Flower Garland

  It’s wedding season, and I wanted to share with you a couple of “budget” decorations that we used at our Vow Renewal.

  First things first:  Old Jars.  Totally gaga in love with them. 


  I knew I wanted to use them to decorate the barn for our I Do: Part 2, and God TOTALLY provided.  I found a whole wooden crate of them next door at Papa Don’s new place.  LOVE stuff like that!


  Now, I needed something inexpensive to fill them with!

  Here are the fabrics I bought for the banners that hung on the barn doors, so whatever I selected, kinda needed to go with that color scheme. 

I knew I didn’t want sand….

Then, inspiration! 

(I can’t recall from where..Maybe Pinterest?! It seems that where all my inspiration comes from these days…)

SPLIT PEAS!!!!!!!!!!! 

And they were super cheap, less than $2 a bag!  They held a glass votive candle perfectly!


  We lined the aisle with them.


  A friend of ours from church helped us decorate, and she brought these amazing turquoise jars for the staircase. We filled them with different colored beans and tucked a votive inside.


  Affordable, yet beautiful!

  Now, for the Flower Garland.  I think I found this on a wedding site when I was looking for ideas, or Pinterest.  I can’t recall, but this idea was not my own, I can tell you that.

  My grandma gave the kids a box of books from an auction. YAY! We love IMG_3939reading!  One of them was a bit spooky for our taste, an old magic book.  I knew if would be PERFECT for what I was wanting, with its ivory old pages and turquoise colors.


You’ll need an old yellowed book, and some string or lace.  I added the buttons because I wanted the wood element, and liked the look of it. I found these at Wal-Mart.


First step, rip out each page and accordion then like the fans you made as a kid.


Take each accordion and fold in half.


Glue two halves together to form a circle.


Glue any of the center creases that are releasing, (as pictured) by putting a few drops of glue in the center of the paper flower.


Hot glue buttons to the center if you’d like.


After they are dry, attach with more hot glue, to your ribbon or lace.


Viola! A gorgeous vintage flower garland for your wedding or party needs!

I plan to use this for photo sessions, or if you had the house for it, it’d be great mantel decor!

  Happy Crafting!


11 thoughts on “Flower Garland

  1. What cute ideas. I LOVE Mason jars too! I love any ideas to use them for.:) I loved the look of the tea light in them. You can buy the battery tea lights. That would be cute too. The garland is really cute too. I wish you live right next door so I could pick you brain of ideas!:)
    Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to more.

      • I don’t mind you asking at all! I am having fun chatting with you on here today! 🙂 Dale and I are both on something called Zija. {zee-sha} It has all daily nutrients and minerals the body needs, as well as 28 anti-inflamatories, it’ll cure what ails ya! 🙂 I used to fall asleep every afternoon while I was reading to the kids, now I can stay awake and energetic until right before bed! 🙂 There is an energy version with natural caffeine and a non energy version with very little, if any. I can only handle unleaded, but Dale likes the leaded! lol 🙂 Let me know if you want some to try, I’d sell it to you our cost.
        Dale’s family has lost anywhere from 30-100 pounds on the weight loss line. Pretty awesome stuff, all natural too!

      • Leaded is $27.50 a week. We recommend no shorter than a 3 week trial to see how you feel on it. I already have your address, just let me know if its something you want to try.
        You drink half for breakfast on an empty stomach, the other half at snacky time, like right about now! 🙂 It keeps me full, so I rarely snack with the kiddos anymore!!

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