Weekend Fun: Mother’s Day Edition

  I hope you all had a WONDERFUL weekend and Mother’s Day!  I spent my first Mothers Day ever, at home with my family.  Dale usually works at his mom’s restaurant on Mother’s Day, helping her with her Mother’s Day Buffet, as his gift to her.  I head home after church with our kids and the cousins, and have them nap and or play until about 2. Then, we go up to eat the leftovers with the family. It is a great tradition, and something we have just always done.  But this year, Dale asked off.  He decided this Mother’s Day, he wanted to be home together.  It was amazing and I felt very pampered and special!

   So, the day started with sleeping in.  I didn’t even know I knew HOW to sleep in anymore!  I photographed a wedding reception Saturday night and got home late, so it was almost 9:00 before I woke up. NINE!  Do you know how late that is around here?  Church started at 9:15, so there was noooo way we were going to make it.  

  They brought me breakfast in bed, as they have in years past. I am making it way easier on them, because this is my breakfast now: a nutrition drink! Mmmm.   mom 1

 Then I opened presents; a card from Destiny, a key chain from Ty {not pictured} and a sun catcher from Avery.  Oh, and Tulips from Dale! They are in a giant Ball Jar and just gorgeous! {use your imagination, it’s too dark to go take a picture now}

mom 2

  We just hung out and had a leisurely morning together.  Dale spent an hour and a half in the kitchen making lunch.  LOOK at it, oh my goodness, he did amazing….

Steak, Rosemary New Potatoes, with sautéed Asparagus & Morel Mushrooms.  For dessert he and the boys made a PIE!  Mmmmmmmm!mom 3

{Psst, I will be blogging the pie this summer! It is delicious!}

  Nap time was spent editing photos and making Destiny some ribbon flip-flops, and then we headed to the Zoo.  So fun!

mom 4mom 6

New Dino Dig exhibit, super cool!mom 7

Oh NO, a T-Rex is eating my children!


  Do you see the spider web in the next collage?  I have a picture on this exact Spider Web {middle left} with my cousins when I was a kid!  I told the kids to “Be a spider,” and they did the SAME hand actions I was doing in my old picture too. Crazy cool!

Too bad I can’t find it, or I’d share it with you.  🙂mom 8

Destiny and Pax were NOT feelin’ the tarantula exhibit.mom 9

My little Prairie Dogs….mom 10mom 11mom 13

Check out this amazing tree! The blooms grow right out of the trunk and branches.  Our Creator is SO creative!!!!!

mom 14

  After the zoo, we headed to THE fountain.  I say THE, because this is where Dale and I came after our first “group date” to the movies as friends.  We sat on a bench in front of this very fountain and he put his arm around me.  I leaned forward, out of his reach, and said, “Do you put your arm around ALL your friends?”  Haha, sassy girl! 

Needless to say, I feel in love that summer, and the rest is HIStory.

mom 15mom 16

  Papa John’s had a BOGO pizza deal, so we grabbed a couple Larges and headed to the park for a picnic.  I had already packed waters and carrot sticks because I was hoping this would be our supper plans.mom 18

Check out that Mom on her husband’s Smart Phone in the center picture above.  WHAT is she thinking?  Shouldn’t she watch her childrens EVERY MOVE at the park!?  {haha!}

   Dale and I were cracking up when he took that photo. I really was messaging a family member, but then quickly put it away to run and play with the kids.  See? It’s all about finding a balance.  RIGHT!? 🙂  I even had on the same hat as in the Dear Mom On the iPhone post, too!  Oh the irony.

mom 19

Last, but not least, the older kids had FIVE free Ice Cream certificates from Braum’s that expired in June, so who were we to let such a good deal go to waste?  Ice cream treats for everyone!

  The kids were beginning to think this Mom’s Day stuff was pretty good for kids too!

mom 20 

Being a Mom is messy, its hard, and sometimes I want to pull my hair out.  But most days, I walk around my home with a song in my heart, because THIS is what I have dreamed of my whole life……. IMG_2708 The good days are great, the bad days are exhausting, and the rest just fades away in the sticky fingered glory of it all…….

Hope you had a Happy Momma’s Day!