I’m Baaaa-ack!

  Hi everyone! I am back from my 3 week blogging break, and I’ve missed you!! 🙂

It was GOOD.  It was HARD.  It was FUN.  It was EXACTLY what I needed.  It was the right thing to do. 

    I was super worried about my numbers!  I’m not going to lie, I spent the first week willing myself not to log on and check stats, but I did a few times.  Then we went on a Branson trip and it was easier because I was away from my computer. Back home, checked again.  Then didn’t. Then did.  Week 2 and 3 were easier.  I was learning all over again to BE STILL, and it felt good.

  Apparently, you all don’t need me to post to still come and visit.  That, and God is amazing, because my numbers during my blogging break, averaged HIGHER than normal, even on the weekends.  {I am trying not to be offended here!}   Haha.  🙂

   God is so good.  Several blogs featured 4 little Fergusons, I had a guest post planned at Serving Joyfully before I knew I was taking a break, and Huffington Post shared a Ramen Noodle Lettuce Wrap recipe.  Cool.

  God was speaking, and I heard Him loud and clear: 

Obedience brings blessings.

  Thank you, Jesus!

  So I am back, but with a disclaimer.  There will be days you come, and I will not have a new blog post ready.  It means I chose instead to BE STILL.  To place my eyes on what TRULY needs to come first in my life….my God, my husband and my children.

  When that happens, you come to my blog, and find this:

Be still collage with text

  When you see this, you will know I am taking time off.  I want to encourage you to take the moments you usually would’ve spent reading my post, to BE STILL. 

To pray.

Meditate on a verse. 

Sit in silence. 

  I’ll have a note stating how long I’ll be gone.  Sometimes just a day, sometimes 3, sometimes a couple of weeks. 

  After nearly 2 years of blogging 5 days a week, I am giving myself permission not to.  And it feels good.

But for now…..

I’m baaaa-ack!  🙂

{This photo taken at our Branson Getaway…which I will tell you about SOON!}

Happy Labor Day!


10 thoughts on “I’m Baaaa-ack!

  1. Welcome BAAACCK Hot Mama! WOOO – what a gorgeous photo of beautiful YOU! I think you are very wise in allowing yourself to take more breaks – absolutely the RIGHT thing to do! I’m blessed to know you were blessed in your obedience, and that it doesn’t stop there. =) OH HOW YOU’VE BEEN MISSED! Thanks for your encouragement to BE STILL…I need to focus more on that very thing myself. Thanks for being you…and being in ‘our’ world again. God bless you Sweet Thing! XO

  2. Great to see you back! It is great to know & feel God’s love in your life isn’t it!?! All of us need a break now & then. Even Jesus went into the garden alone to pray & be near his Father!

  3. Yea! I am so glad that you are back! I will be looking forward to reading your posts!
    I am so glad that GOD is working in you! Keep your eyes on Him!
    I just want you to know tht hubby and I are doing good. This year has just been a WILD one. So many things happening you push us to our knees. Thanking the LORD for that.
    Sunding my love and hugs!

  4. Happy Labor Day!

    Welcome back..
    I missed you all and the daily inspiration that your family is to me !
    Good for you for knowing what is needed and most important in your life.
    I will say that while following a few other blogs also that with you on your break gave me someone of a break with one less blog to check on and I to felt like I had some extra “still Time” and yes it was a nice feeling:)
    Oh and what a beautiful photo of you looking all Sun shinny and Happy 🙂
    Hugs Miss Tonya!

  5. Your “Be still” postcard is a great idea, and I will be sure to spend a few moments in meditation with God when I see it.
    (and you look amazing in that sparkly dress–love it!)
    I’m glad your stats didn’t take a hit! =)

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