4 little Fergusons Photography: Baby Ben

This is post 2 for today, be sure to scroll down and check out a delicious Mexican Chicken salad recipe…..

Baby Ben was my first ever newborn session! 


And now, he’s already 9 months old! What a doll baby!  He was a total angel for our session and so much fun.



Not too sure about that big black camera in his face…..

IMG_4535IMG_4540IMG_4538IMG_4552IMG_4564IMG_4573IMG_4576IMG_4597IMG_4604IMG_4630IMG_4692-non vintageIMG_4701 non vintageIMG_4799IMG_4805IMG_4811-feetIMG_4811-side text


7 thoughts on “4 little Fergusons Photography: Baby Ben

  1. These are so cute!! And that kid has killer eyes. Love the pic of him grabbing the sides of the picture frame–and the ones of him on the truck. You did a great job Tonya!

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