This book looks colorful, light hearted and cute.

It is anything but. 


  Sweet Destiny came to me and told me she stopped reading this comic-style library book because it was too inappropriate. 

  When I asked what she meant, she told me that there was some kissing and a scene where the boy announces he is gay.  She said she knew it wasn’t one she should read anymore.

  I told her she did the right thing, and after she went to bed, skimmed the rest of the book myself.  This comic style chapter book included several making out scenes with sound effects, the previously mentioned: “I like boys, hey I am gay” scene, followed by boy on boy kissing on the stage of a play, and then to top it all off, a red-cheeked “Where have you been for 2 hours?” walking in on them scene…..


And this is a Scholastic book?  And in the children’s paperback section?

  I  know, that not all of you reading, will understand my take on this.   You will scorn me for trying to shelter my child too much.  Or tell me I am disrespecting the differences in sexual orientation.

  Listen up, my job as a Christian, is to raise my children via The Bible, God’s instruction book for us.  It is my job then, to be diligent in protecting my children from this World.

To teach them to be IN the world, yet not of it. 

  That is why we don’t have cable.  That is why we don’t watch regular evening tv shows with inappropriate commercials. I do NOT want them to become so used to our loud, buy it, need it, got to have it, politically correct or incorrect, sex sells everything World. 

  If I become lax on this, then it becomes a part of who they are, hard wired into them as “normal” everyday life.  Your kids ARE their environment.  It can’t be toxic!!!!!!  

  Satan is a sneak, even colorful cutesie paperbacks from your small town library, are not to be assumed safe anymore. I am saddened that this is occurring, and I will be returning this one to the library personally, so I can speak to the librarian about this book being in the children’s section.

  I can teach my children to respect peoples differences, to hate the sin, but love the sinner, without allowing them to absorb that lifestyle in movies, reading etc. I know they will be exposed to this world we live in eventually.  And that is a conversation I’d rather have with them on my own time, limiting their exposure to it, lest they began to believe that making out, gay lifestyle, or even the extreme violence that is showcased everywhere, is tolerated.

  And yes to me, the making out in that book bothered me as much as the gay agenda. We are trying to teach purity of heart, mind and body…this book promoted none of these things.

  I know that I cannot pre-read all 30-50 of Destiny’s library chapter books that I help her select, its just not feasible to do this every 3 weeks on library day. 

  I think the fact that she still knew what to do, shows that you can teach your child what to expect from the World we live in by peppering it in all your daily conversations, give instruction on the action you’d like them to take when they come across something they feel is wrong, i/e a racy picture, bad words, inappropriate actions, and come out positive in the end.

   Our job is to equip our children for this World they reside in, and right now, that is done by setting boundaries and expectations for what COULD come their way.  As much as I want to, I cannot hide them in a bubble.  But I can make sure they are growing up in a safe, open and honest, God filled life while they are here at home with me.

  So, what is your take on this as a parent?  




24 thoughts on “Drama

  1. Wow! How sad is that. The saddest part is that when it goes back to the library some other child is going to take it home and read it!! I totally and 100% agree with you. Our children are little sponges and we need to help them soak up the good in the world NOT the bad! You have the right to be proud of Destiny coming to you and telling you that she does not like the book! Wow!!! That is wonderful that she felt that she could come to you. So many children do not feel that way!
    Keep up the good work mama! You are raising wonderful children!!!:)
    {{hugs}} Kristina

  2. Hello! My name is Andrew. Great blog you have there. Wasn’t really expecting there to be a book solely named and probably solely based off the word “Drama”. Interesting. I shall look further into it! I liked your post. Would you mind if you could check out my blog and probably give me a follow?

  3. I currently teach 4th grade in a public school. I monitor the books I keep in my classroom library, but it amazes me what the students can bring in to read from the school library. We have books with homosexuality, swear words, etc. Some of my 4th graders are even reading The Hunger Games. (I loved those books, but I do not find it appropriate content for a 10 year old.) Unfortunately, we are not allowed censorship. We’ve even had parents complain about the books. We just have to tell them to make their child return the book. It’s disheartening that I can not protect these littles from inappropriate content.
    You have a very wise, responsible, and mature daughter. You have certainly done a great job in training her in purity. The fact that she was uncomfortable with the book and was able to identify why she should not read it is a sign that you are doing your job.

