4 little Ferguson’s Photography: Mommy To Be

  Maternity sessions are so fun!  Maybe because for once, I am not the one pregnant?   🙂 

  No, really, all teasing aside…….there is such beauty to be captured in these rounded bellies, full of new life, new beginnings!

  I have photographed 3 that have gone un-shared for months now, due to the overwhelming amount of good food being eaten and then posted on here!!


  Growing Family #1 are near and dear to our hearts, Dale went to school with Jamie and has gotten close with Mike through Men’s Encounter and morning work outs at the gym.  These were taken this fall.

Blog Collage 1Blog Collage 2Blog Collage 3Collage 2 timelineIMG_1215 color tight crop

Growing Family #2 was for a Christmas Card announcement for a couple we teasingly call our Tree Hugger Friends.   Momma-to-Be,  Kalene wasn’t showing yet, so we got creative with their announcement.

Collage 1Collage 12 txt right date

  Maternity Session number 3 has been something I have only dreamed of, a snowy maternity shoot! I prayed SO hard for snow BEFORE her baby was due, and wouldn’t you know, the weather warmed up to 75 just a few days before this!  I about gave up hope, but it came, one day and one day only….I teasingly told Dale it was just for me!!! Thanks, Lord!  🙂
By the time we got to shoot, all the snow was melted from the trees, but thankfully the ground was still covered.  I am glad Mandy braved the cold to do this though, because it was gone a few hours later! 

Blog collage 2Blog Collage 3Blog Collage 4IMG_2016eIMG_2020eBlog Collage 5

Blog Collage 6

Blog Collage

9 thoughts on “4 little Ferguson’s Photography: Mommy To Be

  1. I wish that I had pics done with both of my pregnancies! But, sadly we did not.:( I have a few pics here and there but nothing great like these! You dod such a great job! Thanks for sharing!:)

  2. Hi Tonya.

    I actually discovered your blog via Facebook. A girlfriend shared your “Dear Mom on the iPhone” post. It was a great read. And your photography is amazing. Just beautiful.

    But what I really wanted to say was “thank you” for sharing your infidelity posts. Although infidelity has not been an experience of mine, we are all broken and torn apart in some way by this thing called life. Liiving a life of holiness is especially difficult in this increasingly secular world. Thank you for giving me the courage to write about a painful topic that I’ve felt prompted to share with my own readers for several months now. I’ve been ignoring the prompting…but after discovering your blog, I felt like it was one more God-moment…one more prompt…encouraging me to admit to a painful past. Thank you.

  3. Where were your little Ferguson’s while you were taking these pictures? I bet one of them was twirling in her dress and you didn’t see it! One of them was asking some “babysitter” about clouds and YOU MISSED IT.

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