Florida Fun: Meet the Twins Edition

  Remember when I posted this a last November when my brother, Chad and his wife, Lauren came for a visit?


They were pregnant with identical twin boys.  From the get go, the Lord has worked miracle after miracle for this family, first in the womb, then during an emergency c-section at 32 weeks gestation, on Mother’s Day no less!


And here they are, home from the NICU at last!

Colby and Brayden


  I was soooooooo excited when Dale said he’d stay home with the kids, so I could fly down for 5 days and help out with the babies.  {Squeee!!!!!}  God is good and provided me with a ticket $200 less than the other prices I had been finding.

  At 10:30 pm, the night before I left, it was decided Paxton should come with me.  For multiple reasons, but partly because this is the last time he could fly free as a lap child.  Why not take advantage of some one on one time with Pax?!  I am a planner by nature, so it was out of character for me to be packing the morning I was leaving, but I went with it.  See how laid back I am getting in my old age?


The airport was SO exciting!


   Paxton was supposed to ride as a lap child, but the Lord was good to provide us a “spare seat”  on part of the way down. 


  He played quietly with the few cars and books I packed, and sat nicely. I was so proud of him! 

  We had a 3 hour layover in Atlanta.  We walked and played during our long layover and watched the “pwanes” coming and going.  I love experiencing things through the eyes of my children!   

  We arrived way earlier than scheduled, but Dad and Drea were ready and waiting for us at the airport. Drea stayed with the car so she wouldn’t get a ticket, but Papa and Pax had a sweet reunion in the airport.


  We drove the hour and a half to Chad’s house.  YAY! It was time to meet Brayden. Colby was still in the NICU at this point.  We all prayed really really hard that the doctors would allow him to come home. They were being very strict about him, as he was having some trouble with a dropping heart rate during his feedings. 


  PRAISE GOD, he got released the morning after we arrived, so just as planned, I got to be there for Chad and Lauren’s first days at home as parents of identical twin preemie boys.  God is so good to give us the desires of our hearts! 

  Lauren went up to the hospital all by herself and brought those precious boys home: SUPER MOM already!

  They stopped at the family furniture store first, since that’s where we all were.


Is it a bird, a plane?



  Two babies in the car and she still stops to get Chad his favorite drink AND walks in all by herself! 

  Naturally we had to take lots of photos of the happy family, together at last!


Uncle Chad and Aunt Lauren playing “Zoom” with Paxton.


  My “vacation” was BUSY! In a good way.  I helped Lauren with the boys, cleaned their beautiful home, cooked, put some extra casseroles, cubed chicken and easy dinners in the freezer, reorganized the kitchen and played with Paxton! It was great!  I am ready to go back!  🙂



I have never had a tiny baby, after Destiny’s 7 lbs 11 oz,  they were all 9 1/2 & over 10 pounds.  I loved being able to hold Colby and Brayden one handed!  And my arm didn’t even go numb like it used to with big babies Avery and Paxton! 🙂


  We had one sunny day while we were there, since Hurricane Debbie was parked out in the ocean the whole time.


{They got about 25 inches of rain and surrounding towns had tornadoes!}

   I didn’t care, I was there for the babies, so the rainy weather made it extra fun to be holed up in the house with the boys.


I told Pax, “Be sure to hold his head.”


“Uh oh, Mommy! He is starting to make some noises.”


“You ok, buddy?”


  Brave Chad and Lauren decided we’d all load up and head somewhere fun on Saturday.  We went to a really cool park.  You paid by the carload to get in, then you could swim in the natural spring! It was amazing!  Next time we come, I want to bring the kiddos and do this.  The water was so clear!


   We put our names in at this cool restaurant that used to be a sugar mill.  It was such a cool old building.

IMG_2291  IMG_2392

The wait was long, like an hour and a half, so we went to play while we waited.


“I did it, Papa! Thanks for showing me how!”


“I love you, Papa.”



“Let’s eat already!”


The twins thought it was time to eat too, so Chad and Lauren went and found a shady bench. You should’ve SEEN the crowds gathered around them asking questions about these itty bitty identical twin boys!


We were all getting so hot and tired, but it was worth the wait in the long run. 


This restaurant is famous for:  IMG_2399

  You cook your own breakfast on a griddle in the middle of the table! Too cool!


  It was SOOOO delicious!  What a fun treat!

    My trip was drawing to a close, and I missed my own little family, but it was hard to say goodbye, knowing I wouldn’t see these precious ones until they are 6 months old! IMG_2237

  After a long flight home, Pax and I were anxious to hug on our Ferguson family. 


  The whole crew came to the airport to pick us up.  I, of course, don’t have photos of it, but Avery and Paxton held hands the whole way home, then giggled and played like best friends rest of the evening.  Destiny said the house was TOO QUIET with Paxton gone!  They have forbidden me from leaving for Florida again without them! They wanted to go meet Colby and Brayden, too!

  Thank you Chad and Lauren, for allowing us to come be a part of your first week home, all as a family!

  Love you, kiss those precious boys for me!

~ T