Weekend Fun: Heritage Day

  Happy Monday! Did you all have a great weekend?

We live close to a teeny little Amish town, whose population is about 195.  Once a year they throw a great big bash called Heritage Day.  We have been going since I was in High School, it’s like a big family reunion really.  My mom grew up in that town, so she and my grandma seem to know everyone!!!!  We barely take 4 steps before they see someone else they know.  I even get to see the Amish family that babysat for me while my mom and dad ran their café.  They used to dress me up like a little Amish Girl.

  I was told this Heritage Day brings crowds up to about 7,000 to this small towns tiny 6 store main street and side roads.

  I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t take photos of the event.  I want my kids to look back at this blog and see their life, their stories, their memories on here.  🙂 

  We drive right past the cemetery my family is buried in, so we went to see Great grandpa’s tomb stone.  Heritage Days (2)

  If you have been reading the blog a while, you met him here, when we had a very special Piano Party at Hospice House before he went to see Jesus.  He was a rock hound, so the kids each decorated a smooth stone for him and wrote him love notes.  They said Jesus would look down and tell him what we wrote.  Destiny said: You Rock Gpa!  Tylan: I Love U
Avery: Love you, miss you, see you when Jesus comes  Paxton: Love you Bunches
  There are many more relatives at that particular cemetery including my Grandpa Bontrager and Uncle Maynard.  So, we spent some time walking around and reading the headstones.  Heritage Days (3)

  The oldest individual there was born in 1848, and there were 2 newborns there as well. One that went to see Jesus just 3 days before Christmas, how heart wrenching!  I think the saddest one of all, was a tombstone listing 3 children’s names and the date they drowned.  It’s so good we can put our hope in Jesus and the wonderful reunion in paradise that awaits us!

    Of COURSE, we couldn’t leave without playing on the new church play ground!    The old one had been there since before I was born.  I grew up playing on that one!heritage day 18

    We got to Heritage Day in time for the Pancake and Sausage feed….

Heritage Days (4)Heritage Days (7)Heritage Days (8)

  My Grandma’s family left the Amish church when she was 8, but the stuck around and my mom grew up in this town, so it’s always like a mini reunion for everyone. 

  I just adore seeing all the Amish families! This is a safe, family event, with gospel music playing live from the breakfast tent and fun on the streets.

Heritage Days (5)Heritage Days (6)Heritage Days (9)

  There is always a parade in the morning. Heritage Days (10)Heritage Days (12)Heritage Days (13)

  Tylan has driven his Great Great Grandpa’s Minneapolis Moline for 3 years now, with his Great Uncle Larry who comes from Georgia for this event, so we were surprised when they walked up to us, mid parade.  Sadly, mini broke down right before she started in the parade, but we still went and got photos with her later.  It’s tradition! 🙂

Heritage Days (14)

Here is another tradition that always makes us laugh.  After the horses comes the Pooper Scooper!  They shovel the poop in, and candy drops out the back!

Heritage Days (11)

I haven’t seen this girl since 1997 at a Youth Convention, my friend, Lisa!  Told you, its like a Mennonite reunion!!! 🙂Heritage Days (15)Heritage Days (16)

This event goes all day and ends with fireworks at dusk, but we always head home by nap time.  This year we stayed for the buggy races!  They were flying! 

  The boys took turns sitting on Daddy’s shoulders so they could see better, but for some reason, once Ty got up there, then Dale couldn’t see anything!?

Heritage Days (17)

I am so thankful to live in such a heritage-rich part of the country, where the roots go down deep and the old timey traditions live on.

  This is Post 1 for today, just in case you are hungry, head on over to Post 2 for some divine White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake!!!

Hugs, T


8 thoughts on “Weekend Fun: Heritage Day

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  2. Looks like fun! I LOVE the Amish too! What a fun way to spend a weekend as a family.:) We have some Amish about and hour from us and once in a while you will see them in town at Wal-Mart.:) Love it!:)
    Thanks for sharing. yes, it is so nice to live where they keep up with the old traditional things! It makes for so many fun memories.
    ❤ and {{hugs}}

  3. Such great photos! Love that your kids can learn to be ‘comfy’ in a cemetery…and I really love the pic of the 4 of them squishing their faces through the narrow holes in the playground equipment. What a fun time!

  4. Awwww!!! I guess I didn’t realize you went every year!! I will mark it on my calendar next year; I would love to see all of you! And hopefully I would see some other families there that I know from the baby business!

  5. SO wish we could have been there for the festivities! Love those Amish kids pics! Love our rich simple heritage that put God first and family next! 🙂

  6. Oh T! Your pics bring on a feeling of homesickness. :(. I miss all those faces and so many more! I definitely want to be there next year!!

  7. But, dear Lady…look how you are dressed? Where is the modesty? You gently scolded a family member for sending your darling daughter a bikini and you wear a sleeveless/strapless top to a family event amongst Plain people? You have a post on “The Conjuring” that was filled with Scripture references about what we should put before our eyes. Please, Ma’am, are you looking in the mirror? Are your words or beliefs reflected in your appearance? You don’t need the attention. Take yourself out of the role of a woman who was wronged by her husband. You don’t need to validate your sexual desirability to the world.

    • We have decided that tube style strapless shirts, actually show less cleavage then others, as they go straight across the chest line. We do not feel shoulders are an issue, and even the strict dress code at our Christian school allows strapless for prom. Honestly, there are a lot of tank tops that show way more then a tube top, but thank you for checking in! I try very hard to not let the past define me in any way, including my wardrobe. It was such a great day! 🙂 Hope you enjoyed the rest of the photos….

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