Community Helper Week & A Chickee Hut

We have been busy builders around here, first helping Destiny with her Chickee Hut, then Tylan with his church building.  It was Community Helper Week in Kindergarten, and Friday was ”What I Want To Be When I Grow Up” day.  He wanted to be an Insurance Agent just like Daddy.  {awwww!}

Community Helper Collage

Now, Destiny wants to tell you about her Indian Report and Chickee Hut:

Hi, it’s Destiny.  I haven’t gotten to do a blog post FOREVER.  Here is the last one, Pax was just a baby back then!!!!

Mom said I can do one like that again soon, but for today, I want to tell you about this Chickee Hut daddy, mommy and I made for school.

Daddy did the posts for the house, and I helped him with the roof.  Mommy helped me the most with the accessories, like the fire and meat, and the people’s clothes.  Her favorite part was the palm trees with pretzel rod trunks, don’t tell her I said this, but she said she was a genius.  It made me giggle.

My favorite part is the alligator sneaking up on the dad Indian, and the baby turtle hiding in the bushes!

Here are some photos of my Chickee Hut:

Collage 1IMG_0966Collage 2IMG_0976IMG_0985

The Seminole Indians are from Florida.  Their house is on stilts because it will help keep the alligators, snakes, turtles and other swamp animals out.  They don’t have walls because its warm climate, but when it rained, they rolled down tarps to keep the rain out.

The wives did the harvesting and cooking. They used to hang their babies in swings from the rafters to keep them happy while they cook supper.  They harvested beans, corn and squash.  The men did fishing, and hunting animals like alligators, snakes, deer, and rabbits.

Story telling is VERY important to these Indians.


Bye! Destiny


9 thoughts on “Community Helper Week & A Chickee Hut

  1. Destiny, you did a GREAT job on your project. It is so cute!!:) You also wrote a very nice post. I hope that we can get to read more of your posts!
    Tell your mommy that Miss Kristina says hi! And also, tell Ty that he look very handsome as and insurance agent!Very convincing!
    Hope that you are all keeping warm. It has gotten really cool here and we have even had some snow that past week. Nothing to stick but, it looks pretty falling!:)

  2. WOOOOOOWW!! Destiny – what an awesome hut and terrific post! I’d give you an A+ if I was your teacher. =) VERY nice….soooo creative. How wonderful that your mommy and daddy make themselves available to help you like they do. Sending big hugs across the country to you Destiny. The note you put in my suitcase when I left there is taped to the bedroom wall and I see it every day. Love U Sweetie. Mrs. B XO

  3. I commented at Facebook about Ty, but wanted to say here how HANDSOME he looks! Sending hugs for Ty too…and Avery & Pax. MISS YOU ALL! XOXOXO

  4. That is a wonderful report, Destiny. I hope that your mom has you post on the blog more often. She and your daddy and you sure has good ideas for your project. Your brother is a very handsome insurance agent. Love from Michigan, Miss Jane xoxoxo

  5. I forgot to put my name on my comment….it must be Monday morning. I’m not really trying to be anonymous…..I can hardly spell it. excellent report and I think you are a blogger in the making, Destiny.

  6. Hi Destiny,
    I loved your post it looked amazing and was full of information as well keep up the good work!
    Your brother sure looks handsome as an insurance agent.

    • Thank you! 🙂 We had fun making it. We just used dowel rods and hot glue to make the structure, Dale did all the measuring and cutting for us. The fun part was the details like the pretzel rod tree trunks, and the man with the ax cutting down wood, getting ready to get chomped by a swamp critter. Destiny liked that we had the wife cooking over the fire, and her baby swinging from the rafters, as this was specifically mentioned in all the books we read.
      Have fun!

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