Organizing Chaos

  You know I am a Super OCD Pillow Fluffin’ Fool, right?!  I probably fix my pillows like 15 times a day.  The kids have “Clean Up Time” at least 3 times a day, because I think they play better when it’s not messy.
I can’t stand clutter, and I am grumpy if I am not organized, and everything has its own space.


  HOWEVER, I HAVE 4 CHILDREN AND A HUSBAND, my life no longer stays tidy!

  So, I have come up with a method to Organize my Chaos…………

  Come on over to Marathon Mom to see me!  


5 thoughts on “Organizing Chaos

  1. Yeah!!! It is working now!!! Going over to read it now!
    I totally understand why she is so busy…Homeschooling 8(!) boys is a BIG job! But she seems to have it all together is she can manage a blog as well. I give her a BIG high five for that!!!;)

  2. Loved this post, such an encouragement to my ongoing organization project. I have a few baskets, but I really like the She/Him basket idea. (Especially for my husband 🙂 ) With a small home that we are outgrowing, organization is what keeps me happy too. I dislike clutter very much too.

  3. I too have a husband and four kids (now all teenagers) and I “discovered” the secret of baskets years ago when they were younger. Organizing my chaos made everyone’s life a better place! I won’t even get started on how I used to organise all their toys into individual plastic tubs that were all labelled!
    Thanks for reminding me of this.

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