4 little Ferguson’s Photography: Family Sessions

  Last year was a busy year for 4 little Ferguson’s Photography, funny how quickly it went from Dale buying me a camera for Mother’s Day to capture my own kids, to me being asked to capture other people’s!  Love it! 

  Here are a few of the Christmas sessions I didn’t get to post before I ran out of December! 🙂

More tomorrow, lots to do around here today!  We are gearing up to host some very special Florida guests. That means 2 more adults and 2 more babies in our 3 bedroom house.

Lots of bed switching and closet moving going on……


Collage 1 txtCollage 3 text 2Collage 4 think pinkIMG_0716eCollage brown txt 3IMG_0753vint

BW CollageIMG_3628e croppedCollage 3Collage 5IMG_3610e

Collage 1 txt with greeneryIMG_3049e vanillaCollage 6 redIMG_3065 vintageIMG_2949 sweet prarie vintageCollage 8 txtIMG_3020e


5 thoughts on “4 little Ferguson’s Photography: Family Sessions

  1. My my my! You captured the beauty of each family. I cracked up laughing over the one of mom and dad kissing while the girls are reacting. :-} Too cute! I’m sure you are looking forward to having those babies come for a visit. How wonderful for all.

  2. Well once again those are some beautiful photo sessions but then again you had some beautiful families to photograph I’m sure that helps make your job easier !
    I always love your backgrounds and props your so talented at all you do !
    Enjoy your family guests!

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