Menu Planning: 4 little Fergusons Style

  I had a reader write the other day and ask how I do my Menu Planning for all these new recipes we make.

  Sounded like a good blog post to me, so here we are!


  First things first, I go through my recipe books, Taste of Home Magazine and print offs from Weekend Potluck, and choose a stack of seasonal recipes that sound good to me. 


  This doesn’t take long, because in each of my cookbooks I have gone through and written in the front cover, the ones I want to try.  Star means it was great, x means never again.


  I then plug them into a document like this one:


Next to each recipe, I put where to find them. Like a page of a recipe book, or PO for print out.  I also be sure to list the fresh ingredients underneath so when I choose a title, I know what fresh stuff I better have on hand.


When I am done, I hang it on the fridge.


  Every morning I check this menu to see what I am hungry for.  After we have made the item, I check it off and on we go to whatever else is on the list.

Typically this menu is pretty full, some boxes housing 2-3 meals.  When its full like that, it lasts a month, but a general rule of thumb is, no matter how long it lasts, I don’t make a new one until everything has been made and crossed off. 

  I grocery shop at the beginning of the week, so if I know I am hungry for a few particular dishes, I make sure to get the groceries for those right away.  I don’t want to run to the store at all between shopping days.  This saves us money and time and gas. 

  I also shop the sales, and stock up on items that go on sale 10 for $10.  Typically any dry or canned goods listed, I already have on hand. It’s the fresh stuff we have to stay on top of!

  Once this is done, I make my list, cut coupons and head to the store.

  If the recipe gets 4 out of 6 thumbs up around our dinner table, they get blogged here for you! 🙂  If not, the recipe gets an X beside the recipe name in the front of the cookbook, and we move on.  And yes, we still eat the leftovers, even if we didn’t love it.

Waste not, want not, RIIIGHT!?

4 little Fergusons Food

   My hope is, while you are here, you are inspired to try new things for supper!  I type them out on Tasty Kitchen for you, so that you have an easy printable to take to the kitchen for your next menu planning session.  

  I am trying to make your Menu Planning fun, fresh and excuses free, is it working!? haha 🙂





9 thoughts on “Menu Planning: 4 little Fergusons Style

  1. Thanks for the tips on menu planning. It seems that I get all excited about menu planning and then I loose all interest in it.:( I have a weekly menu planner laminated on my fridge. It has the meal plan on one side and on the other side is my grocery list. I love to be able to write with dry erase marker all week on it and then just go to it and write my list out to buy! I think the hardest thing for me it to pick out the meals! They all look so good!:) I have a pintrest board that is all recipes that I have tried and we have all liked! I do go to that quite often.:)
    Thanks again!

  2. Good morning!!

    I have found so many good recipes on your blog. I have 3 boys who are very picky eaters so it’s nice to find things they will all try & usually end up liking!! 🙂 Have a great day!!

  3. Ooh I like how you do your menus! I want so badly to have the month long menu where breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks are all scheduled out. So, I keep trying it again and again, but we’ll wake up late and I don’t have time to make pancakes on pancake day, so we’ll have cereal. And I might not want meatloaf tonight, I was thinking soup instead. Then the days get all out of whack, and I feel like I’m failing. At my own menu!! I love that you give yourself some room and choose that morning. And I like the idea of making sure fresh ingredients are in your head while you’re choosing. Last night we had tacos with no lettuce or tomatoes, because it’d already been used 😦 My boys were so excited though, “no veggies tonight!”, but it just doesn’t taste the same to me. Thanks for sharing!

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