Weekend Fun: Parties, Graduates & Hair Loss Edition

  May is just the craziest time of year, isn’t it?!

  Seems like a very popular month for Baby Showers, Bridal Showers, Family photo shoots, and lets not forget all the end of the year school stuff and Graduations!  Not only did we go to multiple graduation parties this weekend, but we hit a darling Woodland themed Baby Shower as well.

These girls went ALL out!  I, of course, came straight from church/lunch without my camera, but here are a few shots with someone elses……

Check out the cream cheese almond hedge hog, and those red things are mushrooms. Well, they are mozzarella cheese sticks with half a tomato on top. The dots are ranch dip! SOOO Cute and soo yummy!

Baby Shower Collage 2baby shower Collage

They had a Onesie Decorating Table! Everyone had so much fun making flowers and trees, tractors and hearts out of iron on fabric that someone was going to iron for us later.  There were some fabric markers available, too.  I don’t have photos of my kids creations, but they did a great job!  Ty did a grass, tree and sunshine scene, Destiny did a woodland theme with a mushrooms, 2 owls and a hedge hog. Hers had a big heart on the back, right where Emerson’s little buns will go.  Cute!  Avery did a big yellow cloth sun that said you are my sunshine around its perimeter, with Love Avery on the sleeve.  Paxton just ran around! 😉

  Check out my “4 little Fergusons love Em” onesie. Baby’s name is Emerson, Emmy for short, but Em is going to have to count on this onesie. I couldn’t fit more letters on! haha 

                                                                          Front view and Back view Baby Shower Collage 3

The Mommy and Daddy to be!  Baby Shower Collage 4

Also this weekend…..

                               Avery, graduated from Christ Care Preschool. Big girl! Smile 

Grad 1grad 2grad 3

  Last preschool stage event, Avery had a lot of anxiety and cried the whole time.  She was sooo brave this time!  Smiling and doing ALL the actions! 🙂

grad 4grad 5IMG_3368grad 6

Sweet friends


  Ty graduates from Kindergarten tonight.  WHAT!?  How is that even possible?
Such a sweet baby….

First day of 3-school

It makes me want to cry to think of him at school all day next year.

All this stress is making me lose my hair…… 

  Ok, not really. I made me lose my hair, like 8 inches of it!  I have had looong hair for a lot of my life, like back in High School Days and my early marriage years.

  This is when Destiny was 3 and I was in my early 20’s, long curly hair, almost to my waist.


But the more kids I had, the shorter it got…..

I cut off a foot and a half of hair when Ty was born, and kept it a bob for Avery, who came 17 months later:


I grew it out again until Paxton.  Hello, 10 pound Baby in AUGUST!  Goodbye, hair!

9 months PG with Paxton

  I always like long hair best, and promptly grew it out again.  I found a shoulder length style I LOOOOVED, and have been trying to get my hair to do this look again for 2 years:

Dale and Tonya-1

Not happening. 

  It’s like my curls changed shape?!  Crazy.  So, I just wore a ponytail or braid, EVERY SINGLE DAY.  Blow drying and flat ironing it takes 35 minutes. Yeah, not in the Mommyhood Morning schedule!

  So rather than kick the dead horse any longer, I decided to call it what it is and whack it off. With some major thanks to my BFF for her moral support, and my amazing hair dresser, who always works her magic on this massive mane of mine!

collage 4collage 5

Ack! Here it is, new hair! 

Hair Collage 3hair collage 5

I am still getting used to it, but I love it. I feel like I’ve lost 10 pounds!  I have never had it this short in the back, and it feels GREAT!

Collage 2

  I keep reaching up to fix a ponytail that is no longer there.  Any bets on how long this will last until I grow it back out?  I am giving it 8 months based on my previously mentioned hair cut history.  We have a strict 4 and no more child policy at this house, so it sure won’t need to be kept short due to pregnancy anymore! haha Smile

  Hope you had a great weekend!  I have some fun and delicious posts planned for you all this week.   🙂




12 thoughts on “Weekend Fun: Parties, Graduates & Hair Loss Edition

  1. Congrats to the grads!!!!:) It is so hard to believe that they grow SOOOO fast! We will be starting Kindergarten and 2nd grade this fall! Ahhhh! Where did my babies go? 😦

    I like the new look! We have a strict no shorter then shoulder length here.:) Hubby loves the LONG hair!;) But, I have always wanted to try the bob look. Maybe some day!:) When the kids are gone and I have more time for the hair thing.:) As it is now my hair NEVER gets done unless it is Sunday or we are going out at night. Other then that it is in a bun on my head all day long.:)

  2. Oh my gosh!!! I {LOVE} your hair!!! So cute & stylish & GREAT for summer! 🙂 Congrats 2 little Ferguson’s on your graduations 😉 May God richly bless your children as they continue to serve Him. Have a great week!!

  3. I love your new do’!!!
    Short hair looks so good on you! My curls definitely changed after the second baby, more wavy and stringy than curly. Maybe I should go short too!

  4. No more babies, families as wonderful as yours should have more children to promote good Christian values for future generations.

    • Aww, you are sweet! Thank you! I wanted to have a couple more, but this ol’ body couldn’t do it. We were pregnant 8 times the first 8 years of marriage. Paxton, my last, was a difficult pregnancy dealing with circumvalate placenta, in which I was on bed rest for 6 1/2 months. That was SO hard! Its something that only gets worse with each pregnancy, so I am asked to be content with 4 on Earth and 4 in Heaven. I keep telling Dale we should adopt!!!! 🙂 He is enjoying our family AS IS right now! LOL 🙂

      • Adoption is a loving option. The womb is a dangerous place for so many unborn babies whose lives are threatened to be snuffed out by their very own mothers. Instead, I will pray that one of them ends up in your loving embrace. God’s Joy and Blessings!! 🙂

  5. Congratulations to Avery and Ty!
    Your new do is super cute but then you always look beautiful I don’t think you can take a bad picture!

  6. All the photos are so awesome! Happy to see Nana & Grandma at the graduation party too. =) And I really DO love your new ‘do’…but then anything looks good on you, Mama T. Congrats to Ty and Avery! How exciting for all of you. Love this fun post and all the wonderful smiling faces.

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