  4. I totally agree with you! That is so inappropriate for a kids’ book! If this is acceptable for books now, what is going to be acceptable next? But that is so great that Destiny felt she could come to you and tell you. I remember having thoughts about some books in the high school library, a Christian high school. It made me mad that they had a certain book in the library when they preached against things. But I was too chicken to bring it to anyone and show them what was so inappropriate for a high school library. (It would have been like allowing one to watch porn.) I don’t remember what the book was anymore, but that particular section of it was just so wrong. You are doing a good job with your kids and hopefully they will continue to live what they are being taught.

  5. Unfortunately I know this area all to well. As a mom, and a reader myself, I have seen that books need to be reviewed just as much as movies do. It seems sometimes that its a never ending battle, so I have to remind myself…… not in my strength but yours Lord! We get our books through christianbooks.com, there is a kids section where you can shop by age. And they also have tween bargain books, where there like $5 and under. Hope that helps! Great job Destiny!

  6. So much I could say. But keep up the good work, cuz doing God’s work is never easy. Pray for the poor soul who wrote that book that they may have a change of heart and stop trying to infiltrate our children with such filth and sin.

  7. Sound the Battle Cry…See the Foe is nigh…Raise your standards high….for the Lord! Good job of training your little ones. SO very proud of Destiny for using such discernment. We may not be able to change the world, but we can make a difference in our own families and communities. The world would have our little ones think the abnormal is normal in today’s world, and we must do our part to not allow that to come to be within our own families. Kudos to you for doing all you can Tonya. May God continue to shower you with wisdom and discernment.

  8. Kids grow up way too fast. I agree its our job as Christian parents to guard our children from such things. You evidently are doing a great job for your daughter to have known it was inappropriate. Shelter away

  9. I looked at the book on amazon because I was curious and I don’t see any reason why it *shouldn’t* be appropriate. The author has done books for Nickelodeon and she even did the Babysitter’s Club graphic novels. Amazon even says the book is for 10 and up.
    That’s crazy. Clearly it would be at least PG or PG13 if it were a movie, so why 10 and up for a book???

    • I lost all faith in Nickelodeon a few years ago, when my daughter and my niece (both teens) were watching “The Kids Choice Awards” and they had Rihanna performing live on the show. She sang “Rude Boy” (I’ll spare you the pornographic lyrics) while acting like she was engaging in intercourse………..on NICK, in the middle of the day, on the KIDS CHOICE awards, knowing full well that millions of children were tuned in. I was aghast………….today’s society in America, and probably throughout the world is a pathetic example of what we were made to be.

      • Really??? We haven’t had cable in at least 10 years, so I haven’t watched Nick since I was a kid. The worst thing I ever saw was You Can’t Do That On Television. This stuff makes me want to buy a private island without any internet connection.

  10. This is just sickening. I checked out the summary page on the internet, and I didn’t see any mention that the book included gay/bi-sexual themes. However, plenty of upset parents mentioned this in their reviews. We’ve been hearing a lot about how we’re supposed to be discussing all sorts of sexuality with our children. It makes me wonder why, if the people who hold these views actually think that we should be discussing how normal this behavior is with our children, they wouldn’t be advertising the gay/bi content of books like this one in large print on the front and back covers. It would seem they would be proud of the book’s content and want parents and educators to see what a great opportunity for discussion this book could be, right? By not advertising the main topics addressed in the book, it gives me the impression that the publisher is trying to hide something.
    I understand that not every parent holds our Christian views, but the majority of parents would like to be informed of the media content their children are exposed to. I’m against censorship, which means that I’m for allowing people to make their own choices. Why not give literature a ratings system just as we have done with movies, television, and music? That way, parents and kids can get an idea of the content before they are exposed to it.

  11. Good, good, good, for you. If only more parents were watching out for their children as you do. My four children are raised but I so remember, even though that was 20 or more years, it was a battle to try and guard them from immoral harm. I think you live in the country and that is good. A big problem for me was the neighborhood kids and even some of their classmates who’s parents weren’t watching as closely. I will never forget the utter sadness I felt when I had learned that my young sons had been exposed to pornograghic magazines from a neighbor boy. Apparently they were an older brothers. I talked to my boys about how very harmful such things were. How much 7 and 8 year olds can truly understand that I wasn’t sure. It was a constant worry after that. I could share many other stories of the years of trying desperately to guard my children’s minds and hearts. I didn’t even learn until years later of the many “bad” things that I had failed to keep them from. I can only hope that them watching me try so hard made a difference. I read your blog because it gives me a glimmer of hope to see that there are still some parents that get that we are in a battle. I can’t even imagine trying to raise children now and can’t help but fear just how bad it’s going to get. Keep up the good work faithful warrior.

