I absolutely love your photographs, you captured so much with all of photos of such a Lovely couple, I felt like I got to peek inside their lives a little bit more with each picture, so sacred and so pure, very touching, almost reminds me of a halo over her head, the steering wheel, they must be over the moon with your talented and lovingly done photos, well done dear friend! Nettie

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