I Do: Part 2 {The Video}

Before I go into today’s post I want to share something with you.

Our friend and mentor, Harold, emailed us and said: “Did you have the Vow Renewal at a Horse barn on PURPOSE?” 

  Then he attached this:

IMG_20120524_194631 (2)

  2 very valuable, broken horses in the field next to the horse barn we renewed our vows in. 

Our jaws hit the floor. 

NO, we hadn’t planned it that way. 

We simply wanted a more casual venue then a church, and a vintage barn style renewal appealed to me.

  Do you remember why “broke” and horses mean so much to us?

Go read The Dream, then you’ll see why! 

   Only God could orchestrate something this cool.  To HIM be all praise and glory and honor!  For what we see as just strings, He sees as a beautiful tapestry.

  On to the post:  The video!  YAY!

  I specifically hired a professional videographer, rather than having someone run my home video camera, for you. 

  And for me.  But you were a lot of it.  🙂

  I thought it only fair since I shared my ashes with you, that you get to share in the Beauty part, too.

  Deanna and her husband, from Today for Tomorrow Productions did an AMAAAAZING job!  They were so kind, and went the extra mile.  They were very good about answering emails and communicating with us before our big day. I highly recommend them!  {You will see why in a second!}


  So today, I am sharing first a Highlights clip, then the full video, divided into several videos since youtube only allows 20 minutes at a time. I understand the full video may not appeal to you, but watch as little or as much as you desire, and praise the Lord with us, for what He has done.


Highlight Reel


Vow Renewal Part 1
Vow Renewal Part 2

26 thoughts on “I Do: Part 2 {The Video}

  1. love it! God is good! Praying that the Lord rebuilds your marriage into a thing more beautiful than it was before! into something you could never imagine! Work in their marriage and family Lord! Forgiveness is such a beautiful thing that we rarely get to see glimpses of anymore and you forgive with such grace and love. Truly a move of God for restoration. God bless you all!

  2. Oh Tonya, this was beautiful. I watched all three!! It’s the final touch of your story of beauty from ashes. Thank you for sharing. I think all married couples should renew their vows!! To remember why they chose each other in the beginning and to also remember everything their spouse has done right for we tend to narrow our perspective when things don’t go according to our expectations. Only Christ can do the transformation and it’s clear that He is present in both of your hearts today!!

    Love to you and Dale. Blessings!!

  3. COULD.NOT.HAVE.BEEN.SWEETER! It’s a whole kleenex box worth of joy & tears watching this elaborately beautiful ceremony. Loved seeing your expressions…hearing your voices (Kasey’s too!=). I know God is going to shower you with His greatest and best because you put your trust in Him and His Word. Thank you SO much for letting us have a peek into this very special time of your lives. LOVE YOU ALL TRULY! XO

  4. That was just beautiful. Every little detail was just beautiful. It is just amazing what the Lord has done in both of you in a years time. Thank you so much for being such a wonderful example of fighting for your marriage. So many people just give up so quick. But you show that there really is “Beauty from ashes”! You are in my constant prayers! ((Hugs))

  5. Tonya! You are so special. Thank you for posting your special day so we could enjoy it too. Sorry we couldn’t be there to celebrate with you. This was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! You and your faith as well as Dales inspires me! Thank you for being a great example of what a marriage covenant REALLY means and choosing to stay and forgive.

  6. Thank you so much for sharing these videos. I loved them! I especially loved hearing all of your family’s voices (except sweet Avery!). Your ceremony was such a blessing on your marriage and your family. Loved it!
    I have two boys and I hope that God blesses them with a wife like you! You embody what God wants a wife to be. Thank you!

  7. Once I viewed the highlights while at work and bawled at its beauty, I had to come home tonight to watch the whole thing! I am like your mentor…I don’t think I have seen anything more beautiful! Really! You know how much I love and admire you and your faith, Tonya. But what a man Dale is!!! I cannot imagine what God will do thru you guys! Praise His Name!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. That was beautiful! Thank you so much for letting us into your life. I wish nothing but blessings to you and your family.
    The girl that sang during the vow renewal is amazing! She has the most beautiful voice.

  9. Tonya, this is a beautiful wedding! and I’m SOO happy you shared your wonderful day with everyone! Blessings to you and your family! your husband and you are true examples of what a relationship that never gives up is truely like! God bless, love reading your blogs!

