Do you ever wander around your house and randomly switch around your décor just to make it feel new and fun again?

  Maybe that is just a me thing, but I LOVE doing that.

Ashley Furniture was nice enough to replace the leather on our peeling sofas for us, so while we were without living room furniture and playing 4 square, I was doing some thinking.

4 square

How could I make our skinny, long living room seem wider?

I can’t find a better Before picture, OF COURSE, but here is a little idea of what it looked like.  Buried underneath all those seasonal kids clothes I was preparing to sell, is my love seat.  When you walked in the front door, you walked past the back of the love seat.  Make sense?

<The front door is over here.


  We moved the love seat to the other side of the room beside the couch, moved the big couch alllll the way down the wall to almost where the half circle table was, and brought a big square end table out of storage.

IMG_4229  IMG_4185

  Instantly the room felt broader, as all the “heavy” furniture pieces were on one side of the room and bigger, because we moved everything towards the door.  

  I also grabbed from storage, the fabric pennant banners my friend, Mary, made us for our Vow Renewal.  I wanted to bring in some vintage flare and add some different colors to our red room.



  Isn’t it funny how the littlest things, like a “new” runner, also used at the Vow Renewal and then stored, can make something feel so different?


  The “Bird theme” was already started in this room, so I was thrilled when I found some bird-cage pillows on a discount site.



  It tied the new orange tones from the banner, and the already existing red colors, together perfectly!


This also made it a natural choice to hang this birdcage by our red chair.IMG_4195IMG_4209

  I like old things, so I wanted to use this beautiful old photo of my dad at age 2 out here.


  This half circle table used to be the first thing you saw when you walked in the door, I just moved the whole thing to the opposite side of the room.  It’s now to the right of the front door.IMG_4193

Now here is what you see from the door:  IMG_4232

  Our Vow Renewal photograph!   I had to walk away from this Happily Ever After plaque at Hobby Lobby the first time I found it. I knew it would eventually go 50% off, and it did!  I think it’s so fitting right here next to our fresh start picture.  IMG_4230

  The lamp on the end table was FREEEEEE.  We found it in an old barn on Papa’s land. It was dusty and gross, but with a little effort, it became a BEAUTIFUL Amber lamp.  IMG_4192

  The pies de resistance, was this old Chifferobe I found on a used furniture site, already painted the EXACT green I wanted to paint an old tv armoire.   Perfect!  Moving the couch all the way down the wall, allowed for a nice big piece of furniture to fit there.  It houses all our books and games behind closed doors, which feels much tidier.


And look who has a place of honor up there, my favorite Scooter Parade photo of my precious Grandpa…..


  Well, that’s it for today! 

Here’s to making old things feel new……



7 thoughts on “Re-Decorating

  1. Girl! Your house is so cute! I love how you moved everything around!!! Can you come to my house and help me out? The way our house is set up I can’t move our living room set at all! I wish I could. I love to have a change now and then. Really out whole house is set up that way. When hubby built the bedrooms he put them so that the beds have light over them but, that also means no moving the bed!:( Oh well! Maybe the next house!:) I just love you style tho. It is so cute and homey! I could move right in.:) Your color choices are just like mine.
    Have a great day!
    Hugs and <3!

  2. What a beautiful make over!! You do All things so well……Thanking God for all the gifts and talents He has given you, but most thankful today; that He chose me to always and forever, be your mom!! Love you dearly! ❤

  3. Love, love love!!! 🙂 We just remodeled our living room. Hubby likes the clean, sleek, modern look….I like a bit more rustic and country. 🙂 I’m trying to meet him in the middle and add some of my photography in canvas form to spice up the room. He doesn’t like wall decorations…I love them. Polar opposite in decorating world. It’s okay though…..he gets the living room….I get the kitchen (which will be all my country-loving style!! hehe) Beautiful job though. 🙂 Love your fireplace!

  4. Oh how beautiful! I’m sooo tickled that I can actually ‘see’ everything you’re talking about in my mind’s eye…since I’ve seen for myself how it ‘use to be’. =) We use to love to change our furniture around about twice a year, just for fun, but since it’s more difficult for us physically, we can’t do that any longer. LOVE all your special touches – that green cabinet is gorgeous. SO happy you invited us into your living room and shared. XO

  5. Super cute! Love the pops of green, red, and yellow. Don’t you just love the birdcages and birds that are popular right now? I had so much fun doing my daughter’s nursery in those.
    (I also love your BEFORE picture. It reminds me of prepping kiddo clothes for our Rhea Lana’s consignment sale. Kinda made me feel at home. haha)

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