Works For Me Wednesday: Kitchen Curtain Makeover

  Thank you all for the GREAT feedback yesterday!  I was so excited to read all your comments, it was like Christmas in September.  🙂  

  The general consensus seems to be keep the food, faith, family and photos coming, 5 days a week, which is great by me and exactly the topics I set out to blog about 2 1/2 years ago!  

  I will share food, ALOT.  {shrugs} I am a Foodie married to a Foodie, what can I say?

  Like right now, I have all out all the ingredients for a new Chicken Poppyseed wrap that we are having tonight and I can hardly wait to make it and taste it.  Dale and I went the first 6 months of our marriage without repeating a recipe, and it birthed in me this desire to keep digging, keep trying new foods, several days a week. 

  Cooking new recipes has became such a normal way of life, that 11 years later, my family would fall over if I started rotating between spaghetti, tacos and stir fry every week! LOL 🙂  

   I have enough new keeper recipes coming, that I am already putting some into October’s schedule.  For being a natural remedies momma, I DO cook with a lot of creamy fatty foods, it’s true!!!! Most recipes do get doctored to include whole white wheat flour and olive oil, so that counts for something, RIIIGHT!?  I do believe that full fat is better for you then skim all the time!!!!!  Just sayin.   I wrote about it here: Ingredient Makeover.

  Mixed into the deliciousness, when the Lord nudges me, I will share things from the heart. I will write about Our Truth, or Christianity, or what it means to be a Women of God, or honestly, whatever He tells me to!  

  Also in the mix, daily life with kids.  If I write about Discipline, or Chore Time, it’s because that particular week, we dealt with it at our house, or a friend called and talked to me about it and needed some tips.  The things I write are inspired by real time events, so I like to think of the food as a delicious filler between real life happenings!  🙂

   If you are here for parenting advice, everything I have ever written on the topic will be linked under Big Picture Parenting.

  If I had all the money in the World, I’d buy a site like Pioneer Women, where every topic has a different page.  But alas, it is not in the budget!  So I just made Tabs to try to help you find what you want in a hurry, some of our more difficult topics.  

  Another great way to find things, is to look in the sidebar.  From the Heart, Home & Family, Photography, Health, Purity/Courtship are all listed out there for you to search and find what you want to read!  Go look, its located right underneath the black and white picture of our family looking out over the ocean, on the right hand side of the blog.

  If you are looking for a recipe index, I don’t know how to make one, SORRY!  However, I DO have 2 photo albums on my 4 little Ferguson‘s Facebook page that have every recipe I have ever blogged, with link for you to easily come find it.  Browsing through there is a great way to find some old favorites!  

  You also can follow my Pinterest Board called 4 little Ferguson’s Food. I pin each and every recipe I share to it.

  I haven’t blogged my photography in a long time, thank you for that reminder!  I will be putting that into the schedule this fall.

  So on to today’s post, which ironically, is not about food!  Thank you all for your feedback yesterday, it was a great check point, and it was such an honor to hear from so many of you!

   Sooo, have you ever gone into the Grocery Store and ended up coming home with something crazy!?

  It happened to me last week.  We have a new concept store in our small town, a BIG one that stocks groceries, home goods AND clothes. Think Walmart but like 100 times classier.  

  New stores like this are super exciting for us Mommy Types, so I have been like 3 times already.  

  I was walking along with 3 carts, yes 3:  One for me, one for Paxton and Ty, and one for Avery and Destiny. They were the mini kids carts, and super cool apparently, until they kept ramming them into my ankles. Ow!

 So I was minding my business, getting my watermelon and soy sauce when…..


 I round the corner and hear a gorgeous red leather sofa set calling my name.

  Now,  you have to know, I have been wanting a new love seat in the office FOREVER.  We have had ours 11 years, and it was 15 years old when it was given to us by the family I nannied for.  It has been sooo good to us, but it was time to give it a new home with Dale’s cousin, a recent bachelor, that just moved out of his childhood home.

  It was a steal of a deal, even lower than the ticket price listed, with addition discount AND gift card for being the first furniture purchase.  

Eeek! So exciting!

  The kids love to sit on it and read, NO JUMPING! 🙂    Red makes me happy!


  Also this weekend, I shopped at my first ever Estate Sale. Clearly, I have been missing out! This is way better than garage sale-ing! 

  We spent $25 and scored all kinds of cool stuff.  My favorite being this box of old beautiful hats.    You all, I was totally born in the wrong Era.  I would love to wear pretty full-skirted dresses, lace gloves and a cute hat, all while gentleman throw down their coats over a puddle, or dawn their hats to each passing lady.


  Avery picked out a cream one and wore it allllll day long.  She wishes she could be a fancy lady in the Old Fashioned Days, too. The brown one is my fav, it a Neiman Marcus, and is like a velvet headband with diamonds and a veil that comes below the chin, cream one pictured is my second fav. I would’ve SO worn this for our Vow Renewal if I had it back then!!  


  So on to the point and title of my oh so pointless post:  KITCHEN CURTAINS! 

  When we moved into this house 11 years ago, there were petite white lace curtains at every window.  They just kinda blended away with the white window trim, so I didn’t really notice them.   But, the other day I walked through the Curtain aisle at Walmart to get to the office supplies, and VIOLA….

  I found a curtain that matches my kitchen colors exactly, and double score….it was cheap!  Eeeek!  It was meant to be!

  I was sooo excited to get home and put it up, so you can imagine my dismay when I realized the curtain was NOT the two patterned curtain, as shown in the package.  Rather, it was one side per print.



It took it over to my moms, to see if we could sew the scallops up so both sides would show.  My mom is a genius, because she had me get out this….


  The Button Tin I played in as a child. I loooved to sort through and look at all the different buttons she had.  I still remember some of these!!!!  The kids had a blast playing with them!


  She suggested instead of sewing a seam, we just attach a button to each bump to hold it up.  Like I said, she is a genius!  We were able to find 6 brown buttons and 2 red in the tin.


  I started on our sewing project, and low and behold, Destiny plops down next to me and announces she is ready to learn to sew.  I told her it was hard to find the hole with the needle on the way up, so she could do all the down stitches.  By about the 6th button out of the 8 total, my neck was hurting from leaning over, so I gave in to her pleas and let her do down stitches AND the up.
The little STINK, she found the hole every time on the FIRST TRY!  What!? How does she do it?

Anyhow, here is the finished product! 


  I am happy with how it turned out and how it pulls all the colors together in my kitchen, and brings warmth, just the way I like it!


 Sewing buttons on Walmart bargain curtains work for me!


curtain collage