An Open Letter to A Child Porn Addict

  I know you thought it was I Do: Part 2 week, and you are right it was… is.  But that is being paused for today, ok?
Due to some very recent attacks on our blog, I almost pulled the whole thing.  Shut down the computer, pulled the plug and never looked back.  But I am moving forward, asking God’s grace, mercy and protection on our home and my precious family.  

  If you think about it today, can I ask you to please pray for angels of protection over our children in particular?  We live in a fallen, fallen world, but we serve a MIGHTY God.  Satan used the VERY avenue, that I try to use for God’s glory, to harm us…that was no coincidence!  And what satan planned for harm, God has already used for His glory. That wasn’t a coincidence either.

May He continue to do so in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord……

Let me tell you a little story.  You will be deeply disturbed by what you are about to read:

  Dale was at Men’s Encounter all weekend, helping other men find freedom from addiction, pointing them to Jesus in the midst of the baggage they carried in.  It was early Sunday morning, I knew I was going to need to get the kids up soon for church. I sat at my computer and pulled up my blog, the numbers were 1,000 higher than normal.  Was I being featured on a Food site or something?  Nope.  My search lead me to a strange, white site, where this picture of 7-year-old Destiny and her birthday gift, new bedding, were in the center of the screen.  The words Pass and Nice above it.

Strange, was this a Flickr type photo sharing site?

No. Oh no.  Clicking two more times told me it was more. As little girls in diapers and high heels, then naked boys flashed by my screen, I realized it was more.

It was much much more.

  To the person that took the photo from my site:

  I am sorry for you. Sorry you are so lost in your world of sin and porn, that you’d think it acceptable to use a picture of my child on her bed, share it to an innapropriate site, and dirty her with your thoughts. Disgusting.  How dare you come here, to my blog and attack my family in this way.  How dare you toss my little girl to the wolves and let them ravage her with their lustful eyes. How dare you come to my happy sunshine, and spew vomit all over it.  How DARE you.

Do you know every time I log into my blog, I cringe now?

  I log in, praying the numbers aren’t high. Praying that hits from sites I don’t recognize, aren’t more child porn sites.  Praying that God make sense of this senseless crime.  Yes, crime.

  You stole from me. You stole from my little girl.  I am PISSED.  Furious.  I wanted to vomit when I saw what you did.  You took something beautiful and dirtied it.  I feel so VIOLATED.  I want to shut down my blog, my computer, my internet and never look back.  But that is what the devil wants.  And I refuse to let him win.

So, I forgive you. I do.  You were merely a puppet on a string, used as a pawn by the devil himself. I feel sorry for you.  I hope you can break free from this bondage you are under before it is too late.

  To the thousands of men that viewed her photo, and followed it back here, to this site: 

  Don’t you know that is my baby?  My little girl.  My sunshine.

Don’t you know ALL those children are SOMEBODY’S?

A little girl who wants to play dress up and tea party with her doll.  To be innocent and free.

A little boy who likes to dig in the dirt and play with GI Joes. Who cries when he falls off his bike and skins his knee.  He is REAL.

These children are real.  They have moms, dads, best friends, puppies named Rover.  Don’t you see?

  What did your father do to you that makes you this way?  Did your Mom hurt you?

I am sorry, for whatever happened.  You can use it though, to make you better, not bitter.

  What was so awful in your childhood that makes you run to this darkness?  You can be free.

  What makes you click after click go deeper and deeper into the pits of hell?  Don’t.

They are CHILDREN. 

They rollerskate.
They have bad dreams about the monster under their bed.
They swing on their swings, legs pumping and laughter echoing out as they ask to “Go higher!”
They cry when they hurt.
They throw fits when they can’t have their way.
They dream of being teachers, mommy’s and fire fighters when they grow up.
They are real little people with real thoughts, real emotions.  They are so innocent, so precious.

  How dare you dirty them with your nasty thoughts!  How dare you touch yourself when you look at their photos!  You disgust me with your filthy actions.  You make my blood boil with rage.

  Porn teaches you Objectivity.  Instead of seeing them people, you see them as objects to fulfill a deep lust.  I’ll say it again, they are REAL!


Flee from this.  Run to get help and never look back!

