Mary & Martha

You are invited to a Mary & Martha Party!

Come on in………………..


  Ok, ok you are right, my house isn’t big enough and you are all too far away!
{If you are a local and want to come, please message me, I’d love to have you!!!!  Tomorrow night at 7 at my house…}

  However, I am still so excited to introduce you to…..The Mary & Martha Company!

  I will be opening my home tomorrow night to neighbors and friends for a fresh ground coffee and dessert bar, and a whole lot of fun looking at verse covered, Christ-centered decor, dishes, trays & jewelry! Bags and pillows, too. 

  My friend Stephanie is here today to tell you more about this great Christ-Centered Company….


  Hi everyone!! I feel like I am posting on a celebrity’s blog—know what I mean? Wow! Thank you, Tonya!

   Let me first start off by saying, I have been reading Tonya’s blog for a couple of years now and look forward to her posts everyday. Sometimes, when you read blogs, it feels like you’ve known someone forever. For instance, I work in the same town Tonya lives in, so it should not shock me if I see her and her four precious babies shopping at Hobby Lobby. Now, all instincts told me to run up to her and act like we were old friends. But, she had NO IDEA who I was at the time. I am blessed to say that through different circumstances, we have met and I now consider her a “real” life friend of mine!

  I am also blessed to be able to share with you all on this blog about my Mary & Martha business. About a year and a half ago, I decided to become a consultant with Blessings Unlimited—a home based party business of Dayspring. I will be the first to tell you, I am NOT a salesperson. In fact, I would consider my first job as a wife and mom. THEN, I am a labor and delivery nurse, which has brought me so much joy. But, for some reason I was continually drawn to this business called Blessings Unlimited. Although I had never heard anything about it, except through the Dayspring website. Through prayer, discernment, and many talks with my husband, I decided to take a leap of faith and become a consultant. Not knowing what that would look like for me, I thought– at least I can purchase really beautiful gifts for my friends and family with God’s word woven throughout. The start up cost was not a risk and I could make this be whatever I wanted it to be.

  God had other plans for me as I attended their National conference just weeks after joining. I started to market the products and having people in my home for open houses and introductory gatherings for Blessings Unlimited. People LOVED the products as much as I did! And from there on, it has become a big part of my life.

  Blessings Unlimited changed its name to Mary & Martha in July. Of course, just as any time something changes, it took some getting used to. Like maybe about 10 minutes for me! I sat there and listened to the vision and was captivated. We still had our wonderful scripture based products—that would not change. But our mission and our vision suddenly became more clear. Meaningful entertaining…made simple.


  It is time to bring people back into our homes without feeling like it has to be “perfect”. Or that you have to serve the “right” things. It is all about the “people” in your home. I just love that.

  Mary & Martha is about “LIVING in the &”. It’s about loving God & loving others. It’s about your business & your ministry. It’s being Mary “&” it’s being Martha. Never have I loved that little ampersand so much. It just makes so much sense to me.Fotor06051846301

  The products speak for themselves. They are beautiful and meaningful and laced with the word of God. I love knowing that with each gathering I am bringing the word of God into the lives and homes of many women. And I am praying with our new Mary & Martha vision, that we are equipping women to bring others into their homes. To not worry about making it “perfect”—but rather embracing the “people” in it.


  From what I know of Tonya, she is doing this so well. When I came back from our National Conference, she was one of the first people I contacted. And now, she is sharing this with all of YOU! I know there are many of you who are unable to just come hang out around Tonya’s kitchen table and taste her yummy desserts (I personally can not wait for that part!). But hopefully this gives you a bit of an idea of what Mary & Martha is all about.

  Is God tugging at your heart to share a combined business and ministry? I would love to talk with you! Are you wishing you could join other friends of Tonya in a shopping experience of bringing God’s word into your homes?

  You are in luck!!

  We have set up an online party just for you!!!!

Just follow this link and your order will be counted towards Tonya’s gathering.

  Wanting to host a Mary & Martha gathering yourself? I can help you find a consultant in your area.

  Thank you, Tonya, for the opportunity to share with so many…..

Here’s to living in the “&”!!

Stephanie Kauffman, Mary & Martha Independent Consultant

“Our motivation is ministry, our method is business, our message is Jesus.”

—James Barnett, President of Dayspring.


5 thoughts on “Mary & Martha

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  2. What a fun place to buy from! I LOVE all of there stuff!!! I wish that I could buy it ALL!!!
    You should have fun with your party tomorrow night! I will def. keep this in mind for gifts tho! Thanks for letting us know about this.
    ❤ and {{hugs}}

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