Avery’s “Birthday Pouty”

    Today’s post is all about Avery’s Birthday Party! Or Birthday Pouty as she calls it in her cute little 4-year-old talk.

  The theme was inspired by some darling plates I found at Aldi’s for a dollar:



  In going with the theme, we made Watermelon Cupcakes (recipe coming tomorrow) and Watermelon Lemonade!!!!  Both delicious!

IMG_1034Watermelon Cupcakes (6)

My family brought in lots of yummy appetizers to share for Sunday Night Snack Supper.


7 Layer Salad Dip (3)

  We had a special guest come over, and she got to join the party fun too!  🙂

IMG_0770 border

Mrs. Baker from The Better Baker! What a blessing to get to meet her and spend some time with her.  She fit right in! 🙂




Party time!


Watermelon Salt Water Taffy



  Sweet Destiny, wrapped Avery’s gift up in a GIANT leaf from a tree out front! Clever!


  Avery’s birthday celebration with family was a few days after her birthday.  She got to open her 3 presents from us, and a few Papa & Drea left, on her official day.  These next few photos, are from that day.

  Close your eyes for a big surprise……


“Me too, Momma?”


A Jeep for your dolls to ride in! Thanks, Papa & Drea!


Pax thinks it’s for him to ride in…..


Avery can’t bear to watch!



  What a blessing to have family and friends nearby to celebrate with!

Happy Birthday, sweet 4-year-old!


11 thoughts on “Avery’s “Birthday Pouty”

  1. I really love the watermelon and ant theme! It is soo cute. I am looking forward to the recipe tomorrow!:)
    It is so nice to be able to have friends and family over to celebrate. We try and do this with our kiddos.

  2. Oh what fun fun memories made that special day! I so love the photo of Avery in front of her cupcakes with her hands folded…what precious children! I’m so honored to have gotten to share in this special family time. Great theme Mommy! Everything was sooo cute and yummy.

  3. I love the photo of Avery looking at her birthday cupcakes in the candlelight-she has such a beautiful smile!!
    What was the appetizer with the bread pieces around it-looks yummy!!

  4. You are making memories! The theme was adorable and those girls could not have looked any cuter than in those darling tutu dresses!

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