Summer Snaps

  We are off to a great start with Summer vacation!  Playing outside, being a family and just trying to limit our busyness.  {Which is a full-time job in itself!}

  Today I give you Blog Worthy Photos that just aren’t enough for a stand alone Blog Post! Smile


   Soooo, we have decided to not do a backyard pool for the second year in a row, because Mr. Paxton is just not ready. 

Or, Mommy is just not ready to never, ever, EVER let him be outside without someone standing there staring at him. 

  Or triple locking the backdoor when he is inside to keep him from escaping. 

  Either way, too risky.

  This pic is from 2011!  

ACK! How cute is he?! Where has my baby gone?  


  We usually set up similar to the pool photos in this post. {We had a bigger pool after this one popped in a summer hail storm} and we usually have a canopy over the carpeted area.  But that just can’t happen yet, not until Pax is less mischievous.

  Clearly, we are going to have to get creative this summer.  The plans are to rotate between the following:

Water balloon launchers, water guns, tractor sprinkler, wacky wiggle sprinkler, fan sprinkler under the trampoline, water hose on the slide and this….

  A homemade slip in slide made from a big sheet of plastic.  The best part was the Dish Soap that made is extra slippery and fun! The longer we played, the more soapy it got like a bubble bath.

  Someone on 4 little Ferguson’s Facebook page suggested that we use Baby Soap next time, easier on the eyes.  So if you have little ones, you could try that too!

  We had some long-lost family members come through on their way to a wedding. We haven’t seen them in probably 13 years!  Anyhow, we had a BBQ and just spent some time together.  They have never met our kids, but they were sweet enough to bring them a surprise….

  And boy where they SURPRISED to find it was………………..


More candy than they had ever seen in their short lives here on Earth.  I took a picture so we could properly thank Joel & Julie for their gift.




  I guess when they read my Facebook update about Tylan wanting to know what “Chit Chats” tasted like {Kit Kats}, they decided they better take it upon themselves to right this wrong. Destiny kept looking at me saying, “Since these are a gift, you are going to let us taste this stuff, right?!” 


  Ha! I promised her they could try a little of everything. And the rest they could have when they turned 18.  Maybe.  Winking smile

    This next picture is pretty self-explanatory.  Writing out Bible verses on Lying lips or disobedience or whatever offense, is highly effective too.  PicMonkey Collage

Rainy Day fun

PicMonkey Collage

  We live on 17 acres, 5 of them mowed.  Dale usually does all lawn care around here, because he pulls a 60 inch deck behind and it’s a lot for anyone to handle.  However, we want the kids to learn to mow, so they will be in charge of some of the front yard with no pull deck.  learning to mow

All the hard work deserves some Trampoline time!

trampolinetrampoline 2trampoline 3

Fun with chalk:

The girls requested a kitchen! 

chalk kitchen

We also made a whole city using the entire rest of the sidewalk!!! 🙂

Collage 1 Collage 2 Collage 3

  Summer 2013 is off with a bang!  Hope your summer has been amazing so far!!!!!

Hugs, T



7 thoughts on “Summer Snaps

  1. How I ADORE your simplistic and creative fun you come up with. So happy to know a family who enjoys things the old – fashioned ways. Yep, those babies are really growing up. I think you are very WISE to wait on some things til Pax grows up some too. ;-}

  2. I love the idea oft he slip and slid! What did you use for plastic? I’ll have to ask hubby where to get some big plastic like that?
    Hubby has a dream of someday owning an indoor pool at out house! It sounds really nice but, I am not really sure that it will happen.:) We would like to put up a little pool like you had for the kids but, until the house sells we don’t want to put anything in that is to permanent. ya know!:)

    Thanks for putting a few ideas in my head. This year I got the kids some dollar store spray bottles. They are not as harsh as the squirt guns can be but you can also mist your self!:) They love it.:)
    ❤ and {{hugs}},

  3. Great pictures!
    I went to 12 years of Catholic school and in 5th grade if we misbehaved we had a teacher who would make us write our Roman Numerals 1 to 500! (I know now that it was actually a great learning experience!) I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X……oh sorry! got off on a tangent there! LOL

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