Winter Wonderland

  If you follow 4 little Fergusons on Facebook, then you have already seen the following photos, but there are a lot of you that haven’t, so these are for you. 🙂

We have had a very dry last few years, this year was proving to be no different….we barely have had any snow. And if we did, it melted right away!  If it is going to be brown and dead and cold, we need snow to brighten things up at least once a month, right!?


I had nearly given up hope of ANY big snows this year.  Oh well, Spring might as well come. I packed up all my “Let It Snow” winter décor and THEN……..

Then they started forecasting this BLIZZARD! YES!  I should’ve packed up my décor a month ago!? lol  🙂

  They were predicting 2 days of snow!  Like 16 inches worth!  I prayed soooo hard it would come. The kids joined in my plea. When we woke up……………..

  It was Snowy Heaven. 


Big fat flakes falling most of the day.  No school, no work for Dale, just 2 days of fun in the snow and cocoa by the fire. 


Oh man, we LOVED it!

  There was even MORE snow by day 2.

Here are the photos from our days at home:

  I headed out to help Dale with chicken chores. He was super sweet and made a path for me to follow.  Except, I think he forgot how much shorter 5 foot 3 legs are than 6 foot 1 legs.  I hollered at him that these steps were TOO BIG! 

He said, “I am already taking steps half the size of normal up here!” 

Blog collage 1

  Needless to say, even though he took smaller steps and I made it out to the coops, I did NOT end up helping him with chores. 

Probably because I had my camera in hand?! 



Blog collage 3Blog Collage 2

I ended up walking the whole property before heading back in.  I could hardly walk it was so deep, but it was worth it! 🙂

Blog collage 4


After quiet reading time, we let the big kids go outside. 

Blog Collage 5

Poor little Peanut, she couldn’t walk and kept falling down.  She’d just sit there so quietly in the snow, watching everyone else have fun.


Daddy came to the rescue

Blog collage 6

She soon came in, but not before playing in the cool “Fort” the big kids discovered under our evergreen tree.  It really was like a little snow house under there, so fun!

Blog Collage 7

You know, I used to want to move somewhere tropical SO bad!  But days like this, I am thankful to live in a place that sees ALL four seasons in all their glory.


 Bringing you Winter Wonderland-Midwest Style…..


PS  Guess WHAT!? They are forecasting 12-16 MORE inches today and tomorrow.





9 thoughts on “Winter Wonderland

  1. Well, now I understand why I’m no longer a lover of snow….both my kids are grown with kids of their own! I dream of warm tropical places from the time we turn our clocks back until we spring forward! We got about 6 inches of snow here in southern Illinois, and there’s a chance of 5 or 6 more later this week. As for me, I’ll be online looking at Florida real estate. 🙂
    LOVE your snow pics, by the way!

  2. So glad that you are enjoying your Winter Wonderland! Hubby is just itching for that here! We have not really had DEEP snow here in quite a few years. He love to snowmobile but had to sell out a few years back because we just don’t get what we used to! He is threatening to more to more northern states so we can have a “Winter”!
    I am all for a move tho so I really don’t mind!:)
    Over here we are all for Spring. I took down my snow decor a few months ago and it did not help us!:) Usally it does. Maybe all of our snow is just hanging over you folks this year!:)
    Enjoy your snow and family.
    Hugs, K

  3. These are all wall portrait perfect!! And LOVE that you kept the snow to yourself and the rest of us can enjoy from the comfort of our warm houses! 🙂

  4. So Beautiful. I live in Alabama so we don’t get to see it that often, but when we do, we make the most of it like you and your sweet family. Have a blessed day and ENJOY THE SNOW!!!

  5. I get so excited to see your pictures. While I was scrolling through them I glanced at the scroll bar and saw it was half of the way and I said, “Yeah, there’s still more.” Thank you so much for sharing your snow with me. I’m in sunny Bradenton.

  6. Beautiful and what great family time !
    I used to love the heavy snow falls and being snowed in with my kids and hubby we were once snowed in for over 10 days with no power or water since we had our own well so we had to melt & boil snow ( gas stove) for brushing our teeth and cleaning up and to drink!
    Thank you God we had a wood burning fire place and plenty of wood so we all camped out in the family room in sleeping bags and the sofa couch it was lots of fun but we sure were ready for the power to come back own:))
    Enjoy it while you can !

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