Not Your Ordinary T-Shirt Scarves

I LOVE making things and being crafty!  I don’t always have a lot of extra time to do it, or honestly, most times, I’d rather stick my nose in a book.

  However, when I came across a bag of GORGEOUS material I had purchased last May for t-shirt scarves {I was planning on making a bunch over the summer, yeah right!} I knew the time had come to put it to good use.

T-Shirt Scarf Time!


  There are a couple ways to do this, most people use old t-shirts that are lying around. That is great!  {Unless you are like me, and have a lack of t-shirts in your closet due to your extreme Girliness….just sayin!}

  I tried Goodwill but their shirts were $2 a piece and had very little usable material below the graphics.  I did find some non-graphic Tie-dyed shirts from there one time, that I loved.  I made them into Infinity Scarves found here. So, it can be done!!!!!

However, I decided to purchase that stretchy t-shirt material at the Fabric Store instead.  It came at a pretty penny, anywhere from $6.99-12.99 a yard, and the flowers and poufs anywhere from $3-9, but I wanted to give it a go.  If I ever do this again and sell some, I am afraid I am going to have to get my costs down.

  So when you buy a yard of fabric instead of using t-shirts, it requires extra steps:

  1) You can sew the yard of fabric in a tube shape with your machine.


2) Simply knot it after you cut it to create the circle necessary for loops. 


I learned to sew on my Mom’s Mean Machine JUST for this purpose, and it’s a real time saver.  All those knots took hours!!!!!!

Another time saver is using a roller vs. scissors.


  I used to hand cut each strip with my scissors, but now, sweet Dale cuts the fabric folded over itself, on a big cutting board with a roller.  I love sitting out in the living room with him in the evenings while he cuts and I create.  🙂

  There is a tutorial on how to make the actual scarf part here at My Blessed Life.  I don’t have the know how to record and upload a video for you all, so just watch hers. She did a great job!

Don’t forget to hide the knots or sewed parts with another strip of cloth wrapped around and knotted underneath where it won’t show on the neck:


Here are some of my finished scarves:


  Happy Creating!

A note from Tonya: Thank you to those who have asked if they could buy some scarves! I am SO SO honored! 🙂  However, I am selling them at a Craft Fair next weekend and need to keep a nice stock pile until then. That being said, if you see one you love love love, leave me a comment or email me a description of your favorite. {}  I will tell you if I have more materials for that scarf, or if I plan to make that one again for your future order. Thanks!

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28 thoughts on “Not Your Ordinary T-Shirt Scarves

  1. I must pin these next to your first post on T-Shirt Scarves. That is repinned often enough that I pay attention when it comes up and one day, I’m going to actually make one myself!

  2. Oh Wow!!! You HAVE been a busy girl! Love all the scarves! They look AMAZING!!! I have been making a few t-shirt scarves here and there. But, like you said I don’t always have t-shirts just laying around to use. I did buy some at the thrift shop but it is hard to find ones that will work.
    Now you have me interested in making some like this. I had thought of making a few and trying to sell them in my shop. But, I don’t think that will ever happen. Time is just not there with school and house work and then selling lids and jars now and then. So, Maybe when the kids are grown and gone and I need something to occupy my time I will really get into it.
    You did Great tho! I love all the colors and styles!!!!:) You are quite the lady!:)
    Love and hugs sweet friend,

  3. These are lovely! Wow, I bet these would sell just about anywhere.
    Have you checked out They have some very affordable knit fabric + free shipping on orders over $35.

  4. WOW!! WOW! You certainly have a talent for creating! Love how gorgeous and beautiful these scarves are. I LOVE that YOU’re the one who got me started making scarves…and I’ve led many others to make them too.=) I actually have a big plastic tub in my closet that I fill with old or ‘bargain’ t-shirts…ready and waiting for the next project! These are such a great accessory and I think, an awesome replacement
    for jewelry many times. I’ve been looking for t-shirt material to purchase, but we don’t have that much available in our area, so I have to wait til I go to the city. Thanks for sharing…keep on creating Gal!!

  5. Hi, Tonya. I love following your blog and have been for a couple of years. These t-shirt scarves look very cute and I have been pondering trying them for awhile. I did, however want to let you know when I clicked on the link on Facebook a message came up warning me that FB thought this site might be unsafe. It asked if I was familiar with this site. This has happened recently with a christian author I also follow. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know because it may be happening to other FB followers. Have a great day : )

    • Facebook was funny today! I had to keep trying to get them to let me link up to my own blog. I wonder if its a new security measure or what? Thanks for the heads up, I hope this is not the “new thing”. Facebook is making it harder and harder for bloggers to share their posts and be seen.

  6. What a great job T! I don’t think I can live without having the all pale yellow scarf if you feel like creating more of that one!!

  7. Gorgeous and fun and love your choices of fabric colors and designs!
    I think the only way to make time for these things is to just say I’m doing it and get started because if you wait for the perfect time it will never come !

  8. These are absolutely gorgeous, created beautifully!!! If you should ever want to sell them, keep in mind, you have keen buyers awaiting. Thank you for sharing xoxo

  9. I do not have a machine so all of your copies will be by hand. I LOVE THEM. I for some reason cant get roller to cut thru 2 exact pieces of material. STILL TRYING😉

  10. Oh my! These are incredibly beautiful! So much more than your average t-shirt scarf. Thank you so much for sharing 🙂

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