Gone Country

  Sooo, I have been residing in the Country for a little over 10 years now, and I love love love it.  If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you know I grew up in a big house in a nice part of town, and never ever once imagined myself being a Country girl.


  I hated getting dirty, I liked paved roads, neighbors right next door, and being only a minute or two from the nearest mall. I was a make up loving, curling iron toting, don’t get your nails dirty, shop till you drop, City Girl all the way! 

Until I met Dale. 



  My Corn Fed Country Boy straight from the Dairy Farm.

  Guess that life grows on ya, because he had me at hello!  Fast forward a few years, and I can honestly tell you, if I have any say in it, we will never move out of the Country. 

  I have learned to LOVE the fact that from my front window, I see trees, not houses or road. I have learned to chase roosters when they try to get my babies. I have learned to shoot a gun.  I have learned to kill spiders with something smaller than a 2×4 and not scream. {not very loud, anyways} And, I have learned that old outbuildings full of junk, make amazing forts for my kids and spots for my photography.


Without further adieu, I give you:…..

How to “Go Country”

Step 1: Move to the Country and fall in love with wide open spaces.our house017 (3)

  Step 2:  While you are residing there, adjust to mice in the winter, {thank God that problem no longer haunts us} chasing foxes and skunks down the lane with a gun, or broom, either works, and say goodbye to purified water.
You will need to adjust to well water that is high in minerals and comes ice-cold straight out of the pump.  {I used to say you had to chew it. Now, I say Mmm mmm good!}

Step 3: Learn to Garden.  This is an ongoing process, and we still have lots to learn, like when to plant garlic and potatoes. I can NEVER remember in time!  Anyhow, last summer we had 5 different garden spots around the yard, and most, were successful.  YAY!  Oh! Oh! AND I over came a really big fear of mine, and we learned to can! Jalapenos, tomato sauce and spaghetti sauce.  Woo-hoo!


Step three: Get Animals…..
First Chickens. 


Then Kittens.  


Next up?  Cows and pigs this Spring.


Ho boy.  Now its really starting to sound Country around here!!!!

Step 4: Learn to eat weird, wild things your husband shoots in your own yard.  Like deer, turkey, or even……………….



  If you follow me on 4 little Fergusons Facebook page, you know what I am about to share.  For those of you that have yet to head over there and “like” us, {pretty, pretty please?} this was my status update:

I can’t believe I just googled “Is it safe to eat squirrel?”
Guess it’s a go, folks. Yikes.

  See, “Do It Yourself Dale” wants us to be able to butcher the afore-mentioned cow and pig OURSELVES, so he built us a meat cooler.  Naturally, he needed to walk the property and “shoot something” to try it out. 

Enter Squirrely the Squirrel.


RIP Mr. Squirrel.

  No, we haven’t eat him yet, he is still hanging in the cooler.  I have tried Black Bear and Beaver at a Game Feed, but Squirrel just seems so, I don’t know, domestic? When we consume him, ugh, I will have completed step 4 to “going Country”.

  ANYHOW, the whole point of this oh-so pointless post, is that I have taken yet another step in embracing this new Country Life of mine, here is it………..

Step 5: Own a pair of boots you call “Chore Boots”, as well as “Bibs” and a “Chore Coat” to keep you warm in the winter.


Clearly, I can check Step 5 off my list, because my sweet husband used his Christmas money from his Momma, to buy me a set of “Bibs and a warm Chore Coat”.  I was super honored and surprised at this announcement, and I think it is oh-so sweet!  I felt very loved and cared for by this thoughtful gesture, but I am fully aware, that it could also be that he acted out of sheer sympathy.  ‘Cause I may or may not have chored the other day in 3 inch wedge heeled fur boots. 


I was on my way into town and didn’t want to change.

Note to self:  When choring in 3 inch wedge heeled fur boots, go ahead and duck those additional 3 inches when stepping through the chicken coop opening.

Just sayin’.

  Alright folks, here it is.  Step 5 and proof I have “Gone Country”.


Awww! Look at our Chore Clothes hanging together in the garage.
It really is the little things that mean so much…..


  This is my “Gone Country” face.  I think it fits the look, don’t you?  Just missing a piece of wheat coming out of my mouth. 






