Meet Bambie…

  Have you met Bambie yet? 

images (2)

  No, no, not THAT Bambie.

  This one…..

Bambie 4 txt

  Our newest Furry Ferguson. 

  We have been looking for an Australian Shepherd, or Collie, to have as an outside dog, but they are expensive!  Our last outside dog, Elvis, died a few summers ago and we just haven’t found anyone that could fill his doggie shoes.

  Until we met Bambie.

bambie 2

  We needed a dog that was sweet to the kids and kind to the chickens and ducks.  Australian Shepherds are naturally very attentive and will herd kids and chickens to safety.  Bambie was being given away by an owner that knew she needed a better life, after she left for college. She couldn’t take her to the farm for work anymore, so that meant Bambie would be chained up in town all the time.  That is no fun at all!  It was a total God thing and a perfect fit.

 bambie 3

  She only chased Big Brutus once, and after 5 bites of tail feathers, he was cowering in the trees.  

  Take that, ya mean ol’ Rooster!

rooster resize 2

  Now that we all know Bambie is the Queen of the yard, they tolerate each other just fine.

  She is just the sweetest thing and we are in LOVE!


Welcome to the Family, Bambie!



11 thoughts on “Meet Bambie…

  1. LOVE her! We had an Australian Shepherd once too and absolutely adored her. She was black with a white ring around her neck and her name was Oreo…well loved by everyone who knew her. You have a match made in heaven…and on earth. How wonderful for each of you.

  2. Aww, she is so sweet! I am trying to get hubby to get a dog. It is time that the kids have something to take care of!:) His brothers golden retriever is pregnant and I am REALLY trying to get him to say yes to one of those!!:)
    Enjoy your new member to the Ferguson family! Looking forward to seeing more of her in the future!:)

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