  Deep down, you know this is not healthy or right, don’t you?   Deep down, you are unhappy inside, aren’t you.

Child porn is a deep deep dark place to be living.  But guess what?

I serve a Jesus who makes all things new. ALL THINGS.  Even you.

I serve a God who is able to bring you out of the muck and mire and set your feet firmly on solid ground.

To help you start over.

To make you the MAN you should’ve been all along.

  A man that helps and not hurts.  A man that leads his family, not hides behind the screen of his computer.  A man that walks in the light, rather than hides in the darkness.

  In John 1:16-17 we are told “For all that is in the world— the desires of the flesh and the desires of the eyes and pride of life—is not from the Father but is from the world. And the world is passing away along with its desires, but whoever does the will of God abides forever.”

  Jesus paid the price for you and for me, both filthy sinners in need of a Saviour. 

  Are you shocked I put our sins together in that sentence?  You must remember, there are no levels of sin in Gods eyes.  Your lust addiction no worse than my issue with trust, than my little girls little white lie about who broke the vase.  He would’ve died for you, if you were the ONLY person left on this earth, just so you could be in eternity with him.  He loves you THAT much.

  You’ll never forget that first child porn image you saw, will you.  It is burned into your mind.  The shock of it, the way it made you feel. Porn is robbing you, it is morphing you into something you were never meant to be.  Not immediately but slowly, ever so slowly it crept in, and look….

  You never thought it’d go this far, but you did.

  Let’s look at God again, for who He really is, the loving God who cares deeply about you and who has nothing but great plans for you.  You no longer need to hide in shame, for satan dwells in the secret, hidden, dark places.  As soon as you shine the light on it, and come forward with the truth, satan has to flee.  For he cannot live in the light.

  No matter how far you have gone, God can help you reclaim the “you” that you have lost. There are people out there who can help you, go find them.  There are people being rescued from addiction all the time, let them be your hope.  Let them point you to Jesus.  The way, the truth and the LIFE.

  “No matter how porn has impacted your life, the blurry image of a God you knew once loved you, can become clear again.  Hopefully that will be one image you will never forget.”   xxx church  {a great website for porn addicts}

  After I hung up with Dale early Sunday morning, it was his turn to speak again. This time on The Pillars of a Man, he said,
“I got a call from my wife at 7:35 this morning, and she told me that someone posted a picture of my little girl to a child porn site….” his voice cracked and he began to weep.

  He went on to say, “It’s pretty safe to say I am ticked off right now….” He asked for their prayers, thinking they’d stay in their seats, but before he even finished his sentence, all those 200 men gathered in that chapel, came and stood around him and prayed for our family. They were shaking as they prayed, the Holy Spirit moved, and the whole tone of the room changed…..

They got it, they did, they saw the big picture.

Spiritual warfare is REAL!

  Another server stood up and said, “Guys, when you look at porn or child porn, don’t ever forget this moment, don’t ever forget that is SOMEONE’S LITTLE GIRL.”

  Wow. There were porn addicts and quite possibly, even some child porn addicts in that room. People that needed a face with a name.  People that will never forget Daddy Dale and his broken heart over his little girl.

Proverbs 14:26 “He who fears the Lord has a secure fortress, and for his children it will be a refuge.” 


59 thoughts on “An Open Letter to A Child Porn Addict

  1. Oh, Tonya…..that your family would be attacked in such a sick vicious way just reminds me again how awful the war is that we fight. How wonderful that those men were there to pray with Dale and we will all be praying with you. Happy Birthday, sweet Destiny. God has special things planned for your life….what a treasure you are. Have a wonderful birthday celebration today.

  2. Tonya,You and yor family are in my prayers today and everyday! I am SO sorry that you are having to go thru this. That is AWFUL!I can’t even start to THINK how I would feel about that. Well,I know how I would feel! I loved how all the men were right there behind Dale. That is how it should be. We need to be that way as Christians. What and example that is to me!
    We just had an AMAZING sermon preached on Sun about porn. All I can say is WOW! Check it out if you would Our pastor is doing a GREAT job with all these hard topics.
    Sending you my love and hugs. I only wish I could come and give you the hug myself!

