Valentine’s Day Mailboxes

About mid January, my kids started asking if it was time to get out their Valentine’s Mailboxes yet.  I had no idea they would be such a HIT last year when I made them.  

A Valentine Mailbox How To: for the little people in your life you love most.

You’ll need:

~Some old candle stick holders, my mom got mine for me at Goodwill for $2.00 a piece. {No I didn’t remember to photograph the before. They were plain wood. BORING!}

~ A mailbox for each kiddo, found in the Dollar Spot at Target last year

~Letters: stickers, wooden, magnet, you name it.

~An old magnet.  You know, like the free kind people give you with their business card on it.  You’ll be cutting this, so make sure it’s not your Insurance agent or someone important.  Then cut to shape and glue to your letters with a hot glue gun.

~You could glue direct to the mailbox, but JUST IN CASE we ever switch colors between kids, or I want the letters off for say cleaning purposes, I decided magnets work best for us.

~ A can of spray paint for your old 2nd hand candle stick holders. {Please don’t make me go all the way out to the cold shed to take a picture of the black spray paint, use your imaginations, ok?}

You can do any color spray paint you want, but I chose black to match the letters I had to buy since I live in a tiny town with no choices.  After the candlestick holders dried overnight, we attached them to the mailboxes with hot glue.

I would HIGHLY recommend something stronger, they keep falling off!
Also, we used tape to make a hinged door since these mailbox doors slide on and off.  The last thing I want to do, is turn the house upside down looking for someones mailbox lid that grew legs and walked away!

  Here is the finished product:


Cute, right?!

And just like last year, I will be filling these with love notes, pipe cleaner sparkle hearts, stickers, heart window clings and {GASP!} maybe even a piece of candy.

Believe it or not, last year, their FAVORITE, FAVORITE gift, was the homemade coupons Dale and I made for a free horsey ride to bed, a back rub or extra song at bedtime.  That seems to be the trend this year too, who knew!? 🙂  

Valentines Day gift

My sweet Grandma is also participating this year, she sent home a bag of goodies for me to dispurse this week.

Valentines goodies

The kids know they have a new treat awaiting them when I put the flag up.  I know this is opposite of how it works in the real world, but who cares, they LOVE it!

These have been SO fun!  I think you will have fun making them for your kids or grandkids!!!!!!