18 thoughts on “Gone Country

  1. Country life IS wonderful huh?!? I know that we love it. I was the city girl too till about 10 yrs ago when my Dad had enough of the rat race and wanted to move us to the country. It is funny how hard that was and now, I would NEVER go back!!!:) I love it here. I could not live close to people anymore.:)(Not that I don’t like people,I do. I just don’t like having them right in my face. We live across the field from the in-laws. That is hard enough.:) enough said.:) )
    I am so glad that you are learning to embrace the counry life with all the wild game.:) Tonight we are going to be doing up the deer that hubby has had hanging for about 3 wks now. I don’t think I have had squirrel yet tho. I have been told it tastes like chicken tho.:)
    Love your new chore clothes!!! I am really trying to get hubby to get us some animals. He grew up on a 400 cow dairy farm and is very much enjoying NOT having anything and being able to go away when we want to.:) I on the other hand, would love to have them. I love the “farm” life.:) We are talking about buying a cow for beef soon and I really want chickens again.:)
    You will have to tell us about your meal of squirrel! What are you going to make with it?
    Hugs from on Country girl to another,

  2. I grew up in Northern Ontario. My Dad is a trapper, hunter and logger and he would come home with strange things for us to eat, including beaver, squirrel, moose, deer, partridge, duck, rabbit and bear. After awhile, you don’t ask anymore! We also had chicken, ducks and turkeys. In fact, when my sister got married (in my parents back yard) she had a friend play the flute for her music. Every time she started playing, the turkeys started….”singing”….along with her! All through the video every time the music started, the turkeys started to gobble! It was so funny!

  3. Oh you are too funny. I love this post. I’ve also gone country, well, country for me. I grew up in Massachusetts, in a neighborhood, & now we live in a town with more cows than people. But I can see our neighbors & we don’t shoot & prep our own meat 😉 I do love being out here so much more than I thought I would! This is home now 🙂

  4. Tonya, I love your blog today!! Teaching YOU and your children about country life and the creatures, gardening and things God intended for us to live off the land.
    Happy Country Living.

  5. Great post!! Sure do love your new ‘get up’…(are those pink bibs and jacket and boots?) Just right for you. I was raised in the country too, and appreciate the fun things you shared…you silly girl. Enjoy eating that squirrel! =)

  6. Had a good chuckle this morning, thanks to you, Tonya! I love that your chore clothes are bright red and that you do not forgo the earrings when wearing said chore clothes. Look out Pioneer Woman–my cousin Tonya does it all, too!

  7. I’ve gone country since 2007. I love it. I still.have much to learn like canning. And I don’t know about eating a squirrel. My family thinks I was born to the wrong family. I love my corn fed hubby. God bless.

  8. Ohhhh, you are the cutest little country mama out there!! Especially love the last pic. And I have to say, the enormous hoop earrings really finish off the look! 😉

  9. Tonya!!! Sssshhhhhh, you’re giving away the secret to all the other city folks…….didn’t Dale tell you about the Peaceful Country Solemnly Swear to Secrecy CODE??? Hahahahaha. Love the bibs and coat. Too cute 🙂

  10. Oh yeah, I forgot………….

    I, personally, have never consumed squirrel (to my knowledge), but my Dad swears that he had my sister and I eat armadillo steaks as children and that we really liked them. I can’t see doing that now but………who knows. LOL. He says armadillo roast is way better than pork roast. D:

  11. Cute Post,
    I to grew up in the city and thought I would never be a country girl until I met my corn fed Hubby:)
    He came from a home that raised their own chickens and had “bees” so they always had fresh eggs and honey…delicious!
    Off to the country we went and raised our three sons and I loved every second of it !
    We had our own garden and canned EVERYTHING bought very little at the store our “neighbor” that was Two acre’s away raised cows so we always bought our beef from them.
    I learned to drive tractors, change oil “sort of” like the well water 🙂 and got used to having up to 50 deer in my yard when I looked out the window in the morning and thought nothing of seeing people riding their horses down the road or horse drawn carts this was till going on as late as 2005.
    Very small town:)
    We loved every second of it.
    Move ahead to 2006 we sold the farm and moved to a semi country home we built now that its just the two of us still plenty of room for everyone to come stay and for the grand kids to run wild out doors and yes we have a woods that meets up to our back yard so we still get deer and we still love it !
    I guess now I’m a semi-country girl slightly less work since the Birthdays keep coming
    Thanks for the memories!

  12. Oh so funny dear country cousin!! Never could take the farm out of my Dad either…. and about that garden…. you need a Farmer’s Almanac and to plant by the signs of the moon… key to a successful garden from a city-girl-daughter- of- a-country-boy. Oh and for the record… you get more in a crooked row than a straight one and you will drive those type A’s nuts by doing it!!! LOL good luck with the squirrel… Hugs!

  13. Tonya, I love your sense of humor! Love this post, and I can relate first-hand to many things you talked about. You said this was a meaningless post – not so, ’cause you made many people smile today! Nothing worthless about that! God bless you , girl!

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