4 little Ferguson’s Favorite Holiday Treats

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I am excited to start my Holiday Baking!  We give away plates of treats to family, friends and to the hostess of Christmas functions we attend.

I have several new recipes picked out to try, but those aren’t ready to be made, approved, photographed and shared yet.  So, instead I’ll share some of our favorite treats from Christmas past!

Just follow the links below.

Holiday recipes

Rolo Candy Pretzels

Easy Toffee Bars

Puppy Chow Cookies

White Chocolate Peppermint Fudge

Christmas Kisses

Spiced Crackers

Happy Baking!



Cinnamon Cider

This recipe is so simple, it almost doesn’t count as a recipe!!!!  It will make your house smell AMAZING.

In fact, if Christmas were a smell, this would be IT………well, with a little pine mixed in. 😉

Cinnamon Cider

{click for easy printable}

Cinnamon Cider

  • 1 gallon Apple Juice Or Apple Cider
  • 14 ounces, weight Cinnamon Imperials

In a crock pot set to low, pour in 1 gallon apple juice or cider and the entire bag of cinnamon candy. Heat for 4 hours, stirring once at the 2 hour mark and again before serving and turn to warm.

Simple and delicious! 

  Looking for other Holiday Recipes?  Head to post 2 for today.