Back to Life, Back to Reality

    I have the song stuck in my head today: Back to life, back to reality.   Ugh.  Winter Break was great and I am SO sad to see everyone back to school and work routine! 

  I think I enjoyed this break extra much, because after a busy end of the year push, I am all caught up on photo editing for the Season.  That means I am actually enjoying taking photos of my own family again. {This is something I want to take into consideration next year when taking sessions.} 

  After all the Christmas Celebrations passed, we had lots of time left to just enjoy each other before the break was over and Daddy had to go back to work.  We didn’t make any big plans, just hanging out, reading, doing crafts and playing games.

We introduced the kids to the game Guessturesthat my mom has from back in the day. They still make it, so it must be a keeper.  It was so fun!

collage 1

  There was lots of Lego building and Lincoln Log constructing over break.


Thank you Sock Bun, for making it look like I have time to curl my daughter’s hair!

Collage 2

Wednesday night church party:


Dale decided to teach me Texas Hold ‘Em over break.  Lets just say I kicked some booty!  I like Beginners Luck!  Poker Collage txt
Second and third night we played? Not so much beginners luck leftover, bummer.

The girls got this cute kitchen for one of their Christmas gifts from us.  After they went to bed one night, I decided to play a trick on them.


I had their Dolls trash the kitchen and raid it of ALL it’s sweet things!

IMG_9665Collage 2

 Oh such NAUGHTY little girls!  I think they have tummy aches.
My girls thought it was pretty stinkin’ hysterical!


  We went to the library for new books, and I even got some!  I spent a few quiet nap times with a bowl of soup and a super good Christian fiction.  Oh, how I have missed reading a grown up book!


  There was plenty of time for Crafts after 2 days of beautiful snow, YAY!  I will share more about this particular snowy day craft another day.  

Collage 1

There is always time for a chapter book before bed, this time it’s The Mouse and the Motorcycle

And lets not forget all the Plays that were put on!


Tomorrow will feature 4 frosty little Fergusons, from our snow day fun!

Snow day


9 thoughts on “Back to Life, Back to Reality

  1. Beautiful! Special! Adorable! Heart-Warming! and every other adjective I can think of! So sweet….glad you had such a great vacation together! My heart was stirred to see you reading to those precious babes in the same spot where I had read to them too. AHHH – Making memories is the very best huh? Thanks for sharing. XO

  2. Christmas is such a magical joyous time when we don’t put so much pressure on ourselves and enjoy the reason for the season. Looks as though all 6 Fergusons had a blessed Christmas season….well, except maybe for Dale when you beat him at card. He’ll get over it, I’m sure. I’m making THE salad to take to small group tomorrow night and my hubby is making Bierocks for our dinner tonight….almost feels like you have come to cookk for us

  3. The quiet(Well, not so much QUIET)times at home are the BEST! Just to spend time together with out the craziness of the outside life. So glad that you got that time as a family. So sad to think of you with out them again.:(
    Hope you are having a good day. Sending hugs<3

  4. Oh what fun Holiday memories you all made!
    My favorite time for Holidays before ,during and after is just all the family time we get together it makes every busy minute we spent getting ready all worth it to just sit back and enjoy.
    Love the photo of the shoes with the giant Bells it made me giggle!

  5. It is also good for parents and grandparents to know that they can make beautiful memories without going lots of places, without a lot of stuff and without a lot of money. They want you….I wish I had done that more for my children….I’m doing it for my grandbabies. In the morning when I come out of the bedroom, it is like it is the first time Derek has ever seen me. He runs down the hall yelling Grandma, Grandma and hugs me as tightly as he can. A wonderful gift every moring.

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