  12. I could not have said your comments better. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this and the Christian values you openly portrayed. As a dad to 2 little girls wanting to read books this is very helpful. You should be proud of your daughter, the beliefs you instilled in her and that she openly came to you with her thoughts and concerns.

  13. Hello Tonya,
    I totally agree with you, you are doing the right thing.
    Many will not agree with you, but that is their choice and not your concern.
    This is not a matter of turning a blind eye and opening your arms and hearts to all.
    This is a matter of acknowledging what is natural and correct.
    No where in nature is same gender normal or natural.
    God did not make us that way.
    Keeping your children pure of heart and mind is as it should be.
    They will be exposed to the wickedness of the world soon enough.
    You are showing your children the polluted way of the world is one way to be, not the only way.
    You are showing and giving your children choices.

  14. You’re right on Tonya, keep up the warnings no matter the static you get! 🙂
    God bless you & your family and stay strong in Him~

  15. As a child who was sheltered her entire childhood, I appreciate this. I am SO THANKFUL that my parents sheltered me. For protecting me from as much of this world as they could. Contrary to popular opinion, I did not turn out backward and socially illiterate. I have three children of my own now, and their father and I will shelter them to the best of our abilities. Satan is the thief of childhood innocence. If he can plant a seed young, he will have a foothold and a battle raging in their soul well through the adult years if they do not understand victory through Christ. People look at you like you’re half a fry short of a happy meal when you say things like that, but frankly I don’t care what they think. God’s Word is my authority. I have only Him to answer to. And if it weren’t for the Holy Spirit’s guidance, I don’t know what I’d do. This world is an ever increasingly unfriendly place for those who follow Christ.

  16. I agree with you! There is nothing on primetime regular tv that i would allow my grandchildren watch. However there are sime decent shows on satellite we do watch. Duck Dynasty on A&E. no sex and no profanity. A Christian family show! And the UP channel is Christian based and family friendly.
    Sad when you can’t trust the local library!

  17. I agree wholeheartedly!!! You are doing the right thing as we each as parents will have to give an account to God! It is a constant battle. Teaching your children to discern is paying off, you must be so proud of Destiny!!! It makes me so mad that authors can and will get their agenda in. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants is another. Had s uch a following of young middleschoolers.Very inappropriate and graphic. I read them and told the world not to have thier young girls read them. Trash. In this world, trash sells. SAD!
    “Going to H— in a handbasket!

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  19. I can’t believe the stuff they allow in the kids’ section these days! I wouldn’t want my kids reading that, even without the homosexual element.

    I think I would lodge a complaint at the library and with Scholastic. It’s getting really tiring seeing the message everywhere that everything is about sex. I really want my boys, chastity aside, to grow up knowing that sexuality is not the most interesting or most important thing about them or about anybody. Being a polygamist was not the most important or interesting thing about Moses–not by a long shot. Marrying an Egyptian woman was not the most important thing about Joseph. Nor was celibacy the most important thing about Jeremiah. There are so many things that are far, far more important; and I don’t want my sons missing out on those things because the world has decided that things like character and a sense of duty and ingenuity are low priorities.

  20. Tonya, this post saddens me. I have not read the book in question. However, I do not see the problem with a child reading about a gay character. In my life, I have gay friends, colleagues and neighbors– and they have families just like yours. I don’t believe the teachings of Jesus Christ implore any of us to propagate hatred, but that is what you are doing here, and that is what you are teaching your children to do. Would you love your children any less if they came to you and told you they were gay? I certainly hope not. I strive to teach my children about compassion. Above anything else, I believe this one thing to be the most important. And though I fail many times each day (when I cuss out the guy who takes my parking spot, or grumble when my neighbor doesn’t mow her yard), compassion is my goal. I tell my children they can love whomever they want to love. I tell them that Jesus loves all of us, and I take them to a church that teaches this truth. I, too, want to shield my children from sexual images all too often seen in the media. I don’t want my daughter to grow up feeling unattractive and unlovable because she doesn’t meet the current, patriarchal standards of beauty (where women must have tiny waists and long hair and plastic surgery noses). But to imply that gay children are “impure” and something to be ignored/shunned/despised? Nope. This is not the way a Christian should behave. If my daughter had brought home this book to me, I would have sat down with her and had a discussion about how, as humans, we are all so different, and yet very much the same. I would have told her about my friend X, who is gay. I would have told her that although not everyone believes in compassion, in our house WE DO. I would tell her to treat others as she wishes to be treated, to stick up for the downtrodden, to be an advocate for those in need. And I think that’s a pretty darn important lesson.

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