So The Kids Are Home….Now What?

   I have been waiting and waiting and WAITING for us all to be home together full time again.  Man, I love it when we are all home with no school!  Well, after the first 2 weeks I do.  

  I don’t know what it is, maybe a change in the amount of playmates, or the excitement turned fights over games and toys, but the first 2 weeks home from school and the first 2 weeks back in school, are the hardest.

Yeah, at times it can look a bit like this around here……

Fighting Fergusons

That being said, why don’t you head on over to Marathon Mom to read a post I wrote called,

5 Ways to Make It a Great Summer

  I am a contributing writer over there now, so once a month we will head her way for a post instead of reading it here.

 Please come see me!!!!! 🙂


  For those asking, Yes, this photo was staged just for this post.  I told the kids I was glad I had never seen them pull hair or ears and been that MAD before! They were good actors, don’t you think?   🙂




One thought on “So The Kids Are Home….Now What?

  1. Tonya, Thanks for the tips!
    I just want to say that I don’t think that you sweet children EVER look like that! I am sure that they ALWAYS get along so well! Just like mine!:) hehe!!!
    Have fun with them! This summer is already flying by!
    Hugs and ❤

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