I Do: Part 2 {Worship}

  It was the day before our Vow Renewal, and we were hard at work setting up the barn and making preparations for our big day…..

  I had finally found the “vintage” napkins I wanted. (nothing like waiting until the last-minute) 


  I had lists in my head a mile long.  This whole “Planning a ceremony while still being a Mom” thing is hard work!  I was SO SO ready to join my life with my husband again, so ready for a standing covenant with Christ.  Beautiful and untarnished.


IMG_5978IMG_5976IMG_6035IMG_6054IMG_6070IMG_6074IMG_6079IMG_6083IMG_6088IMG_6094IMG_6100IMG_6102IMG_6103IMG_6106IMG_6112IMG_6130IMG_6131IMG_5982IMG_5862 - Copy

IMG_5876 - Copy

Our friend, Shelby and mentor, Harold were coming out that evening to have praise practice in the barn. They suggested we all worship together, to invite the presence of the Lord to that place.  We jumped at the chance.IMG_5958

It was beautiful.  It was humbling.  It was breathtaking. 

   Harold said it best when he said:


“Stop those lists running through your head, stop thinking about what needs to still be done…..The Lord is bringing the feast. Our job tonight, is to simply set the table.”


And so we worshiped with abandon.  Tears streaming down our cheeks as we invited our Heavenly Father into this barn. IMG_5999

This place where we’d celebrate a God who makes all things NEW.


Table set.


Bring the feast…..thank you, Father.



9 thoughts on “I Do: Part 2 {Worship}

  1. Could NOT be sweeter! I am in awe at all you did find time to do! Everything was perfectly beautiful…and God-blessed. Could not have asked for more. May our precious Lord continue to reign His very best and sweetest blessings on you and your family as you seek His face in the days ahead. Praising Him that He’s a God of Second Chances…and more. Is it any wonder they call it AMAZING Grace??? XO

  2. I am so glad that you were able to slow down and just worship the Lord. That is such a good thing.It somehow just calms my heart when I do. It is such a pieceful feeling!:)
    It all looked beautiful.I think I am going to have to have you come to my house to decorate! hehe!:)

  3. I have chills running up and down my arms. I praise God for you and Dale, and I’m so glad you haven’t shut this site down and walked away! You are spreading His blessing through your attitude, pictures and words.

  4. Tonya I was just sickened by what happened to your sweet girl. You are right that the people who do these things are just so sick that regular things become exciting and that unfortunately, anyone is a target.

    I went to a car wash earlier this summer on a sunny Saturday afternoon, and after washing my car, decided to vacuum it out. Dave had Adelynn so I was alone – she’s not a fan of the car wash. Anyway, as I was vacuuming, a truck pulled up and an old man watched me very intently as I vacuumed my car. A simple, ordinary, task. I was in a tshirt and jeans, just cleaning it out, minding my own business, picking up the cardboard books and sucking up goldfish cracker remains. I kept thinking that he was waiting on me and he didn’t realize there was another side he could use, but it was so creepy that I hurried as fast as I could. The vacuums are loud and when it stopped for the final time – he knew it was the final time because he had watched so closely to know that I had completed the whole car. The second it turned off, he drove away. While I was terrified and took a ridiculous way home for safety sake, I was relieved my daughter wasn’t with me. I was so glad the victim wasn’t her, I can only imagine your pain.

    Like you said, anyone is a target. You think your Saturday car cleaning and little place on the internet are safe. Unfortunately, some people have just gotten so lost in their fantasies, they don’t know up from down anymore. We can’t stop blogging which is a ministry, or cleaning our car (once a year or so) 😉 but we can pray. And I will continue to do so.

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