It’s Beginning To Look A lot Like Christmas….

  The Ferguson household is looking Christmas-y and festive.  It’s hysterical, I decorate almost exactly the same every year, and every year, I HAVE to take pictures. I can’t help myself!  🙂

  If you’ve been following 4 little Ferguson’s since its beginnings in 2010, you know that we Saran Wrap our main tree and store it decorated, glass balls and all.  I decorate it the same every year, so it is a real time saver to do it this way. We just haul it out to the shed until next year.  It’s a bit dusty, but it takes no time at all to fluff and dust it back to its former glory.


There are plenty of other decorations to put out, so the kids, Dale and I still have a great time decking the halls so to speak.  🙂

Kitchen tree:


My sweet friend and blog reader, Mary, sent me a couple of Christmas Banners last year and I absolutely love them!


Kids rooms and playroom:

Blog 2

boys tree

Blog 6

Main room:

Blog collage


Blog 3Blog 7

Blog 4

There is nothing I love more, than being curled up out by the fireplace and Christmas tree at night when the house is dark and still…….


All is calm, all is bright….


4 thoughts on “It’s Beginning To Look A lot Like Christmas….

  1. But don’t the kids want to decorate a tree? things don’t always have to look picture perfect. For many years our tree had all the ornaments on the bottom half and none on top haha and it was beautiful and perfect anyway! Maybe they have a separate tree that they decorate. It is really sad to think of kids never getting to hang the ornaments on the tree!

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