Florida Family Fun

  Our Florida company packed up and headed out.  We miss them ALREADY! Avery keeps asking if they are coming back yet?  We are so blessed that they are willing to come our way, to come hang with us each year. We wish they’d stay a month! 🙂

  I thought it’d be fun today, to share the photos from our week together:


Looking at photos of Aunt Ashley’s wedding venue and dress!


There’s been a bike theft!!!!!


Destiny, I think Daddy is too big for your purple bike!


Watching the Bike Show and relaxing….


Pax says enough is enough…..


And proceeds to try to tip his sister over…..


Papa saves the day and Avery is all smiles…..


  So, last year, for my 30th Birthday, Papa  & Drea brought me a lovely gift…


A new-to-me table from their consignment furniture store.  One big enough to seat our growing family, plus a guest or two! 


  I have been in the market for a matching hutch ever since.  Guess what I found in their store while I was visiting my new baby nephews?

A matching hutch!  YAY!  And I even bought it with my own photo money I’d been saving, thankyouverymuch.   🙂

  Thanks to Papa & Drea for delivering it to me!





The best part of all?  For the first time in TEN YEARS, I got to get my antique china out of the boxes they’ve been hidden away in.

  A silver and white set from my Great Aunt Mary {not pictured}, and an ivory and gold set from my Grandma Beckler.

IMG_4082 Both sets fit underneath this hutch, along with my cake plate and some other big items! I am so excited to have more usable space in my kitchen!!!!!!



  Since it was over 103* all week, Drea took us to Target and let the 3 big kids pick out a movie.


What a special treat to get to eat supper in the living room during tv time!


Who could these GORGEOUS flowers be for?


“They are for YOU, Momma!”

  Sweet Avery went to the grocery store with Drea, and INSISTED her Mommy needed these flowers because she loves sunflowers.  Precious. 


   The next day was Destiny’s birthday!  Birthday tradition in the Ferguson household states, you can open ONE gift in the morning, but the rest have to wait for after supper.


The Birthday Girl also gets to pick supper, dessert and does not have to do ANY chores the WHOLE DAY! 

  Destiny picked spaghetti.  With all our extra tomatoes, I decided to try my hand at homemade sauce. WOW, was it ever tasty!  Recipe to come next week.

Spaghetti Sauce

I’ll share the recipe for her Birthday Cheesecakes on Monday.


Destiny picked to go to the museum that afternoon, again it was SO hot, like 108* so we thought that was a great plan!


We learned all about the “Harvey Girls” and the train station waitressing they had to do and QUICKLY!


Drea wishing she could be a Harvey Girl??? 🙂


The museum has a GREAT kids hands-on play area:


Even the “big kids” had fun!


When we got home, it was birthday time!


I’d like to take a moment and point out Paxton back there “helping” big sis blow.  I love that we caught him blowing mid-drool.



These mini cheesecakes were KILLER!  Can’t wait to share the recipe.


The kids don’t get dessert very often, so you can imagine, Pax in particular was thrilled with this new sweet stuff!


Check out the bottom left pic, when he realizes he has DROPPED his yummy on the floor!  The next photos after that are his face when he realizes he still has a morsel left on the table, phew!

  Silly Paxton!

Now, for present time:

FINALLY! Destiny says.

She got two more from us, for a total of 3 gifts.  This applies at both birthday’s and Christmas, just like Jesus got 3 gifts from the wise men.

Clip on Earrings


Papa and Drea got her some pretty cool stuff, too!IMG_0207IMG_0209IMG_0211IMG_0216


  We hired my crafty cousin, Brent to make this bunk bed for Destiny’s dolls AND he even sewed the mattresses himself.  A TALENTED young man, I tell you!  And a new daddy as of yesterday, CONGRATS! 🙂


The rest of the evening was spent playing with new things….


Pax thought the curry brush for the horse would be nice to use on dolly’s hair.


She apparently needed some feed too……


Hmm, something is just not right here.


There, that’s MUUUUUCH BETTER!


The other kids thought the big box was equally as fun as the toys….especially with Papa around to give them rides!


Before we knew it, our week with Papa and Drea was over.  IMG_0290

We had one last special supper together!


The next morning, it was time for them to go…….


Bye, Papa & Drea! We love you and miss you already! Come back soon…..



10 thoughts on “Florida Family Fun

  1. Oh what lovely photos of some awesome family fun times! How nice to have your furniture delivered to you from FL! Love the table too…the cheesecakes with sprinkles…all the smiles. Very nice!

  2. Looks like you had a really nice visit. It is always nice to visit with family. My family is here this week for a visit,:)
    I LOVE your hutch! It is beautiful. Your house is so cute. I love how you decorate.
    We are getting some much need rain today. Then it is more warm weather.I don’t think we are going to be anywhere near as hot as by you tho!:)
    Tell Destiny Happy Birthday. She is such a cutie! When is your b-day?
    Well hope you are having a nice day! Think of you often.:) Sending hugs!!!

  3. Love your hutch! Is “Great Aunt Mary” Mary Janzen?
    That Brent is so crafty. I guess after you make your own full size crib, a doll bunk bed is a piece of cake 😉

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