Florida Family



We were so honored to get to host my baby brother, Chad, his lovely wife, Lauren and my two DARLING identical twin nephews, Colby & Brayden at my house for a week!

Last time they came to visit us, which was over a year ago, I took this: 


Needless to say, things were a BIT more lively this time around……Meet Colby and Brayden


   That means 4 adults and 6 kids in a 3 bedroom, 2 1/2 bathroom home, and you better believe we used EVERY square inch of it.  🙂

  Chad and Lauren were oh-so privilieged to use the boys bunks beds, and we squeezed 1 crib mattress and 1 porta crib into that room with them.  We moved the kids out of their bathroom and gave them strict instructions to use ours all week.  Then, we moved the boys “room” to our closet.

  Now before you panic that I am putting my children to bed in a closet, let me show you a photo and remind you, that when we added on, I was VERY specific in the dimensions of my walk in closet.  It’s bigger than their bedroom and easily fit 2 cots, and all the other stuff we have to store in there!


  It was a great week, days full of play time with the boys, and keeping 6 kids happy, napped and fed turns out to be a pretty full time job in itself. The grown ups stayed up each night until 11:30 talking or playing cards, which was all fun and games until 5:30 am rolled around and the boys were waking up with Dale’s alarm. Winking smile

  Here are the photos from our week together: collage 1


Collage 2Collage 3

  We had several visits from Great Grandpa and Grandma, Nana was here every night, Aunt Viv was in town from Oregon and little David, who was due the same time as the twins this summer, even brought his mom and dad over for a visit one evening so he could meet his cousins. 

Collage 4Collage 5Collage 6

We even Face Timed Aunt Gena in Phoenix in case she didn’t get back in town in time to see the boys…..

Collage 7

I don’t know WHAT the mommy’s were doing behind my head, but it sure musta been strange!

Collage 8

  Check out these proud Aunties and Nana!

Collage 3

  And how about a proud Great Grandpa & Grandma, with their SEVEN grandkids!


Sweet babiesCollage 9

Meeting the Chickens…..

Collage 11


  Family shots:Collage 8Collage 10    

  I wouldn’t be Aunt Tonya, if I didn’t get some photos of the boys while they were here.  Thankfully, we had some crazy, totally random warm spell, so we were able to go outside for a mini shoot.

Collage 12Collage 13

IMG_1691eIMG_1708 vintage

  Oh my SWEETNESS, I miss them already!!!!!

~TIMG_1644e vintage


7 thoughts on “Florida Family

  1. How precious are these little boys??? And all these beautiful sweet little’s all together under one roof…holy sweet fun! I love when my home is packed to the brim with loved one’s…the crazy chaos…the noise, mess, food, laugher and smiles and all the loving that goes on between thse walls makes my heart burst with joy. Reading this and seeing the pictures reminds me of those cherished moments when I wish time could stand stil. So glad you and your family had this wonderful week!

  2. Oh My goodness they are Absolutely Adorable and so precious!
    I can see so much of Pax in those sweet little faces to.
    You have such a beautiful growing family I’m sure your so thankful for each and everyone one.. question though all I see in the closet are your shoes ( way to go) where is Dales shoe space ..LOL!
    I think the boys were super comfy sleeping in there!

    • Tee hee 🙂 My name is Tonya and I may or may not have a shoe addiction. {I have to say, a lot of those are from YEEEEARS ago, even highschool!} Dale has 2 partial rows to the bottom right of what you saw. 🙂

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