Christmas Break: Part I

  I have my babies home for 17 WHOLE DAYS this Christmas Break and I absolutely love it!  Yes, its noisy, yes, pre-vacuuming, the carpet looked like I hadn’t swept in a month, yes, there are moments of sheer chaos that can make me lose my cool, but overall? I’d keep them home with me ALWAYS.  Bonus: Dale takes the week off before Christmas and through New Years since no one really wants to see their insurance agent, so we got to enjoy him home, too! 🙂  It’s ALWAYS more fun when Daddy is home!

  We had several Christmas celebrations and events that I am sharing with you today via a bazillion pics. 🙂  I know, I know, you aren’t surprised! 


Destiny and her cousin Brooklyn, singing solos in Sunday service.  They did fantastic!Collage 1IMG_7134

Preschool Christmas service, my little shepherd boy only made it as far as my aisle.  He then feel asleep on Grandpa’s lap. Collage 1

Christmas with my side of the family…plus, my Uncle and Aunt from Phoenix were in town!  It was fun to see them, and Great Grandpa got to come home from the Nursing Home to be with us, so it was extra special!  My kids LOOOOOVE to go to Uncle Dan & Aunt Gena’s house!

Collage 2Collage 4

Siblings minus one


Grandpa’s buddy


Uncle Dan’s infamous “swing”


I told Great Grandma, Nana and Aunt Gena, NO TOYS this year!  So they were clever and thought of really neat gifts for the kids.  Nana got us an early gift of Adventure In Odyssey Cd’s for our trip to Georgia.  Great Grandma got the kids pencil sharpeners, erasers and a neat chair stacking game, and Aunt Gena made coupons for the kids to go see The Music Man play with her when it comes to town. COOL!

Collage 5Collage 6

On the eve of Christmas Eve, we always have Dales dad and siblings over.  We made a delicious Coke Ham, so easy and so yummy!

Coke Ham txtCollage 1

Uncle Mike got Paxton this HUGE Sock Monkey to add to his collection of bedtime friends.  He LOVED it!  “Beeg BEEEG Monkey,” he says.

Collage 2

Ty and Avery have a built in cousin friend about the same age, so they had soo much fun playing together.  The boys played with the race track and the girls, well they musta been having fun, because we didn’t see them much!

Collage 3

All this playing is hard work!

Collage 4

Time for a Christmas movie before heading home….

Collage 5

All the cousins in jammies!


  Next up, Christmas evening at Grandpa Kirk & Grandma Eileen’s house. Grandma Eileen picked up these darling horse marionette puppets for the kids. They had fun dancing them around and making them gallop on the kitchen floor.

collage 3

I didn’t get another shot after this, guess I was having too much fun laughing until I cried, playing Loaded Questions.
I am telling you, that game is HYSTERICAL for a group, I highly recommend it!

That’s enough pics for this post!  Head on over to the next post of our Family Christmas. Smile


3 thoughts on “Christmas Break: Part I

  1. How wonderful! I know you had to be SO proud of Destiny for being brave enough to sing in front of that big crowd of people. Awesome! The photo of Gr-Grandpa with the kiddos is precious and I adore Pax’s Beeeeggg Sock Monkey – what a fun time!
    I really enjoyed seeing those photos of extended family too.

  2. Oh how fun and full of joy everyone looked to be spending time together.
    I loved seeing in one of your top photos the kids playing with that Hallmark musical Snowman I love those and collect the new one each year!

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