First Day of School 2012

   This is post 2 for today, head back 1 post to drool over an Applebee’s Copy Cat salad!

   I have thought and thought, and I still can’t figure out how summer is over already?!  I want my babies home with me ALLLLL the time.

  But alas, another school year has begun, as of August 22nd for the big kids and September 5th for my lil’ Peanut, Avery.  Guess that means 3 days a week, it’s just me and Paxton.  Wow.

{crickets chirping}

  The silence is deafening!

  Better late than never, here are our first day of school pics for 2012:

First Day of School collage text



4th grade:


Missing the big kids already……


September 5th,  Avery’s turn!  She complained of a tummy ache, but soon got over her butterflies. Especially when she saw what outfit I had laid out.  🙂


First Day of Preschool text

IMG_3964IMG_3969 intrepidIMG_3976IMG_3978IMG_3981IMG_3983


  It’s just you and me buddy……


“Wanna go play, Momma?”




15 thoughts on “First Day of School 2012

  1. We are already back into school now too. I am just so Thankful that mine are able to stay home. My hubby and I were homeschool and so now we are going to be homeschooloing ours! I love having them home with me. Sometimes it is a bit crazy with school and house work but,in the the end it all works out.:) So life here is NEVER quite.:)
    Hope you are doing well with you only charge! I am sure he is quite the little helper man.:) Makes you remember what just one was like so long ago huh?

  2. Oh my word, they just can’t get any cuter that this….. dressed to a T 🙂 love sharing your life virtually by blog 🙂 Enjoy your time with Pax… how do you get anything done, I’d be kissing on him all day long!!

  3. So precious, Tonya. That Destiny has got some beautiful eyelashes…..they all do! Pax looks as though he has big plans for the two of you. I can only imagine.

  4. Oh how sweet! I am wiping away tears cause I KNOW they’re even more beautiful on the inside than they are on the outside! How very sweet! Sure wish I could be there to play Happily Ever After with them again. =) I can’t imagine having Pax to yourself all day long – I imagine you’re having a grand time together. Gorgeous photos of these gorgeous kiddos!

  5. Awwww…..your children are so beautiful! I homeschool, so my children are with me all the time. Wanna switch for say a week? Lol!!

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