Burger Cookies

  Check out these DARLING Burger Cookies Great Grandma and Nana made for my kiddos!

Burger Cookies

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Burger Cookies


  • 40 Vanilla Wafer Cookies
  • 20 Thin Mint Or Grasshopper Chocolate Covered Mint Cookies
  • 3 tubes {4-¼ ounces each} Betty Crocker Frosting Tubes: Red, Green And Yellow

Preparation Instructions

Place 20 vanilla wafers on your work surface. Squeeze a ring of yellow frosting around the edge of the “bottom bun” and then place your chocolate covered cookie on top to look like a hamburger patty.
Next, make a circle of red frosting on top of the chocolate covered cookie to look like the tomato or ketchup. Add a bloop of green frosting on opposite corners for lettuce.
Top with second vanilla wafer to finish. Store in an air tight container until serving.

  I found another variation here at Quick Dish with green coconut “lettuce” which is also super cute!  If you don’t like mint cookies, try chocolate covered oreos for your middle cookie.