Branson Getaway: Part 1

  Dale and I had the opportunity to get away from life for a few days the end of August.  It was such a God-thing the way it all worked out, from a friend willing to let us use their time share any where in the world, right down to the available dates being the same as mom’s days off! 

  Of COURSE we’d have loved to somewhere exotic, or even back to Maui, like we did for our honeymoon!  However, we had to realistic on how long we could be gone, and it had to be affordable, only using the money I had saved up from photo sessions this past year…which meant we were driving! 

  So, Nana moved in with our 4 little Ferguson’s, 1 dog, 27 chickens, and 6 barn cats, and we took off for Branson, MO. 

For 5 days!


  The last time we got away for an extended time, was to Palm Springs with Dale’s work, when we were just first pregnant with Tylan, 6 whole years ago.  This trip was JUST what we needed after a tough year!

  I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t have photos to share, so you better bet the rest of this post will be filled with them!  And of course, we have a number of self portraits since I didn’t want to keep explaining to people how to use my camera.  🙂

  Friday morning, on the road:


Dale’s sweet Momma packed us an AMAZING picnic lunch for the road!  Prime rib sandwiches and more…..


Dale is having “See Food” apparently……


Classy honey, real classy.

She also sent some appetizers that we enjoyed later in that weekend….



Not quite 7 hours later, we start seeing the hills of Missouri!


This is my “You Are My Sunshine” pendant that hangs from my rear view mirror. It has all the kiddos names on it,  I HAD to photograph it, because I was already missing them!


The Condo we stayed in was BRAND new and gorgeous!!!!


Entryway hall


To the right, our room and bathroom…..


Down the hall a bit, and to the left…..a room with JUST enough beds for our 4 little Fergusons and a whole bathroom for them to boot.  I have to admit, momentarily, I was like…..

”Awwww, they could’ve come!” 

  IMG_2051 IMG_2052

Then I remembered how ready for Dale & Tonya time we were! 🙂  Never mind.

Family room, dining room and kitchen….


Back porch


The first couple days, we just vegged out at the pool, or in our room. 


  Saturday evening we headed to The Landing, a really cool place to walk around, shop, eat and watch the Water and Fire show.


We had promised the kids that if they were good, and got 5 stars on their sticker chart while we were gone, then we’d bring them a surprise.

  I didn’t want to do cheap toys or souvenir trinkets, so when I saw this Candy Emporium, I knew, the way to my 4 little Ferguson’s hearts, letting them actually have…..



Not just any candy…the coolest candy in the whole store…….




BIG long gummy ones!

  So this is like the most unflattering picture ever, but the kids found it totally hysterical, so here you go…..

The Attack of the Killer Gummy Snakes


A nice lady with a fancy camera, took our photo in front of the water show……..


  This water and fire show is set to music, and goes every hour, I believe. It was AMAZING!  And it was FREEEEEE!



Sunday, we headed to my FAVORITE place in the whole world….


   But that, my friends, is in post 2 for today!

Come on over…..


5 thoughts on “Branson Getaway: Part 1

  1. Oh how F.U.N! I smiled all the way through…it even made me smile to see Dale’s moustache. :-} Ya’ll look terrific! You do an incredible job of taking photos of yourself! What a sweet sweet blessing to be able to stay in SUCH a gorgeous place. PAMPERING TO THE HILT!

  2. I practically grew up one summer at Silver Dollar City! My mom and I went just about every Tuesday. Great memories. My dad always says “Steal Your Dollar City” (of course he also worked there one summer while going to College of the Ozarks). If you didn’t go to College of the Ozarks this trip you need to on your next one. They have an awesome museum and a really neat Grain Mill were you can buy fresh ground products like flour, pancake mix, muffin mix etc. So much fun!

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