After the I Do: Part 2 Vow Renewal

   Don’t be mad.

 I don’t have many photos to share today.  SORRY! I know you are waiting so nicely, but it will be weeks yet before I have the video and photos back from our “I Do: Part 2” Vow Renewal Ceremony.  We can be patient together, ’cause I can hardly STAND it myself, I am SOOO excited to see them!  🙂  I PROMISE, my lovely photographer and videographer are working HARD to get them done, and as soon as I have the disks in hand, I will share with you, but for today, I want to talk blog numbers and blessings, as well as share the few photos I have at my disposal! 🙂

During the first 12 posts of “Surviving Infidelity: Shattered Hearts, Broken Promises” the blog was viewed 34,024 times! (this does not count the Love Story Re-told posts) Reaching as far as Italy, Kenya, Costa Rica, India, Australia, Guam and Poland! Wow, praise God! May it continue to travel the world for HIS glory!

During this series we received hundreds of wonderful comments, and even more private messages and emails.  People are hurting and just need to be told that others are out there surviving the same hurts!

We were blessed with this AMAZING “Shattered” candle-holder from a fellow blogger and sweet friend in Christ, Joy from Simply Bloom, which we used at our Vow Renewal. 

We did this in place of the traditional Unity Candle, since our lives are already one.


This hand written note says:

A mosaic Candle-holder so perfectly displays the reflective beauty of a broken life reconstructed. His light bounces off and floods trough the shards of broken, shattered dreams surrendered to His creativity.

   It represented perfectly, our desire to have the Lord shine His light through the broken pieces of our lives, all to create a beautiful mosaic for HIS glory!

  We were also sent several amazing books!  Now that the renewal has passed and “regular” life sets back in, we are anxious to dig into these.

A big thank you to Megan, from The Pearl, for blessing us with the 3 Laaser books: 7 Desires of Every Heart, Shattered Vows & Healing Wounds of Sexual Addiction!

  Our Beauty from Ashes ceremony was everything we dreamed it to be. 

The Bible tells us that “Whoever sows in tears, reaps in joy.” Ps 126:5.  What a joy it was to join my life to Dale’s again, to make a fresh covenant before Christ, and to be wearing a wedding band proudly on my finger once again.

For those of you that live locally, Venables is seriously the place to shop for rings! WOW.  Talk about personal service.  Gina bent over backwards to make our experience a good one.  This included allowing us to pay as we could up to the event and ring pick up, personal phone calls when items came in, custom ordering and quick turn around…she was a dream to work with!  I cannot say enough about Venables!
Send your boyfriend for all your engagement ring shopping needs!  🙂

  In the weeks to come, I will show you some of the things I made for the Renewal, like this Paper Flower Garland, which is pictured here in my bathroom. 

(WHAT?! I needed it to be safe until I took it to the barn for the renewal!)  🙂

And the t-shirt scarves I made for gifts!

    My friend Heather is a photographer, so naturally, she brought her camera to the Vow Renewal and was sharing these on Facebook last night.  I was gobbling them up as fast as she was posting!

She titled this next one: “Everything as it should be.”  I say YES and Praise Jesus!

  Last, but certainly NOT least….here is the slide show we played after the Vow Renewal! 

More soon!  Hugs, T

In Honor of Beauty from Ashes


27 thoughts on “After the I Do: Part 2 Vow Renewal

  1. My oh my! I started bawling as soon as I saw the beautiful candle holder from MY friend (too), Joy. How perfect! We are all waiting (yes, impatiently!) to see the ‘final shots’ but can’t imagine how excited YOU are to see them too. Everything is perfectly gorgeous – your personal touches add beauty beyond words. The family photo is amazing! I can’t imagine how you walk in such high heels! =) Thanks for sharing – you take good care and be sure you get some rest this week. WOW! When God works, He doesn’t mess around does He? All over the world your story is being shared…I knew it would be. To God be the glory…great things He has done! Love you all! XO

    • Marsha if you want to see more Pics I added over 130 onto Tonya’s FB and she is tagged in every one of them so you can get your “I Do Part 2” Picture Fix there until the rest are done from the Photographer and Videographer to be shared too!!! 🙂

  2. Loved the slide show!!! And I saw some of the pics on facebook. Dale’s face said it all! I hope your posts will continue to spread and grow. It is truly miraculous what can happen in a relationship when we let God back into our marriages/friendships/families. We have our own personal relationships with Him but we sometimes forget that He needs to be present in our relationships with each other too. I’ve been reminded of that with your posts Tonya & Dale.
    It took both of you, God, and your family & friends to help you both heal (and continue to heal). No one can make love work all by themselves. It took hard work, devotion, therapy and God Almighty to put back the broken pieces. It never looks exactly as it did before, but the beauty is there and somehow more awesome than it ever was before.
    Love you all. Wish I could have been there. But just know I was thinking of you all and you were in my heart!