  10. We serve a mighty and merciful God…Praise His holy name! What a beautiful ceremony and an even more beautiful picture of God’s grace, love and forgiveness. Holding you both up in prayer!

  11. Just Beautiful Was so nice to get to watch it for real since I was so busy taking “Friend” pictures that I really did not see much of the Ceremony that I remembered!!! 🙂 So Happy that you are still a couple and that you are such an example for so many others to boot!!! Love you guys!

  12. cried. through. the. whole. video. Thank you so much for sharing this and thank you LORD for bringing these two wonderful people together and keeping them! XOXO

  13. Tonya. I just read through several of your posts, because my kids are napping and I am pregnant and all kinds of hormonally crazy. I could only watch one minute of your vow renewal because I am crying too much. I am so thankful for your sharing of this time in your life. How humble. Jesus shines so brightly through you two. Thank you. I am now much more committed to praying for my marriage and truly allowing God to rule our lives, not us. You {both} inspire me. Thanks again.

  14. It’s been seven months since it was found out that my husband of 7 1/2 yrs cheated on me. He had an affair and had hooked up w/ a few others before that. I was devastated. I am still devastated. I’ve been reading through your blog, wondering, how you were able to so quickly be healed from all the hurt and pain, wishing that that could be my case too. But even amist the seemingly good days, it still seems hopeless. It seems like Dale took great measures to change and prove he was changed. And at first so did my husband. But slowly he stopped reading the Word as fervently daily as he was. I don’t know what to do. Sometimes I don’t even know if we are compatible, And if it’s worth fighting for. Our 8 yr anniversary just passed, but it didn’t feel like much to celebrate. I read your post on the pridigal son’s father and I was very touched by it and even inspired, but those feelings of hope and grace and perseverence quickly fade when I start to think about all that he did. How did you get through the thoughts and pain? How did you grow to see him as your loving husband again? And not the jerk that broke your heart anymore? Please, I would so appreciate some wisdom and guidance. Thank you. And thank you for your transparency.

    • The key for was forgiveness. Often. Daily, moment by moment, whatever it took, asking God to give me a new heart, and a new love for my husband. You are right, it helped so much to see true remorse and change in him. It helped me to trust that he was changed and wouldn’t break my heart again. But even if he does, even if, I know I did the hard right thing, and will be greatly rewarded for honoring my Covenant before Christ. Because in the big picture? This earth is not my home. This earthly marriage is merely a picture of Christ and His bride, the Church. That is the only reason we were even designed to marry, to show the love of Christ and His bride.
      Obedience brings blessings, and the marriage I have now, makes my “perfect” marriage before, pale in comparison. God is still in the restoration process, total and complete.
      I would love to see you all get away for a weekend, and attend a “Weekend To Remember” Conference. Or individually go to Women’s Encounter and Men’s Encounter, they will change your life and marriage, and get everyone back on the right path, eyes on Christ.
      Also, if you all are not seeking Christian counseling, it needs to happen. We went for a year, and every time we left there with tools in our marriage tool belt, used to restore our broken marriage. It was necessary, and we viewed it like a date night, and an investment in a life time marriage commitment. May God bless you on the road to total healing…..

      • Thank you so much for responding. I will look into some solid Christian counseling, and hopefully he will be up for it too. If I may ask, did you ever have days of angry or bitter outbursts that stemmed from your hurt and pain? and if yes, was Dale easily put off by those hard days, and loose patience for you? Or was he still very understanding and compassionate during those difficult and emotional times? Again, I thank you for your help. I can only hope for the day that i will come out of this victorious as you have and be able to help others too.

      • He was typically very understanding. He knew I needed him to walk me through the burden his truth had laid on my shoulders. There is a post called Helping Your Spouse Survive Your Infidelity that covers this. Sometimes he signed, like here we go again. But he also knew it was allll part of the layers of healing, and every time we moved through a rough patch, we were that much closer to total healing.

  15. When you knelt down and washed each other’s feet… I wept. Simply beautiful. God bless you, your marriage, your children, and all the lives you’ve touched by obeying God and sharing your grand love story.

  16. I am a husband reading your story and I am praying for a restoration in my marriage. I am you in your story. I emailed my wife the link to your beautiful LOVE story today. I told her I can’t give up, I am fighting for us, fighting for our family, fighting for out two children. I also told her we can be The Furguson’s also. Please pray for my marraige restoration. I refuse to let Satan win and destroy my marriage.
    wife – Avery

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