4 Frosty Little Fergusons

  Over Winter Break we had our second snow of the Season and it came down on and off for 2 days!  It was SOOOO beautiful! 

IMG_0265IMG_0424Collage 3Collage 2Collage 4Collage 6

The results of Paxton’s first Snow Ball Fight:

Something is cold and yucky on my face……..


I don’t like it!


Get it off! {sniff sniff} Please?


I don’t think I liked that game very much.


Collage 7Collage 8Collage 9

  Push us down the hill, Daddy!  Ahhh! NOT BACKWARDS!

Collage 10

  Hey, that was fun, do it again! 

Collage 11

IMG_0349 (2)

Be still my heart.


Collage 13Collage 14

Dale: “Hey guys, want to know what happens when a Squirrel lands in a tree?”

Collage 15AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DAD!

Collage 16

That was AWESOME!

Pax: “Whatcha doin’ guys?”
Kids: “Do it again, Daddy! DO IT AGAIN!”

Collage 17Collage18

Pax: “Cold!”


  I figure if we are going to have cold temps, it might as well be white and GORGEOUS outside, right?!




8 thoughts on “4 Frosty Little Fergusons

  1. Your property is just soo pretty. Your little house looks so cute and cozy!) Looks like you all had a wonderful time together!
    Dale reminds me of my hubby. He would have done the same thing with the tree to our kiddos.:)
    Where did you ever find such a BIG sled?! So nice they all fit on it.
    We have not been able to really enjoy the snow here because of colds.:( The kids want to go out but I feel that everytime little man goes out and gets wet he gets a cold all over again. We are working on getting out immune systems back to what they should be. Little man is who we are really working on. Since the meningitis he just opens his mouth and he get sick!!! 😦
    Hope you are having a wonderful day!

  2. Oh what fun. I LOVE that your kids play outdoors and enjoy nature’s wonders. The photo of Pax with the bit of snow on him is tooooo cute! I really really love the last photo too. What a precious bunch they are! I’m sure you all made memories to last a lifetime and they’ll be wanting to do those same things with their kids. Sweet!

  3. Loved the pictures! Thanks for sharing 🙂 Pax’s little face is priceless in the snowball fight pictures. Poor guy! 😦 Have a great day!!

    • Ooo, tough one. I think they just don’t know any other way?! lol 🙂 I sneak around and capture them when they don’t know it, or quickly walk by and grab 4 while they are glancing up at me. Having a fast SLR camera helps a ton, no waiting between clicks!!! For the posed ones, I just say smile at Mommy real quick and then you can go play again.

  4. Wow what Gorgeous Photos and beautiful Winter scenes!
    I have a feeling everyone slept good that night.
    This has to be one of my favorite of your family posts so much fun!!

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