  3. Oh Tonya, It looks like it was a beautiful day! I really loved the slide show! That was so sweet! You looked AMAZING! I am looking forward to more pics! Will be hard to wait a few WEEKS! hehe!
    God is Amazing and he is doing wonders in you two! Keeping you in my prayers and sending my love!

  4. I’m so happy for your family! What a light for our Lord you and your story have been for many around the world! Praise God!
    You all look so beautiful and the slide show….tears of joy flowed! May God bless the Ferguson family forever!

  5. Beautiful! Tears of joy for you and your family:) Those books are amazing too! First ones we read when started counseling. I learned so much from them and realized how much I needed to learn about myself…no longer was it just about getting help for my husband but getting help for myself as well…priceless!

  6. You are so sweet to say thanks in public! 🙂 I love how God is using your story because you are open to Him and obedient to Him! With all the hard work you have done the books may seem like a good review but I think you’ll still enjoy them. If not pass them along to someone else! Also, I was going to tell you I would have written more than just my little note when I sent them but I really wanted to get them in the mail. Blessings to you both!

  7. Happy happy, so happy for you guys. What a wonderful thing you have done, sharing your story and giving hope and encouragement to others. I’m so happy you guys have pulled through the clouds to feel the sunshine. Beautiful!! Loved the photos–you were gorgeous in your dress and I’m totally envying your legs! Please tell me you work out and that your legs aren’t just naturally like that. 🙂 The video was beautiufl and I love that candle holder-just perfect. So so happy for you! Congratulations is something you usually hear after a first wedding but I think one is called for in this case as well. CONGRATULATIONS!!

    • I will gladly take your Congrats and say Thank you! 🙂 Now, about the legs, no I don’t work out unless you count chasing 4 kids around?! It was a good shot, cause Chicken legs are Chicken legs, until you get a killer shot from a friend! LOL! 🙂

  8. So beautiful! Indescribable. God’s ways are SO ABOVE our ways. Such amazing beauty from ashes. This reminds me of just all of Isaiah 61. God is amazing and y’all’s story is beautiful. So happy for you and your family!

  9. I am crying reading your story. In January, my husband left the home. I did not know it then, but he was having an affair. He left to be with this woman. A few days into it, he began to realize he did not want to be apart from me. We have had a long road. We have both had to make changes in ourselves, we have gone to counseling, and in 2 weeks we are having a vow renewal. Being married only 3 years, I know a lot of people probably question why we are even having it. I don’t go into details, I just tell them we had a very hard time and came near divorce, and we want to recommit to each other. Thank you for sharing this.

  10. I just cried my eyes out watching your slideshow. I unfortunately am losing the battle with the other woman. My husband left me for her. 😢 10 months ago. He didn’t even want to fight for us. Please pray for me.

  11. Dear Tonya,
    Did you keep your old wedding band? My family has not been restored – as a matter of fact, he is still with the “orher woman”. I am thinking i should get rid of my ring since it represents a broken covenant now and it makes me feel sad. I think that if he comes back, it should be a brand new beginning… Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful story with us! Praise God!

    • Yes, we sure did. Both of us infact. I kept my engagement ring and we found a beautiful new band with twists and curves of diamonds to represent our path. Dales is titanium and had a neat meaning behind it too.
      I believe its all blogged within the restoration part of our journey, you are close. Its within the I Do Part 2 stuff. We wanted a fresh new covenant with new promises and new rings, 2 circles UNBROKEN. I am in agreement with your thinking on this! Don’t give up! Read The Prodigal Spouse on here too!

  12. I am a husband reading your story and I am praying for a restoration in my marriage. I am you in your story. I emailed my wife the link to your beautiful LOVE story today. I told her I can’t give up, I am fighting for us, fighting for our family, fighting for out two children. I also told her we can be The Furguson’s also. Please pray for my marraige restoration. I refuse to let Satan win and destroy my marriage.
    wife – Avery

  13. Hi, I would really like to email Tonya directly. My story is similar but different in at the same time. I am very desperate…i dont want to lose my marriage. I just have lost hope…i feel a little embarrassed to share my story in the comments.

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