  3. Tonya. I am sick to my stomach at what has happened. Having 2 little girls too, it is scary. Thank you for not backing down and leaving. I hope God can open their eyes to what they are doing.
    And to your beautiful 9 year old. Happy Birthday precious girl!

  4. Oh my gosh Tonya! I cannot believe this horrible person has threatened your little girl’s innocence and your family in this way! I pray for all of you today, especially your lovely little Destiny on this her special day. She is becoming such a beautiful young lady and I know she is the highlight of your lives (well, one of four highlights anyway!). I hope her day is filled with sunshine, smiles, hugs, love, and all things wonderful and far, far removed from the dark spot that tried to creep into her life unaware. Happy 9th Destiny!!

  5. Tonya, I blog also and this leaves me with my heart in my stomach. I don’t have nearly the exposure that you do and in some ways that makes me feel more protected. Even though I’m not. Please talk to someone who specializes in internet security to make sure you are doing everything you can to protect yourself and your family while blogging. This is my husband’s line of work, if you want to contact him let me know. On the spiritual level, I understand that this is an attack and you don’t want to give in to the enemy. I pray that peace that passes all understanding rests in your heart today.

  6. Oh, my dear ones!! I think this is about the worst I can imagine!! I pray that not only will God protect all of you, but that He use this horrible thing to His glory, as only He can. That through this terrible valley He leads many of His much-loved sinners to salvation. I pray a thick hedge of angelic warriers around all of you!!

  7. What a beautiful post Mommy T! Praise God we have Victory in Him. Thank you for your boldness, your courage, your transparency, your love for your family, and for our Lord. Greater is He that is in us, than he that is in the world. Praying for you and your precious family. The photos of Destiny are just soo sweet and precious. God truly has great plans for her…and is it any wonder she’s beyond her years? She has an awesome example to follow in you. May her special day be the best ever – a day wrapped in sunshine and smiles and God’s special blessings on her young life. Much love to each of you! XO

    • You are the adult. Protect your children by taking their pictures off the internet. If that is even possible! Your pictures do have a seductive flair, perfect for a sick person! Do your part in protecting your innocent children.

      • Really? A seductive flair? I am sorry you see them in that way, a matter of the heart perhaps? It is never EVER my intention. My job is to capture the beauty of a child or family or couple.
        Did you know if you are on facebook, any of your photos are free game? Flickr? Did you know these men even take advertising from etsy and ebay of little girls modeling dresses for sale? It is everywhere!
        I am doing the best job I know how to protect my family, I have taken steps to report these sites. I also have another job to do, I was asked by my Heavenly Father, to share my life with the world, to open a window of my home through my blog, to let others see in. I have obeyed, I have been tested, it hasn’t been easy, but as long as the Lord asks me to do this. I will obey. And I will trust He will protect us.

  8. I am so sorry this has happened to you and your family! It is mind boggeling that anyone would have thoughts like that of a child~ I pray for all those children and all children that this sickness stops!! Thankfully, your husban and a few other men “got it” and may all others come to the realization that this is so wrong!
    Happy birthday to your beautiful lil girl!

  9. Oh Tonya that just makes me feel sick to my stomach just the thought of some “sick” person looking at your or any innocent pure precious child in such a dirty filthy way and taking pleasure in it!
    I’m so glad you decided to stay and blog and fight for what is right!
    I will of course be praying for your family and for help for these “lost ” people who take pleasure in such filthy ways as yes they are lost and need to find the Lord.
    I always pray for my sweet innocent grand-kids that they to will be safe from this type of filth.
    Happy Birthday to your sweet Girl today and may it be her best Birthday ever !

  10. First let me say, Happy 9th Birthday Destiny! Wahoo!! Wow – 9 was a big birthday for me, My Mom let me stay home from school and she took me to get my ears pierced. LOL. It is such a clear day in my min and such a memory. I hope you have lots of memories like that in years to come!! You are such a special girl!
    T – did you link this post to that “other post”. Anyone who gives into sin – any type of sin – is often an individual who has been hurt, still hurting or is deeply damaged in some way. It is such a dark and disgusting topic that many people don’t even want to recognize that it is happening right here in their own community. Their neighbors or even their own friends. These things have to be brought into the light. We have to be taught about it and educated so that steps can be taken to better protect our children but to also help those who suffer from this twisted addiction. If we don’t talk about this – no matter how hard it is to talk about – we can’t take the steps necessary to stop it. I’m praising you and our Good Lord today for having the courage to talk about something that strikes fear in all our hearts. For forgiving those who probably don’t expect or even want your forgiveness. But maybe, just maybe, this will be the light they needed to see to take steps in getting better, healthier and closer to God.

