T-Shirt Scarves: The Perfect Gift!

We had many, many people to thank for helping with our Vow Renewal.  Some got money, some got gas cards, some got the Sunflower arrangements after the ceremony.  The couple that loaned us the barn got a framed picture of their barn that I took, and added a verse to:


But I had more people to thank, some lovely ladies to be exact.

Remember a while back, I posted about making some t-shirt scarves?

Well, when it was time to think of Thank You gifts for the remaining participants of our Vow Renewal, I knew this was the answer.

So, I made 3 of them.

One for Shelby, our soloist, which I tried on here.


ANNNND, I made one for me out of Shelby’s extra material! IMG_4825

{What? There was just enough left!}

One for Kasey, who made gobs of cookies and spoke:


And one for Ann, who had driven a long ways, just to sing “Our Song”. The very one she and her husband, Lynn sang at our wedding 10 years ago.


The girls LOVED them! 🙂  YAY!

{Ann, not pictured}


Shelby’s & Ann’s are a mixture of link style and spaghetti knit scarf made in a yoke styles,  Kasey’s is all loops with tassels at the end.

The one I have on is a regular spaghetti scarf.


Oh, and while I was at it, I also made a Ruffle Scarf in Cougar colors for Destiny’s teacher:


I was so busy working on completing all these BEFORE the renewal date, that I did not take photos of the process. Sorry!

However, AFTER the Renewal was all said and done, I still had one thank you scarf to make, and I did take the time to photograph it.

First, take a print t-shirt, stripes or tye die would be great!


Cut off the top of the shirt.  From the bottom of the sleeve seam down, so that just the tube of fabric that covers your back and tummy remain.


Cut off the bottom stitching too.


Now, take that tube of t-shirt, and fold it in half, leaving a good inch more on the bottom half than the top half.


Cut all the way through the folded layer, not going beyond, like this:


Cut strips until you have completed the entire row.


Run your arm through the loops.  See that uncut section?  There is now a strip of uncut t-shirt on top.  IMG_7523

Tug hard on the top and bottom of the loops like this…..


Take a strip of cloth from the sleeve and gather the scarf at the uncut section and wrap like this:


Tie underneath wrap to secure.


Ta da!  A spaghetti scarf. The fastest and easiest of all t-shirt scarves!


Here is a link to the instructions for how to make all kinds of t-shirt scarves:

My Blessed Life Scarf Tutorial

More of my scarves here: https://4littlefergusons.wordpress.com/2012/02/27/t-shirt-scarves/

Have fun!



28 thoughts on “T-Shirt Scarves: The Perfect Gift!

  1. I think I am going to have to try and make some of these. Sometime maybe you could make a video of making one too. I am a very visual learner and it would help me GREATLY!:) You do a GREAT job tho. I really like how you make something so nice out of something that you don’t use anymore.:)

    • Oh boy, I don’t know if I can post videos. I’ll have to try. ANyhow, maybe youtube it for now? I got the sweetest card in the mail from a certain someone special. 🙂
      Thank you for being a continued bright spot in my life! Hugs, T

  2. I have so got to try this-it looks so easy and they turn out so cute! Does any particular size tee work better than others?

  3. Tonya – I am forever! learning something from you. As many t-shirt scarves as I’ve made, you still teach me something new. These are just gorgeous and such heartfelt gifts to give! You are just amazing! Thanks for such a great post…again!! XO

  4. I “pinned” it & shared on facebook. I am so horrible with anything crafty. The crafty creative gene passed me by. LOL. But I really want to try this. they are just SO adorable!

  5. love this!!! love this love this!! please post directions on the ruffle scarf too if you get the chance! I’m excited to try making my own original scarf creations! Beautiful pieces that double as jewelry. love it.

  6. Yes I do remember when you first posted about these and what great gifts they have turned out to be for you!
    I plan to make some this Holiday season once again thanks for the inspiration:)

    • I went to Hancocks Fabrics, they have a whole pin of cloth flowers for a dollar. Others for as much as $5. I bought some plain silver alligator clips and hot glued the flowers to them. That way, whoever has the scarf can tie it, then pinch the flower wherever they like! 🙂

  7. Hi!
    You make BEAUTIFUL scarves. 🙂 I want to learn. My favorite scarf is the hot pink with the feathery pin. 🙂 Can you provide a step by step for that scarf? Also, I noticed that you and I are sisters in Christ. 🙂


    • Thank you very much! 🙂 For now, let me tell you what I did:
      I took 1 yard of pink striped jersey knit cotton and cut it into 1 inch strips, tugged and knotted them to make a circle using these directions: https://4littlefergusons.wordpress.com/2012/02/27/t-shirt-scarves/ I used 12 of them for the top of the scarf.
      There are 8 solid pink loops, same directions as before; t-shirt material cut into 1 inch strips and tugged to roll. This time though, I didn’t loop them after I knotted them, rather left them long like a necklace. In the back, I used a scrap of striped material to connect with a small knot, the striped ring part to the solid pink strips of cloth. I found the pin at Hancocks fabric and just pinned it on a loop!
      Hope this helps you, Robin!
      ~T 🙂

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    • I gave all the ones in this post away, however, I have an album on my facebook and I have been selling them like hotcakes! So fun! 🙂 I have a blog coming up about the newest ones on the 24th, I believe. 🙂

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  12. My goodness Tonya! I noticed I had over 200 pins on one of my pins – the picture was so small i couldn’t tell what it was – it is this scarf I pinned over a year ago – it’s really taking off again on Pinterest! 239 pins in just the last week or so! Congrats!

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  14. I love the ruffle scarf you made for your child’s teacher with the Cougar colors. Would you share your instructions? Thank you from a fellow Tonya

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