My Funny Little Valentines

The 4 little Fergusons are here to say…….

IMG_2098l txtIMG_2095l txtIMG_2099l txt

Now Pax, give ‘em a smooch…..

A smooch?  Bleh. NO WAY!

UH UH, not doin’ it.



How about a knuckle sandwich?

PAXTON, you be nice!!!!!!

Ok, ok, sending big smooches your way, this Valentine’s Day!

IMG_2119l txt

Happy Valentine’s Day!

From your 4 favorite little Fergusons

Valentines Collage 3

Valentines Day


5 thoughts on “My Funny Little Valentines

  1. Perfect Valentine wishes from your precious 4 little Fergusons..warmed me inside and out to see those adorable faces. Blowing big kisses to all of you today. MUAH! XOXOXOXO

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