    • Great idea, Brandie! Putting a back link to this post from there might just give someone a glimpse of Jesus. :)

      • Yes, that is a positive way to see it, but it would also give them a glimpse of her sweet 9 year old again.

        I am sickened by this and am truly grateful that you shared. Thank you! I have a blog and am making it private right now!

  11. Tears flowing, gut wrenching, heart aching. This reminded me of a glimpse of the the movie “Amish Grace”. Forgiving those who sinned against you in the MOST amazing ways. Jesus is PROUD of you today honey!!!! I am too!

  12. Oh my Lord…. WHAT is this world coming to??? I am disgusted. I was covered in goosebumps reading that post. Now that I have a 5 month old, I have become much more protective over him. And this post terrifies me of what the enemy is capable of. I will most def pray for your family! That God would send His angels to camp-out round about you ALL constantly!!! You’re a beautiful family and Satan thought He got you last year but didn’t. So that snake will just keep trying!!! But I know you won’t fall…. stand high, put your chin up :)

    Destiny is a beautiful young lady. I loved the photo shoot! I wish her the Happiest Birthday & hope ALL her dreams come true :) Blessings, blessing, blessings in the sweet name of Jesus! <3

  13. I am so, so sorry that this happened to you, KUDOS to you for fighting back. If you reach just one of those sick people, you have changed at least one person’s life.

  14. I am so sorry for the attack on you and your family. The Devil will come in when through any avenue he can and will try to disrupt our peace. I say kudos to you for going on!

  15. Tonya, I’m so sorry about what happened. Man oh man. But I’m glad you’re combatting it as spiritual warfare (since our battle is not against flesh and blood, etc.). Love your spirit through this!
    And Destiny is oh-so-beautiful. Happy birthday to your precious firstborn!

  16. I am so sorry for what happened to you and your family. I will certainly pray for proctection for you, and I’d love it if you did the same for me.

    For anyone reading this that would like to get help is a good program and they can get you beyond your addiction.

  17. Dear one,
    I was sent to your blog by a prayer warrior who told me about what had happened to you and your precious family. This scares the heck out of me, because I post pictures of my grandsons…and am saddend and scared really, that the evil one could do this to something so sweet and innocent. I serve a powerful and loving God and we do know who wins in the end. I pray with tears in my eyes that you will know how much people are praying not only for your sweet family but, for the ugliness to be stopped. We both know that our God can do all things and he will defeat that evil. Last week in church our Pastor said, “our timing and God’s timing are sometimes different. But, He doeth all things well in his time”. Blessings. Melody

  18. I also wanted to comment and say on here what I talked about with Tonya earlier this week.
    Do you know that Jaycee Dugard’s captor used to have his wife film him playing a guitar at playgrounds just so they could get children on video in the background? Children just being children. Not doing anything “seductive”. Even if they were acting seductive – that doesn’t matter! They are children and it is WRONG. Do you know how vulnerable all of our children are in this day & age when everyone has easy access to cameras & video cameras. Our children can be filmed anywhere at anytime without our knowledge: using a public restroom, playing at a park, even at a church-sanctioned event. These predators aren’t some imaginary monster in the closet. They are real. They are people in our own communities; neighbors and even friends!
    So to act like just because Tonya posts picture of her children on a blog that she is somehow “exposing” them to this is just wrong. All of our kids are exposed in this day & age.
    To choose to shed light on this deep, dark secret that folks want to pretend isn’t happening takes courage. The more we talk about it and expose it for what it is, the more we can take steps to learn how to not only protect our children, but to stop sites like the one Tonya found, and to also get help for the predators so they will STOP doing this. But to bury our heads in the sand and pretend it’s not happening is utter ignorance. It would be easy just to just close up the 4 little Fergusons site. But does that stop child predators and pornography from happening. Of course not..
    Tonya & Dale – this took major courage. You cannot stop people from doing this horrific things but you can control the message. If one person starts heading on a path of light and good because of this post today, then God has one. Not evil.

