4 little Fergusons In Print

  God is so good, and He always, always rewards us for doing the hard things He asks.  After Dear Mom on the iPhone went viral, I was contacted many times by people wanting to publish the article in their paper.  Sure, no problem!

  Then, I got a call from Marcy who runs a paper in a small town in Illinois.  She loved Dear Mom On the iPhone so much that she came over to my blog to read some more.  She laughed, she cried…..and then she emailed me.

  And asked me to be the Mommy Columnist for her newspaper.

  A paid position.

  You all, that is such a huge praise for our family!!!!!  

And another great avenue for spreading the good news of Jesus Christ to their 10,000 subscribers.  IMG_6478

  I know that might seem like small potatoes to you, but to this blogger, it’s a big deal!   🙂


   The best part of all, I am free to share whatever my heart desires. 

  Food, my family, my Faith….all fair game.  IMG_6476

  So they are reading the same things you are, about our life with 4 kiddos, our struggles and triumphs, and lots of fun in the middle of it all.

  I have only written for 2 months now, but I hope that this is something that can continue a long, long time.  

  Obedience always brings blessings, thank you Jesus!