Photo Week: Maternity

  Happy Monday! I hope you all had a great weekend!  My fingers hurt so bad, I can hardly type to you right now.  You know you are tired when even your FINGERS hurt! 🙂  I am a good tired though, I had 2 shoots, a wedding and 2 events to photograph this weekend.  (Typically, I don’t take more than 2 appts. a week, but October is always my busiest month for some reason! 7 more sessions this week alone!!!!!)  

  One of those events was a “working date” with Dale.  Dinner and blue grass music up in a hay loft.  🙂  

jako party

  The other was my sweet Grandma’s 80th birthday party!

gma 80th

Oh, and THIS happened:

october snow

Yup, our first snow.

 The day of the outdoor barn wedding!  We spent four hours out in the rain shooting pre-wedding shots, the brides family made the hard decision to move the wedding to the reception site, and then…God answered their prayers.  The sun came out and the rain/snow stopped JUST in time for the ceremony in the outdoor Sanctuary they spent all summer building!  Amazing.


I can’t wait to share this wedding with you in a couple months.  This precious couple shared their first kiss EVER on the altar.

tyler and taylor

    So, per your request, I am going to remember to share photo sessions with you on here! I will try to do better at sharing them mixed in with recipe weeks, so that we don’t always have to do a full week of photos like this! 🙂

Today is Maternity Photos: I love when Mom to Be’s come to me open to anything!

  Meet the Henion Fam, momma wasn’t showing yet, so we did this shoot, Announcement Style!  I loved all Erica’s theme ideas for this shoot!!!!!!!! Such a great family to work with.

IMG_3961 1 vint copy answers 1blog 1IMG_3963 vint copy txt 1Reading collage 3

  Meet the Shull’s, you might recognize them because I shot their wedding last summer. How special to be allowed to capture their growing family in all the different stages….

blog 1blog 2blog 4blog 3blog 5blog 6

  And last, but totally not least, our friends the Nisly Family!  Kalene and I met here on the blog last year, and have been friends ever since.  Our kids adore them! Probably because they are so fun to play with, and come over to make homemade pizza so Mommy & Daddy can have a date now and then.  Plus, now they come with a cute baby to hold!

  Even though Kalene went to school to be a photog and has amazing skillz, (Skillz with a ‘z’ ranks even better then regular ‘skills’, just sayin’) I have been their photographer for the big announcement, maternity session, & even Emmy’s birth. 

  We will continue their Splatter Paint theme into newborn sessions and this years photo shoots.  Smile  Eeek! So fun!

Collage 2Collage 3Collage 5Collage 7Collage 9collage 1

  That’s it for momma’s to be, tune in tomorrow for BABY day!



5 thoughts on “Photo Week: Maternity

  1. WOW- such fabulous photos and very creative ideas too. Really enjoyed seeing these…bless your sweet fingers. Get your rest Mama T. No doubt these folks are thrilled to have you behind the camera ‘shooting’ them in all these fun poses.

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