  19. Praying for your family. What a nightmare! I’m so sorry that this happened to your family. It makes me rethink how we use the internet. I hope your daughter’s birthday wasn’t marred by the sin of others. Pornography is a huge, disgusting, nightmareish evil, but like you said, not too big for the God we serve. Prayer is key. My husband and I have continually boycotted places that sell porn, and talk to the owners about it. We also pray when we pass by those “adult” places on the road. One time we stopped and started to pray, and we both felt the presence of satan in that parking lot. But the internet is everywhere, and pornography is only a click away. Ok, off my soap box, but I do thank you for brining this to our attention, so that we can get our guards back up, protect our children, and PRAY!!! thank you so much for sharing this!!
    Amy R. :)

  20. So, so sorry that happened to you. Makes me sick to my stomach. Thank you for having the courage to continue to blog. I hope your daughter has a wonderful birthday :)

  21. Oh, I am so sorry you and your family are going through this. I will keep you all in my prayers and my only positive thought is that I hope your horrible experience may have helped to change some porn addicts.

    Happy Birthday, Destiny!! I hope you have a wonderful day celebrating you and a wonderful year that you definitely deserve!!

  22. A friend posted a link to this post on her FB and I was just shocked when I read it. I can’t believe how horrific and vile the world is. I cried the entire time I read through this. I deleted my FB account for a while because -despite what I thought was strong privacy settings- I was getting comments from people I didn’t know on pictures and I was just terrified. My heart hurts for you and your sweet children. There are no words to express my level of disgust and rage over the deep violation your family has gone through. God bless you for calling their sin out and for clinging to the cleansing name of Jesus Christ to make this right. He does make all things new and all things beautiful, and where his light shines there can be no darkness. You are brave for calling them out and brave for standing up to this sick world. The Lord will empower you to fight your enemies, and I’ll be praying for you as well.

  23. The tears are flowing down my cheeks. I am so so so sorry such a terrible thing like this happened to your family. It truly disgusts me to the core. I can only imagine the rage inside of you when you found out where those extra hits were coming from.

    You are so strong to triumph all these battles you have had to endure, T. I admire your positivitey and most importantly your Faith. You are such a bright light and great influence in my life, and I only know you in the blogging world. Just know that I am so thankful to have a ‘blog’ friend like you. We need so many more of ‘you’ in this cruel and crazy world.

    Happy Happy Birthday to your sweet little Destiny! I know if we lived closer, I think my little Kelsey (who is 9) would be best of friends with Destiny! :)

    Keep your head up girl. ♥

  24. This is so horrible! i am so sorry that your family and sweet little girl was victimized in such a way! praying, praying, praying!!

  25. Predators are everywhere and it doesn’t take a particular picture to bring out the nasty thoughts. Unfortunately, some people even take the faces of children and super-impose them on to naked bodies using photoshop. Saying that this was deserved because a photo looks a certain way is like saying that a victim deserved to be raped because of what they were wearing. Ludicrous!

  26. I keep my personal, family blog private for that reason too. I totally understand why you keep it public. I’m sorry this happened to your family.

  27. As a parent of God’s children, your first priority should be to protect those children. Putting anything above that is something I just cannot understand.

    • The Priority list I have been taught my entire life: God first, Dale second, Children third. I guess I don’t understand how I am not protecting my children? Unless I hide out in my home with them with the curtains drawn, and never leave again….this could happen to ANYONE, anytime, any place.

      • IF I missed it somehow in the thread of comments – apologies in advance, but did you report these websites? And I mean a formal complaint with a police department. You are so open and honest about many things, and if some of those sickos wanted to find where you live, it wouldn’t be complicated. Please report them properly. You have wonderful children and family. I admire your courage and love of God. I do believe though that God gives us children and we should protect them as God’s greatest personal gift, and if it takes removing children’s pictures off the blog for a while, I would certainly do so. You are basically challenging sickos with it. Why? God lead you to see this happening as a warning, maybe this is what He wants you to do. Faith in our almightly Father is one thing, blatant fanatic attitude is another. Placing children after your husband… well.. I am disappointed. Anyway, God bless your family and keep your children safe and happy.

