Meet Lizzy the Prairie Lizard

We have added a new pet to the Ferguson household, at least temporarily.

Lizzy the Prairie Lizard


Ty caught her running around on our wood pile. 


He was SO proud he caught her, how could I say no to this cute face? 


Since Momma consented to keep her, Destiny went right to work making a Lizard habitat. {aka A Bucket}  I am loving the little flower details!


Only one problem……


Our Kitties REALLY REALLY wanted to eat, er I mean MEET Lizzy, too. So much so, that they tipped over the bucket and ate her. 

  I am not kidding! 

  I heard shrieking and ran out to the garage where a frantic Avery was screaming “Smoky Bear ATE Lizzy!”

  Sure enough, out of both sides of his mouth, were tail and arms.  Oh boy, I thought, blood shed and tears.  I tried to pry his mouth open to save Liz, but he just clamped down harder. I herded all the crying kids back in and told them it was ok, Lizzy was gone and it was part of life with animals.

Dale came home from work just moments later and said, “Look what I found Smoky Bear playing with…..”

  It was LIZZY!  It was a very ALIVE, Lizzy.

  I still don’t know how she survived the Jaws of Death, but thank the Lord, she is ok. The kids were of course, ecstatic.  They insisted we get a “real” cage for Lizzy, so that wouldn’t happen again.  Thankfully some kind friends of ours had an extra aquarium they let us borrow. 

Now she has a REAL home!



Welcome to the family, Lizzy Lizard! May you live and long and prosperous life on this earth.