10 on 10

Welcome to 10 on 10! Where I take 10 photos {ha!} on the 10th and share them with you on the 11th day of the month.  I only do this when a) I know I will be home a good portion of the day and b) when the 11th doesn’t fall on Weekend.

Here are the instructions:

Take a photo every hour (for ten consecutive hours, if possible) on the tenth of each month. Document a day of your life and find beauty among the ordinary moments. Then share your beauty on the 11th! Please be sure to use the photo below on your blog post, and link back to mine, so we can all share in the fun.

The gal that I originally linked up to, is no longer blogging her 10 on 10’s, so I am a lone ranger. If you ever want to try, follow the instructions above, add in this picture to your blog post, then share in the comments section, so we can all visit you!


If you are interested in seeing past 10 on 10’s you can go here!

10 on 10:

Good Morning to my Sunshines!

10 on 10 1

Uh, it’s pretty safe to say, that SPRING has left the building as of last night!!  Nothing like going from 74* to freezing over night.10 on 10 2IMG_6115IMG_6125IMG_6129IMG_6148

Good thing we didn’t plant yet!

planting time

 Nap time projects included, getting Creamy Colorful Ham & Veggie Soup made, packing up some homemade whole wheat rolls and making this Strawberry White Chocolate Lasagna for a family from church with a NEW precious baby boy!
This recipe is coming, I want to tweek it a bit, but its one I made up based on a non strawberry, totally chocolate one I saw go across facebook last week.  It’s photographed, now I just have to type it out and schedule it.

10 on 10 3

I had an appointment after that, so Great Grandma came to babysit.  Here they all are, up from naps and playing “Thief” with her.


  My mom brought Destiny home from school. She was struggling to remember all her afternoon chores, so here is the reminder that lives on her locker….

10 on 10 4

By the time I got home from my appt. and supper delivery, the evening just flew, so no pics were taken, Oops!

But here is bedtime….

10 on 10 5

I was going to get a pic of the boys too, but look who woke up when I snuck in….UH OH! Time to get outta here!

10 on 10 6

I love how he picks which toys can sleep at the end of his bed…..

A little snack while I blog, hot tea and Dale’s famous popcorn.  🙂

bedtime snack

Happy 10 on 10!