      • Hi Ashley, Yes, the police were called within moments of me finding out what was going on. I will update you more on that tomorrow.
        Listen, I love my children with my whole heart, with every breath I breathe! Every moment I spend training, teaching, playing with them, and hugging on them…just brings me the greatest joy. My priority list really shouldn’t have to be at play here regarding the safety of my children. I was taught that my husband should be my number one human priority, that is all I was meaning. Not that I should care less about my children, or allow this to happen just because I put God and Dale before them….
        I think I could pull my kids off the blog for a bit, but then what? When does it become ok to post again? Where do we draw the line?
        You have to understand, the images I saw yesterday, were regular images from a Jcpenny’s ad, or a boutique website. “Normal” stuff from normal websites. I just happen to be targeted this particular time. I just happen to live in a glass house because I blog the truth. My heart is in the right place, it really is. I am not trying to be blatant or fanatical. You should know, both Dale and I sought the Lord and the counsel of many friends before we decided to post that yesterday morning.
        I thank you for your concern, and just know….I do NOT take this job of motherhood lightly, and I do NOT take this job of blogging for Jesus lightly.
        I love the saying “Chosen in Christ, Called to Influence”.
        I am just shining a light for Jesus the best I know how, and when He says write, I say “Yes, Father.”

  28. My friend shared your blog post. After the horror for you and your family began to calm, my first thought was: I hope you have contacted your local police dept. If you were able to track back and discover what had happened, your local police dept can do more. Please, consider taking that action. In my local community, there is, at this moment, a huge investigation underway that began out of a happenstance discovery like yours. The community will be shocked when they find out the levels of society involved in the investigation.

    I along w/ several of my friends have been deeply affected by online porn addiction issues. I am thankful that your husband was able to share your experience in such a pivotal moment. I pray, oh how I pray, that the child porn addicts — and knowing what I know there WERE MANY in that room — had their attention seized and their addictions stripped bare for what they are. I am sharing your blog post as well bcz too many young moms in the blogging community fail to understand the pervasive nature of of online porn.

    My real concern now is that 20 something young women are so hardened to what porn entails that they have no boundaries. I know of two who let their husbands post improper pictures. of them. I know of one situation where a father, guilty of child porn that could lead to his going to the federal pen, is championed by his dtrs and angry at their mother for divorcing him bcz he ‘didn’t commit adultery’. It is a sad, sad world. Thank you for the work you do to combat pornography. I pray the Lord’s blessings and protection over your and your family.
    ur world.

  29. That is an excellent post, I am truly sorry that such a thing happened to your family.

    I know others have called for you to consider notifying your local law enforcement, I would echo that sentiment. Please prayerfully consider taking legal action to defend your family. No matter how your family decides to react to this evil (I am sure you are aware, but sometimes it is nice to be reminded) it is comforting to know that God is our redeemer and our protector.

    He is as just as He is holy and loving. No evil can escape His judgement. Please take comfort in knowing that THE creator of the entire universe is not unaware of this offense, and those responsible will not escape the consequences of their actions, even if you and I are never aware of it.

    As an IT professional with some experience in digital forensics I would urge you to find out what device took the picture, some devices (especially mobile phones) attach GPS data to the image that will tell anyone with the correct knowledge exactly where the picture was taken. The obvious repercussions would be that you could have inadvertently provided predators with your home address.

    Take the picture (both the original and a copy from the website) to a professional photographer to have them pull the info off of it, anyone with a copy of Adobe PhotoShop can do this but a pro will be able to understand and explain what they are seeing.

    Always, sanitize your pictures before you post them to any website. It is a sad day that we must take such actions but sometimes it is necessary. Searching Google for “Removing geotags from pictures” should turn up enough information to get you well informed on the subject.

    I am so sorry this has happened to your family, as a father I can only imagine how I would feel if this were my little girl. My heart breaks for you all, especially your husband, for he is tasked to defend and protect you all.

