Pictures Tell the Greatest Stories…

Once upon a time, there was a mischievous boy named Paxton.


  He was such a good, pleasant little boy, but he just seemed to get himself into messy predicaments.

A LOT.  

  Case in point, yesterday at Hobby Lobby.  If you follow us on Facebook, you already read about this.  Here was my status update:

Oh my goodness, whose naughty child is throwing ribbon spools and watching them roll at Hobby Lobby while mommy’s back is turned?
Oh wait. Mine.

Yup, that would be my Paxton.  He told me as he cleaned them up that they were “Truck Tires”.  I made him apologize to the clerk and got out of there asap.  My other kids NEVER did this kind of thing, I don’t even know where to hide when he does this stuff.  Someone on Facebook suggested I hollar, “Where are your parents?”  Haha, I liked that one! 🙂


   So on the particularly lovely day that this next story takes place, Paxton and his family were spending some time together walking around the Fairgrounds.

  They had a lovely time, but before he knew it, it was time to head home!  

   While Mommy was helping Avery with a mini crisis in the car for TWO STINKIN’ SECONDS, Paxton found an opportunity to meander over to a giant mud puddle. 

It was a lovely puddle.  And it seemed to be calling his name…..

Hey Paxton….



“Are you calling meeeee, Giant Mud Puddle?”

I mean, WHAT is a boy to do?


Oh wait, that’s right….


 You all, I am all about Puddle Parties, but not in nice clothes away from home! 🙂


Pictures tell the greatest stories, don’t they?


Pax vs Mud puddle

15 thoughts on “Pictures Tell the Greatest Stories…

  1. This reminds me of the time when lil Ray was about 6 or 7 months old. I was outside husking corn(I was going to freeze it so there was a LOT!) He was sitting on the ground behind me(right behind me mind you!!) and there was this very big puddle and I guess he must have thought it looked good. Cuz when I turn around and saw him he was COVERED!!! I mean from head to toe in mud. And you are not just talking about the water kind of mud either. I mean this was thick and yucky mud! Oh my! What a mess that was. I took him in the house to clean up and even his diaper “under” all his clothes was totally brown from mud! I could not believe how fast he got in the puddle and dirty! I made sure to take LOTS of pics of that to show Daddy when he got home!!:)
    Boys, they are magnets to dirt and mud. Even now. I can send him outside and he always comes in with mud on him from somewhere! It can be the driest of days too!:)
    Thanks for sharing a Pax story. To look at him you would “NEVER” know he did any thing so naughty!!!:) hehe!
    Love and hugs,

  2. LOL! Ladies, why do you think God made those mud puddles? So little children can be creative and have fun and mommies can learn to be patient, kind and loving. Maybe we should join in on the fun? 🙂 Thanks for making my day! and putting a smile on my face! I know it’s easier for me to say this than hold my composure in the situation because I’m not currently in it, lol.

  3. Tonya, I would love it if you would share once in a while how you handle disobedience or just the things little boys get into. My little guy seems so naughty sometimes but when I really think about it much of it is just curiosity and he needs to be busy all the time. I think he is more of the “strong willed” type but sometimes it is hard to discern naughty from curious or bored. Would love to hear your take. Thanks and blessings to you and your family I love reading your blog.

    • I have a series I did on here on discipline and obedience, but it was a long time ago! I will have to revisit that sometime, thanks for the suggestion! So, here is the deal, with strong willed kiddos I am learning to pick my battles. HOWEVER, what I say has to be “gold”, it has to be. I have to be firm but loving, I have to expect obedience when I ask for it, and make sure I am consistently following through. This is more important than ever with a curious or strong willed child. Their curiosity doesn’t get to trump my asking them to not open that fridge door again etc. I ask for obedience and when I don’t get it, there are consequences. When all goes well, Pax has the freedom to be curious, but not disobedient. Make sense? 🙂

      • Oh yes : )
        Please share the different types of consequences you recommend for a 4 year old boy. My son, like yours, is the baby of the family and I have to admit it is a challenge not to look past things because they are so darn cute like your boy Pax. most of the time he does not have bad intentions for his actions. I tell my hubs that that is something important to consider. My hubs thinks I treat my son like a baby. ex: He is too old for his lovey (btw he is still super attached to it since birth!) and takes it EVERYWHERE even in his backpack to his preschool my hubs said we need to take it away. I don’t think that is very nice or necessary.

      • My daughter Avery is 4, we do time outs, loss of privileges, loss of media, sitting on her “boo hoo bed” until the tears stop and she is ready to be pleasant, and we swat her bottom for slow obedience. If you find the post called The Yell Jar, I talk about how we do positive reinforcement too with the Strike Board. That lovey sounds super sweet and comforting! 🙂 Step one is usually confining the lovey (for us it was a binky at age 2) to the bed, meaning nap time and night time only. Maybe this summer you could talk a lot about how big boys go to Kindergarten, and Kindergarten is NOT for loveys, but it will stay under his pillow and wait for him until he gets back home.

  4. I think I know his problem. He KNOWS how cute he is and how much he can get away with because of it. I mean look at that face. It’s a good thing you’re his mom b/c if I were his mom….oh it would be bad. He’d be a criminal already b/c I could never discipline him! 😉 Sooooo cute!

  5. That is so funny 🙂 I like that “HEY WHERE ARE YOUR PARENTS ?” made me chuckle….Paxton is so cute and yes he is ALL BOY……..

  6. My son, Kane, always seemed to be in mud puddles! Even on the coldest days, somehow, he would sneak out and get in puddles. He would be wet up to his knees! He’s 30 now, and he did eventually outgrow wanting to play in puddles.

  7. Paxton is adorable!!! Those eyes make me melt!

    I think it is great that you made him pick up his mess and apologize. I know not all parents make their kids do the right thing. I wish more people had your parenting skills.

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