Meet The Kitties

   Today I return you to a “regular” post, from the Land of All Things Ferguson.  🙂  I don’t know when or if I will be asked to share anything else from our experience of Surviving Infidelity, but for now, it’s back to the usual fare: food, fun, family, photography and faith!  

Sooo, I shared a while back that our cat, Saprina had some kitties; 4 to be exact!

Now how cool is that?! 🙂  


Naturally, each child has claimed one as their own….but since it changes on a DAILY basis, I won’t even bother to list which kid claims which kitty.

Meet Tiger (or Tiger Lilly, if it’s a girl)


Little Bear (Or Little Princess, again depending on gender)






  My kids are in HEAVEN!


After giving Daddy a kiss, Paxton decided his kitty need one too…..


But it needed to be on the lips.  He worked very hard to find that kitties lips!

I have never been a real cat lover, but Saprina has captured my heart, and her babies are PRECIOUS!  I sneak out to hold them whenever I get a chance! 🙂



14 thoughts on “Meet The Kitties

  1. Some kittens would be nice to have.:)we have a TON of mice right now. But, a cat would never make it here. Hubby is anti-cat! He dislikes them with a passion!!!:)hehe
    Hope you all enjoy the kittens.:)

  2. Well, Welcome Kitties to the Blogging World! =) I giggled out loud while viewing these adorable photos of your babies with their babies. ha I’m not big on cats either, but babies always grab my heart. Very sweet post!

  3. SO glad to have regular posts back. I hope sharing your very personal life helped you heal. If so, then it was all worth it. And if it helped someone else going thru the same thing then it was all worth it. I have to admit I only read the first post and after that just deleted them. Good luck!

    • I can understand that they weren’t for everyone, but a big part of the journey is missed by only reading the first one, which was the hardest to read. I shared because I was asked to, by a Heavenly Father who never wastes a hurt. I am humbled and blessed to be used in such a big way, those first posts were viewed some 35,000 times. Praise God! Glad you stuck around, even through the tough times. 🙂

      • I just wanted to tell you that I think that you wrote your posts very well. They DID help a few people see that they are not the only ones out there going thru it. You also showed how staying strong with the LORD was the best thing for you! Thanks!

  4. Adorable every one of them and how nice your Mommy cat had 4 so each one of your kids can claim one for their own!

    I would sneak out to hold them whenever I get a chance too:))

  5. oh YAY! I had forgotten all about the kitties, and looking at the pics of their fuzzy little selves (and your precious kids’ enthusiasm) has brightened my morning!

  6. Aww so very darn cute!!!
    Now, have the chickens layed any more eggs so you could take a picutre of one in the fry pan???

    • You know what, Julie, after that one BIG one, Super Star Chicken began laying eggs the same as Big Momma. I am SOOO mad I didn’t get a shot of it! Apparently she was a One Hit Wonder! 🙂

  7. So glad your kids get to grow up with KITTENS! What an experience. I have such a soft spot for kitties, so I understand why you have to sneak off to go hold them 🙂 We have 2 grown rescue cats, but Dave swears if he didn’t marry me I would have become a “cat lady” lol. I don’t want to think about how true that is. Enjoy those kitties!!

  8. I don’t think it’s possible for Pax to be happier!! What a cutie! Kittens are just the most precious little furry things ever. I’m convinced that if ever Mike were to hold a new little kitten, it would melt his firmly-cat-hating heart. Convinced.

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