    Please remember that although we strive to protect our loved ones with the strength of our arms, the most powerful place a father can be is on his knees in prayer. Tonight I will be there for you and your family.

    Please forgive me if this seems as though I am overstepping any boundaries, I am after all a complete stranger to you, and so many suggestions from an anonymous person can sometimes be taken as an affront. I apologize if this is so, it is simply that your experience has struck a cord in me and I want to assist in any way I can.

    May God be glorified, somehow, through all of this. I think that this post and the testimony therein is an excellent way for that to start.

    • Good Morning, Jake! Thank you so so much for this beautiful comment! In the midst of a storm, words like this are a lifeline. Yes, the authorities have been contacted, check today’s first post for an update. God is so good! Thank you for your prayers! All my photos are taken with my Canon 60D, but I will be sure to never, ever post one with a cell phone!!! I appreciate the tips and more importantly, your prayers….
      Thank you,

  30. I’m so sorry to hear that the devil attacked your family in such a way. You are truly a woman of God to be able to forgive them and use the devils own work against him by making this post. Your daughter is a beautiful creation of God.

  31. Tonya, you are amazing for stepping up and sharing this. In all of this it worked out for God’s Glory again, both at Men’s Encounter and being able to share here on your blog. I am so sorry it had to be your beautiful daughter :(

    You know as well as me the spiritual battle that goes on around Encounter time, you are doing just what we are supposed to do…not letting Satan get a foot hold!

  32. This story breaks my heart! I hate to hear that such things happen. But I am blessed beyond measure by God through you and your loving and thoughtful words. You are right… what was done for evil, God has turned to good, not only in the hearts of those whom you were thinking of when you wrote it, but for countless others as well. Thank you for the inspiration, and I will join with you in blanketing the situation with prayer!

  33. This is the most beautiful post ive ever seen. Thank you for writing it. I would go further to ALL pornography…every woman who is used as an object, every girl who believes she has to sexy to be worthwhile. Thank you.

  34. I never usually post comments but I couldn’t ignore this post. You have the most beautiful soul. Thank you for sharing this with us. A friend of mine just revealed her son was molested and I was at a loss of how to help her cope with this horrible thing. The why my son and how could they feelings, but now after reading your post I know God is the only salve for this deep and terrible wound. Your powerful words ring true to the core!! I can’t help her feel better but the grace of God can! Thank you. Bless you and your precious family! Keep doing God’s will for you are making a difference!

  35. Thank you SO much for sharing this… I recently had a very similar experience, except I didn’t put the picture that was stolen online, nor did I even know it existed. A friend stumbled across it on Pinterest, & through merciless hounding I eventually tracked it down to a blog titled “f***yeahbabiess”. I felt so sick & so troubled deep within my soul when I saw it. While the pictures are innocent shots of children, what kind of person names a blog focused on children such a disgusting name? I have complained several times to the hosting site of the blog, to no avail. I have tried several times to contact the blogger to ask that the picture of my toddler please be removed. I have even gone to the police department, but was told because the content was not inappropriate, no matter how distasteful the name, & because I made my child’s photo public domain when I put it online (which ironically, I didn’t do- I later learned that a friend’s teen, a fledgling photographer, had taken & posted the picture on her social site) , their hands were tied. When I pressed the issue over the name, & how that would attract porn addicts or predators, I was told that person was exercising his right to freedom of speech. My heart aches for my daughter, who’s innocent beauty has been exploited & there is nothing I can do to stop it. Your words describing your emotions over finding your precious child’s pictures on a porn site almost exactly mirror mine. I can imagine how deeply this would sting had the blog been completely pornographic in nature. Your attitude of forgiveness, yet firm confrontation of this sin is inspiring & beautifully Biblical. I truly believe God will bless you…

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  37. I am in tears. How in the world can they do that legaly? Moraly by the devil, I know. That is a nightmare. Praise the Lord you stand as an example for the Lord and us who read here.

  38. My eyes filled with tears as I read your post – It makes me sick how the devil can try to use anything he can to bring us down. I love that you are praying and helping your ‘attackers’, though they violated your family. As I pray for my children’s protection, I will pray for yours as well.

I adore hearing from you, comment away! :)

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