Happy 10th Birthday to Destiny!

  Eeek! How is this little Punkin 10 already?!  Destiny is growing up into such a young lady, and has blessed us this summer with her servants heart, and desire to learn the things of the kitchen.  This foodie Momma is EXCITED about that part.  🙂

  Here is my baby then:

Destiny collage

And here is my baby now:

Destiny 1Destiny 2Destiny 3Destiny 4Destiny 5Destiny 6Destiny 7075 copyDestiny 9Destiny 10Destiny 11Destiny 12lantern140 copy133 copy139 copy

  Happy 10th Birthday to my beautiful Destiny Joy!

Your smile lights up my heart and our home, and you are the BEST big sister any kid could ask for.  We are blessed to have you in our family and I am so so excited to see the Lord shaping and molding you into the little lady He has called you to be!

Love you, Punkin!


This year, instead of having a friend over to celebrate with, Destiny chose for her Daddy & I to take her on a big girl date.  She didn’t want wrapped presents, but to shop for her own items.  I have a big series coming up, so I am out of days to share this post with you.

   Instead, I uploaded the photos of her special date night, complete with a BIG surprise she has been waiting a whole year for, to my personal Facebook page and shared it to the 4 little Ferguson’s wall.  Check it out!

Happy Birthday Destiny


6 thoughts on “Happy 10th Birthday to Destiny!

  1. Happy Birthday Destiny!!! Wow! ten years old?! I remember the day I turned ten.:)(Wow! that was a while ago!:) hehe!!!!) I was finally a 2 digit age!:)
    You have beautiful children Tonya! You are doing a wonderful job raising them too! Keep up the good work!:)
    Hugs and ❤

  2. Oh what a peach she is! Her inner beauty shines through her on the outside. I just LOVE the photos of her sitting on the piano!!?? How fun! Very sweet to chose to have date time with mom and dad. AHHH – they grow up much too quickly. Destiny is one fine young lady and I’m so glad I can say I know that from being with her in person. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET DESTINY JOY! Mrs. B ❤ U! XO

  3. All sorts of adorable; what a super fun date! My oldest is 3 1/2 and I still am amazed at the “gift” of it all-raising these babies into toddlers, children, teens, etc and just watching them grow and transform! Yesterday I was just in awe of how my daughter’s legs and feet were longer with no more baby pudge, so in awe that I nabbed my hubs the second he got home and told him to “look, just look at her legs, they are just so…” but I couldn’t explain what I was feeling; I think every momma get’s it though! The indescribable amazement of watching our little dependents become big independents. Such joy these little blessings bring. Certainly not all the time; as I think this morning tops my list of disobedience and testing at it’s finest, but this morning was just that several trying hours. However, looking back over the span of my two children’s lives, all I feel is pure joy and gratitude!

    This post was perfect timing…the images of your little Destiny transforming into a sweet young lady; helped me to put my rough morning into perspective! Children are napping+mommy is refreshed=a new start this afternoon!
    Thank you!

    • What a beautiful perspective you have! Motherhood is a precious gift, what an honor to watch these little ones blossom and grow. Mine are having nap time and quiet time, too. Love the “reset” midafternoon brings! 🙂

  4. What a big girl you are growing up to be!!! My heart remembers when I was given the pictures of you looking out the barn door. I just love those pictures! Keep following the Lord and love Him with all your heart. You are in my prayers every day. love you much. Grandma Irene

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