Dirt & Worms Dessert

   I figured there’d be a few of you that wanted the recipe from Tylan’s birthday treat in the first post, so here it is!

This is a VERY popular dessert with my kiddos for their class treats at school, so we’ve made it several times.  I have tried many versions of this, some with butter, some with just pudding, but this one is by far the best we’ve tasted.  A nice creamy, but not too rich pudding, made by combining it with cream cheese and cool whip!

Dirt & Worms Dessert

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Dirt & Worms Dessert txt


  • 1 package {15 Oz} Oreo Cookies
  • 16 ounces, weight Cool Whip , Thawed
  • 2 boxes (3.4 Oz. Each) Vanilla Instant Pudding
  • 1 cup Powdered Sugar
  • 3 cups Milk
  • 1 teaspoon Vanilla
  • 8 ounces, weight Cream Cheese, Softened
  • Gummy Worms

Preparation Instructions

Mix cool whip, softened cream cheese and powdered sugar. In a separate bowl, mix together milk and pudding mix, whipping until thickened. Stir them together and spread in the bottom of a 9×13 pan.
Crush Oreos in a food processor until fine crumbs remain, cover pudding completely. Tuck worms all over the surface.
Chill for a couple of hours before serving.
For fun, I’ve seen a clean garden trowel as the serving utensil and this served in clean, lined terra cotta pots.  Up to you how far you take this “theme.”

Dirt and worm dessert

Dig in! 


Dirt & Worms Dessert Collage


Birthday Fun & Layered Ice Cream Cake

   I told you on Friday, that sweet Tylan has been waiting 6 WHOLE MONTHS, for his turn at a birthday!  All 3 of his siblings were born in the summer, AND he had to endure the girls’ two half birthday celebrations at school yet, too. 

FINALLY, his turn came!

  The rule at our house for the Birthday kiddo, is you don’t have to do ANY of your normal chores, the other kids have to do them.  They get to pick the food we eat, and the cake they want for dessert that night.  They get 3 gifts, just like at Christmas, that are opened before dinner.  Oh my, was he ever on cloud 9!

  He received a wooden marble works set, a stomp rocket and a bike from us.  {Someone gave us this bike for free. What a blessing!} 

Collage 1Collage 2Collage 3Collage 4Collage 5

  From other family members he received $6, Target gift card and new roller blades, which he insisted on wearing to dinner.

Collage 6Collage 7

  Speaking of dinner:

Tylan LOVES Mac & Cheese.


Not Mom’s homemade, nope, the boxed stuff.  Bleh.

  Ok, buddy, good thing its your birthday, cause this is a special treat!


  I told him we needed to make his dinner selection a bit more filling, since Great Grandpa Beckler got to come home from the nursing home, and others would be joining us.

So we turned 2 boxes into Mac & Cheese Lasagna, click picture below for recipe.  With served this with regular Mac & Cheese on the side.  Now that is a high quality meal right there, folks.  OH, and a big tossed salad so we had SOMETHING healthy!!!!!!  🙂


He got to pick 2 desserts, one for his school party, and one for home.

For school he picked Dirt & Worm Cake, which I will share the recipe for in Post 2 for today.  I loved hearing him whisper to everyone, “Don’t worry, it’s not REAL dirt.”

Collage 10

For home, he picked a childhood favorite of mine.  Ice Cream Cake!!! 


It’s very simple actually:

Bake an Angel Food Cake, cool then divide in 3rds if its round, 4ths if you do 2 loaf pans like I did.  {discarding or consuming the extra layer}

Have your birthday boy or girl select TWO kinds of ice cream, allow them to soften just a bit for easier moldablity.  {ice cream combo ideas listed on recipe}

Fill as pictured above, trying to keep cake level.  I used over half of both ice creams.  Then cover the whole thing in Extra Creamy Cool Whip.  Freeze until serving.


  Soooo simple, but soooo good!  Printable recipe here.

Time to sing and EAT!

Collage 8

  Our Florida family even got to sing Happy Birthday with us, via Facetime!

Collage 9

  Ty says it was the best day EVER!


birthday collage