That 3 Letter Word…..

Today we are talking about a 3 letter word.

It begins a series on the “S” word………



I know, I know, it makes people squirm and blush, but you all, as the Body of Christ, we have got to stop hiding and start talking about this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I have so much I want to talk to you about in this area, and I have even contacted a friend to guest post about this important topic.

We have already discussed talking to your kids about sex.  Honest and simple terms with no squirming or shaming them for asking.  If you missed it, you are in luck, your assignment for today, is to go read it here: The Birds & The Bees Post.


  I have been working on this series for 2 months now, and I have to tell you, either I have “new car syndrome” {Where you see the new-to-you-car you now drive, EVERYWHERE!} or the Lord is prompting a lot of Christian writers to write about Sex lately.  It is EVERYWHERE!

So, here are the areas we will cover over the next few weeks:

Day 1:

Sex Before of Marriage {Part 1} : Everyone is Doing It, RIGHT!? 

Sex Before Marriage {Part 2}: The Chemical Side 

Day 2:

Saving Sex for Marriage: From Forbidden Fruit to Free Rein

Day 3:

Sex Within Marriage: Desire Not Duty

Day 4:

Being Intentional In The Bedroom: The 72 Hour Challenge

Day 5:

No More Excuses {Part 1}: Overcoming Inhibitions In The Bedroom

No More Excuses {Part 2} :  23 Ways To Turn Up The Heat

Day 6:

{Part 1} Returning to Intimacy After Betrayal 

{Part 2} Sex After Infidelity: 8 Steps To Success

Day 7:

Sexual Addiction: Roadblock to Intimacy

Resources For Sex Gods Way

This series is going to knock your socks, er…pants off?!


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14 thoughts on “That 3 Letter Word…..

  1. Looking forward to what you are going to write about! It sounds weird but, I think I am kinda excited to read what you are going to write about!!!! 🙂 hehe!!!
    Thanks for not being afraid to speak what the LORD puts on your heart to tell us all!

  2. 🙂 Seriously. I am talking about sex on my blog next Monday as the 5th week of my Intimacy in Marriage series… sex is everywhere… maybe we are turning a corner in our Christian culture, that sex is no longer the “hush hush” – “just lie still and get it over with” thing that it was in the past. PRAISE JESUS! I look forward to reading your posts.

  3. Can’t wait for this new series. You’re words and ideas inspire me to be a better mama! Thank you for sharing your blog with all of us struggling to understand this parenting journey!

  4. Sad to say I am not blessed to have a faithful husband at this point of my journey. Although its a great desire of mine ( but not his) I still have a great desire to hear what you have to say about this subject. Because of where I am at on this journey, I’m never sure if its wise of me to read these things. Sometimes it leaves me longing for this gift of sex, but at the same time I want to have all the help and knowledge I can get right now. Is it wise of me to read things like this for right now if its not where I am?

    • You just keep giving that longing to your Heavenly Father, He knows your heart. Its such a fuzzy line to be married to an unfaithful, un-remorseful man. On one hand you are married, and can freely have sex with your spouse. On the other, if you know he is cheating, then I am sure that is a huge factor in why you are choosing to not be intimate. This is something so deeply personal, again I will say, seek the Throne and ask the Lord to speak to you about this topic. I pray your spouse can be broken completely, so he can once again be made whole and your marriage restored……

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  6. Found this page from Sheila at To Love, Honor, and Vacuum. Signing up for email updates when you post–this is going to be a great series! Sex isn’t something I talk about much on my blog (partly because there are so many great bloggers out there who do talk/write about it a lot), but I agree that it’s high time the word “Christian” was not synonymous with “prude”. Sex is a gift from God, and we ought to treat it as such!

  7. Ok, I completed my homework. Read the birds and the bees post AND Joy’s super long blog post as well. (I get extra credit for that, right?) all really good stuff. Looking forward to your series and putting some new tips into practice :).

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  9. Reblogged this on Adoption, Mommyhood & the Rest and commented:
    I am re blogging this series from a blog I love called 4 Little Fergusons. Whether you’re single, newlywed or married for many years I encourage you to go ahead and be blessed by the honesty and passion in this series on sex. Let’s face it, in a culture pushing a twisted version of sex into our faces 24/7 we need lots of encouragement to embrace God’s view of sex inside and outside of marriage! So follow the links and enjoy the ride 🙂 Hope you’ll be blessed, convicted and re energized as much as I was!

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